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St Bede’s College in Manchester and the Salford Diocese

 I do not know how many readers knew, but in our struggle with the Salford Diocese over these last four and a half years for them to recognise the sexual, mental and physical abuse that abounded at the College during the aegis of Monsignor Thomas Duggan (1950-1966), two court cases emerged.  The big case which is the one I have… (more…)

The Case Against The Salford Diocese, Monsignor Thomas Duggan and St Bede’s College in Manchester

Well events are coming along nicely in the case of alleged abuse of pupils by Monsignor Duggan, Rector of St Bede’s College from 1950 -1966, 16 years when unbridled sexual abuse of young boys was an everyday occurrence in the life of the College.  Carefully picked and even more carefully groomed young boys were dreadfully handled by Duggan and some… (more…)

St Bede’s Seem To Be Growing Teeth Or Is It Just Gums.

Well would you believe it, I was halfway through reading my e-mails this morning when the following dropped onto the screen. A complaint from a gallant but obviously very young person who is a newly appointed governor of St Bede’s College, one of a galaxy of stars thrown onto the stage in recent months to help sweep away the chaos… (more…)

The Reality Of St Bede’s In The 1950s & 1960s

People recently have been remarking on the language used in my blog postings and how it offends some and puts them off attaching to my ideas.  Well I feel very sorry for having offended their honourable dignities but feel that I do not really want to attach myself to those whose dissonance makes them so sensitive.  For come on now,… (more…)

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