The Vincent Brown Show.

Last night I witnessed the most inept, senile and out of touch display of accountability by the bishops of Ireland that has ever been known, when they set up the three stooges, McAreavey of Dromore, Brennan of Ferns and the holier and more stupid than thou, our own Jones of […]

Boyle On A Sunny Sunday.

On this lovely sunny Sunday afternoon I was having difficulty putting pen to paper thinking no matter how lovely the day, the outside world is not so lovely.  With Boyle really feeling the effects of the economic downturn with 1300 people signing on the live register for job seekers allowance, […]

Sinead O’Connor.

Congratulations to Sinead O’Connor for coming on TV3 this morning and reading her well researched statement on the state of the Catholic Church in Ireland and the idiocy of the bishops and their woebegone thinking.  The thing that stood out for me was this chap Monsignor Alex Stenson, parish priest […]