Friends Of St Bede’s College In Manchester (FOBCIM)

Let me introduce you to a new group, a pressure group if you like, who have resolved not to pressure anybody as long as things are going along the right road.  We are Friends of St Bede’s College in Manchester (FOBCIM) or FOBs for short I set out in 2011 […]

The Case Against The Salford Diocese, Monsignor Thomas Duggan and St Bede’s College in Manchester

Well events are coming along nicely in the case of alleged abuse of pupils by Monsignor Duggan, Rector of St Bede’s College from 1950 -1966, 16 years when unbridled sexual abuse of young boys was an everyday occurrence in the life of the College.  Carefully picked and even more carefully […]

St Bede’s College, Manchester And Its A Level Results

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a former pupil of St Bede’s which deserves publishing.  Paul Taylor was in the 1964 intake, leaving in 1971.  He had the unique experience of serving under three Rectors, the Infamous Monsignor Thomas Duggan, The doubtful and secretive Monsignor Geoffrey Burke and the genial […]