It Is Not The Bishop’s Feet I Can Smell Here, But He Does Have Bad Breath

I would like to drag the reader back to a posting I put on the system on 5th October 2015 entitled “St Bede’s College in Manchester And All That”, where in the second half of that article I complained about Slater and Gordon’s handling of a case involving two old […]

Egos Obliterated At St Bede’s College In Manchester

Well there it is in black and white the latest drip from the stalactite of chaos that is St Bede’s College in Manchester. With the expected but yet still surprising departure of Monsignor Michael Quinlan, erstwhile chair of governors of St Bede’s College, minds will begin to ponder and try […]

More on St Bede’s College in Manchester

Well it is all happening in Manchester in light of the Sunday Times disclosures last weekend about abuse at St Bede’s College with Grenada putting out a film in their regional news programme on Monday  You have to scroll a long way down but its there on Monday’s date. […]