Hoping and Praying

Why is it that  all large organizations in the past few years who have set up an internet system for accepting people’s enquiries, payments etc always get it wrong in the beginning?  I know why.  It is because the people or companies they employ for setting up these systems are […]

Digging Deep

I thought for a moment that I had made up a new word but I knew I had not. I had used it before but I wanted a precise definition.  I reached for “The Times” dictionary but it was not there, I went into the next room and picked up […]

Sweeping Up

Refreshed, renewed and envigoured after my two days of recrimination and penance I am back on track as Wooden Bridge’s only gobshite.  One of my accusers during these  hard days was someone who said and I quote “if you have nothing good to say about something, say nothing” and whilst […]

Learning Quickly

I am still reeling from the mental onslaught I have been through these past few days and my piece yesterday confirms to me the power a blog has.  A power that has to be carefully and considerately handled to enable the readers not to have to spring up from their […]

Blogging On

I started writing this blog about ten days ago with the sole purpose in mind of improving my computer skills which were and still are fairly basic and practising my writing skills to give better construction and sense of articles of between 500 and 1000 words content. I decided as […]

Murphy Continued.

Fresh from my blog on the Murphy Report, I settled down last night to watch the Front Line.  The Pat Kenny vehicle on RTE 1 that relates to the topic of the week and this week it was amazingly enough The Murphy Report.  I do not know why I bothered […]

Once a Catholic

I was born, brought up and lived all my married life as a fully paid up member of the Catholic Church. All right I might have made up a few of my own rules along the way but for 99% of the time I considered myself fully fledged. Throughout all […]

Wondering Why?

With my recent burst of 1000 and 2000 word entries into the polemical world,  I was at a slight loss this morning on my subject or thought for today.  Until I read a piece in the realboyle.com blog, a quinquediurnal blog ably written up and produced by Mr Sean O’Dowd, […]

Getting Angry

With the flood waters retreating, they are down 500mm at the Wooden Bridge across from the house, the work of cleaning up and inquest get under way.  Most of the verbal rubbish ensuing is coming from politicians, both local and national and from state aided local institutions like CLEAN or […]

Selling Up

As yesterdays blog exhausted me I am today looking for the easy option and enclose an excerpt from my Memoir written in December 2005 when Ireland was still full of confidence and money, enjoying the ride on the Celtic Tiger’s back. In September 2005 we put our Manchester house on […]