Dereliction of Duty.

Today we will deal with matters closer to home and of more significant importance. I live on a  little estate of ten houses and I have written about it with much tenderness in a previous blog Small Town Ireland on 7 January 2010.  It was the subject of Planning Approval […]

Old Monkey Face.

In an idle moment yesterday, I thought I would dig a little deeper into the ways of Pierse & Fitzgibbon, Solicitors, Main Street, Listowel, Co. Kerry, because if there is any dirt flying around, I am sure the Road Transport Authority would like to know who they are employing.  (See […]

Back on Track.

Fresh from my day out in Dublin, I come renewed to take up the cudgel of the common man and reverse its orbit so that it hopefully strikes where it hurts on the bloated,  bullying bodies of`the plutocratic governmental organizations. As you probably read in two of my previous blogs […]

No Posts Today.

No posts today unfortunately as I am answering the many e-mails I have received recently and I am also preparing my defence to a TVN (Toll Violation Notice) sent to me by the esteemed firm of Co. Kerry solicitors, Messrs Pierse & Fitzgibbon, Market Street, Listowel.  I need to treat […]

Small Town Ireland.

My Grandad Part 3 will have to wait until tomorrow, matters of a more urgent nature are pressing on my mind and they will give me no peace until they are indented on the printed page. At this moment I have to say I am scared, it is 3.00am on […]

2010 Here We Come.

A happy new year to the world, a year in which I hope everybody will respect their fellow man and woman, forget their anger, appreciate what is good and what is bad, lose man’s natural characteristics of greed and lust and try to be honest with themselves and realize that […]

How Close Is Christmas?

Just a quick trawl through the papers, in this week prior to Christmas, shows us that everything is not right with this Island of Ireland. 1.  The favourite topic of conversation at the moment is the discussion on when will we all go on strike and who will be the […]

Roger and Out

Sorry to appear like a dog with a bone but that Naughton case yesterday has me amazed.  One of the terrible things that came out of this case of a Catholic priest returning for sentencing for his second conviction for paedophilia is  the length of time it takes to squeeze […]

Furtive Happenings

Things seem to be happening in this Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church of ours after the Roman visits of last week. 1.  The Council of Priests of the Dublin Diocese are meeting tomorrow.  It is understood that Diarmuid Martin fresh from that visit will be present, as well as Bishops […]

Learning Quickly

I am still reeling from the mental onslaught I have been through these past few days and my piece yesterday confirms to me the power a blog has.  A power that has to be carefully and considerately handled to enable the readers not to have to spring up from their […]