Prancing, Preening Popery.

I started this blogging vehicle on 24 November 2009 and since then I have written 59 blogs almost on a daily basis with the exception of an alcohol refuelling stop over the Christmas.  Blog writing is a little like walking across the Sahara Desert.  You set off nice and fresh […]

Decline and Fall.

For my secondary education in Manchester I went to St. Bede’s College, the Premier League for all Catholic boys, having first of all passed my 11+ examination and attended an interview with Monsignor Thomas Duggan, the Rector of the College.  It was a school run by priests with a good […]

The Importance of Blogs.

I reccommend writing a blog to everybody, or even a diary if you must.  Every person should try and put pen to paper or more realistically these days, put finger to keyboard.  It becomes that person’s indelible mark on life, of massive interest to the ensuing generations and hopefully to […]

A Bolt From The Blue.

Today I have a short reflective and moralistic thought for you.  Have you ever noticed that just as you stare disaster in the face and start to prepare yourself for all the many results of calamity,  something nearly always happens to either avert the problem or remove it altogether.  This […]