Oh Woe is Me!

Gone are the days when parents can pack their kids off to school and get on a bus or drive to and from work knowing their product is being cared for and educated in a reasonable way by people who  decided that teaching children and watching them flower was a career move that would satisfy.  Most of us old cynics who have become worn and made haggard by the various career moves we have all made have often suggested that those who could, did and those who could not, taught.

It does seem that all along we were right.  Those of the teaching profession, if that is what it is, a long time ago cast aside their intelligence, their ideals, their oath to bring out the best in children they were offered.  When there was only the faintest sniff of Covid  in the air, they downed tools and left their care in the hands of parents.  denying the constitutional rights of all children to be educated to a certain standard.

Only a couple of years ago parents were being prosecuted for taking their children out of school to take them away on holidays that even then I thought was possibly more educational than the political shite these so called professionals were spewing out every day to their flocks.

Nowadays it seems that the rights of children are no longer important.  What seems more important is that these poor old triple vaccinated, pin cushion sophists do not catch Covid from those people who cannot transmit the old dreaded, the pupils.  They seem entirely unaware that wearing masks and protective clothing when talking to classes obscures the points they are trying to make, blurs their illocutionary skills and immediately slides the listener into the doldrums.

Open windows and freezing gales blowing into the teaching areas makes the kids feel they have been sent to boot camp.  No longer is it possible to  adhere to the principles of learning.  I know one such boy who has decided to withdraw from this nonsense prior to Leaving Certificate and take his chances in this world.  OK for a numbskull but this lad had talent and could have taken advantage of whatever certificates might have been on offer but peace of mind is important.

Last week came the final straw.  A letter from the local school to say that non-mask wearers would no longer be part of the school ethos.  They would be placed in a room away from the mask wearers and be supervised but not taught.  Parents knowing the trauma this would have on their little broods protested loudly but the Headmaster refused to discuss.  He was even down right rude to those parents who did persist.  His line was take it or leave it, we have no intention of teaching these traitors of society.  Remove your kids from the school if you do not like it but do not bother me with your reasons for mask free teaching.

Of course the majority of sheep sent their brood, fully masked.  Even the kids have been brainwashed into thinking masks are the norm but there was enough to force their point.  Today is was announced that this mask wearing edict was being revised.  I am not sure how but it does make me realise that these head masters, who seem to be paid like footballers these days, are nothing but robots following orders from above.  They are like squaddies on the parade gound.  Not a single thought could possibly enter their heads,  Somebody presses certain keys in Dublin and this message is transcribed literally onto the board

I remember  the days when certain head teachers had balls or even ovaries if they were of that persuasion but now they are emasculated like the rest of modern mankind, oopherectomised in the case of woman.  Either way chutzpah is not for them, who would dare to have a singular thought.  Who would dare to suggest to themselves that I’m the Boss.  Given a choice I would rather have the abusers of years ago to the wankers that call themselves teachers today.

Just remember that the Nazis came to power in the 1930s because nobody had the guts to call them out.  Nobody uttered a word.  Like sheep they followed the Fuhrer to their ultimate demise.  Just as much as the followers of the Nazi Party were fucking idiots, so were most of the people of Germany.

Just take your pick readers.

4 thoughts on “Oh Woe is Me!

    1. Thanks Dave for letting me know but are you sure it’s Lef.

      He last contacted me about 6 months ago and he said then that he was battling. What a sad end to a man with such a quirky sense of humour. AS you said, a lovely fellow. It is funny how you contacted me. I still get comments on my website of pieces I wrote over 10 years ago from Bedians of years ago and the abuse they suffered. I feed them in the Been There and Done That file. During that failed case I had 10 legal testaments from staff there at the time, all saying what a fine upstanding man Duggan was. In the four years since they have all died probably for telling too many porkies. The beauty of the case was that the world knows and God does not forget.
      I have since remarried in August this year to a sparkling nurse from Port Elizabeth and By god she keeps me on my toes.
      By the way my new email address is paulmalpas46@gmail.com. This change is possibly because I have not heard about poor Lef from closer to home.
      A happy Christmas to you and yours and let us hope this madness stops and we can get to live our own lives comfortably for as long as we have. OLd Lef,is I think, better off where he now is.

    2. Dave, Although dying on 21st December last, Lef’s funeral is scheduled now for the 1st of June next. This as much to say about modern life in England as much as anything. In Ireland it would have been sorted for the least the first week in January. Post moprtem/autopsy the lot, done and dusted. Neither me or you can attend, I had a stroke in January which makes travelling difficult. Let us say somekind of a p[rayer for him at 12.00noon on that day.

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