What Is It?

Good morning and hello again.  It is nearly seven weeks since I last posted.  All of it taken up with preparation, actuality and recovery from my marriage to my beautiful Selene on 13th August 2021.  Some people might think in this modern age how stupid we were whereas others might wheeze with the sense of humour in the fact.  I on the other hand have revelled in this remarkable feeling of belonging to, loving and respecting a woman who has ticked all the boxes, dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts in my senior life.  I am 75 and seven months and she, this immortal Selene, this goddess of the moon is only 63 and nine months,  She in the prime of her life, I doddering towards senility.  She has brought a beauty to my life that is impossible to comprehend and made me realise that mundanity is not to be considered.  But to write these days there is only mundanity to consider.  Because of the idiocy of politicians there is only mundanity in the thoughts of man.

One of my favourite people is a lady in Greece who is fully controlled by this New World Order of thinking, more than happy to be jabbed a million times, if it helps.  Not worried at all about what the contents of this needle infused elixir is doing to her immune system as long as it keeps the dreaded away from her body.  Unfortunately there is no certainty of that, even the experts agree the dreaded will welcome this snake oil into the bodies of the vulnerable and not so vulnerable.  I am sure that she follows the jab line just to give opposition to my considered views on the subject of Covid.  She writes well, in fact wonderfully, and her words are full of knowledge and wisdom.  It is her outlet for mulling a subject I have proposed.  Over time she mulls away while nurturing her love for Greek mountain  flora before eventully agreeing with my original theme.  She realises, although I do not have her intellect, my thoughts and ideas have substance.  It has happened previously and I am glad and happy with temporary opposition.  It makes my argument with her status quo worthwhile.

For the last couple of weeks she has sent me comprehensive literature why Covid like Aids previously was a monumental chemical cockup by scientists fucking about with things they know nothing about in some far off laboratory and passing the problem onto another bunch of scientists in some local scene who know nothing about the damage they can cause to the populace because they themselves have never had a life, never breathed the air, never smelt the coffee.

My argument has never been about these idiots in Wuhan, who dabbled and dipped into Chinese bat life.  History is full of these irresponsible idiots.  No,  my argument is about these second line scientists, these people who favour models, who have never lived a normal life, who live apart from us normal five eights and who over-react to anything that is strange to their sheltered lives.

The idiot Chief Medical Officer of England, Professor Chris Whitty has said that Covid is like flu, it only affects the old and infirm.  So why do they not treat it has flu because according to him and his ilk flu after four or five centuries has disappeared and has been taken over by something so similar you would not spot the difference.

Because Covid is so similar to flu, why not treat it like flu and learn to live with it and expect a few thousand to die of it every year like we did with flu.  But because it is “new”, it has to be treated with respect.  all sorts of new rules have come into play, all sorts of dreadful inconveniences to the public have been allowed to become the norm.  It does show how stupid people are.  They are told to social distance themselves, to wear masks, to get the jab although told it will not stop you getting the virus but you can attend a football match with 70,000 others and not worry.  you can go and have as many pints as you want in a crowded pub but you cannot stand at the bar.  However you have to wear a mask to go shopping, you have to sit outside in the cold and rain in restaurants unless you are jabbed and do not forget in that same restaurant sitting next to another jabbed person you can still catch the dreaded.  It is all so ridiculous yet people have fallen for it, mainly because most people do not think, do not analyse what is before them.  My argument is not about any of this tomfoolery.

My argument over Covid is what the jab is doing to people both in a medical and physical way.  It has divided the nation into those that have been jabbed and those that have not and those that have not are now the 21st century lepers.  However not lepers for long as information is quickly becoming apparent on the mortal state of those that have.  They are dying in their thousands and if not, being severely handicapped by coronary or pneumonic problems.  Their immune systems destroyed by the contents of this Covid jab. Those scientists who have warned about this experimental jab and about the disasterous affects it will have on the jabbed once this new and imminent virus season comes into affect are horrified that it is already kicking in.

Whereas when Covid first announced itself we knew nobody who had it, it was that rare, now everybody knows a good few people who have had serious after-affects from the jab.

So the question is why was this programme allowed.  I suppose mainly because politicians, these  psychotics chosen for not having empathy, wanted population reduction, wanted this new world order, decided it was best for them and therefore the world.  It is Nazism at its best.  Just listen to Klaus Schwab and his thoughts on the Great Reset and realise how he is the personification of Hitler and how he has remodelled the thinking of those we voted for and then you quickly understand  why we have to be drastic in our thoughts and deeds.

It does not matter to me at all.  I am old and in love.  My days are certainly numbered but at least those days will be happy ones.  It is you young people who have not started to think, who have their glorious lives in front of them, I feel sorry for.  But again you have never experienced decency, you have never experienced love, you have never experienced God’s gift to mankind of happiness, therefore you will not miss it.  You will die of ignorance, not understanding empathy, not understanding that God is good.

After writing this piece yesterday, I listened to the  minister Of Health telling Parliament yesterday afternoon that only people who had been double jabbed and had the flu jab would be entertained by the National Health Service.  The governments sole reason for a strong line on this Covid thing is that they do not want pressure put on the NHS this winter.  Surely by coming out with this edict, pressure will be certainly brought on their beloved Service.  They will have  a paucity of staff to deal with this onslaught of people with shattered immune systems and as an after thought why bother with the flu jab.  Flu has disappeared.

2 thoughts on “What Is It?

  1. Congratulations on having a partner again. That’s probably the most important thing in life. I am married to a wonderful man, we have been together for 38 years, and I would be completely lost without him.

    For the record, I am certainly not “happy to be jabbed a million times”. Not even a single time. I have an intense phobia of needles, and tend to faint when anyone sticks one in me. I will only accept it under strong pressure of necessity. But I got two doses of the Pfizer vaccine in June, so that tells you clearly what I think about the whole matter.

    I agree with you that the flu vaccine has become almost irrelevant to anything at present. The precautions that most people are taking against Covid (masks, social distancing etc.) mean that flu is almost unable to spread.

    I also think that you are probably right that we will have to learn to live with Covid. It now seems unlikely that we will be able to eliminate it. The main danger is that it could mutate into a much more dangerous form than what we already have, and the more it circulates – i.e. the fewer people who are vaccinated – the greater the risk of that happening. It has already mutated to become more infectious, with the delta variant, but fortunately the fatality rate of delta doesn’t seem to be any higher than the original variant.

    It is theoretically possible for vaccines to have harmful long term effects. For example, it is conceivable that a vaccine could induce auto-immune disease. (Fifty years ago they developed a vaccine against the bacteria that cause tooth decay, but they had to withdraw it for precisely that reason. It produced antbodies that attacked the recipient’s heart.) However, in practice that sort of thing seems to be very rare, and I haven’t seen any evidence that it is happening with any of the Covid vaccines. There is no doubt that Covid vaccines can produce side effects, but they seem to be transient and, with possible rare exceptions, fairly minor. All I got was a slightly sore arm for 24 hours.

    I think you should stop equating the severity of Covid with flu. It’s unhelpful The numbers are clear: if you get Covid you are about 10 times more likely to die than if you get typical flu. And Covid certainly does not “only affect the old and infirm”, though those groups are undoubtedly at greater risk than others. It has killed quite a number of middle-aged people, and even teenagers.

    It’s very unfortuate that Covid, bad though it is, is distracting attention from far more serious matters. Unless we take action on a very large scale, very soon, climate change is quite likely to lead to a collapse of our industrial civilization within a matter of decades. (It isn’t certain to happen, but I think it is more likely than not, i.e. the probabllity is more than 50%. If it does happen, my best estimate is that it would happen some time between 2040 and 2070.) A collapse would lead to 90% or more of the population dying of starvation within a year, and the survivors finding themselves in a pre-industrial world, but without the skills that our ancestors of 300 years ago had to survive in that kind of world. Two percent fatality from Covid is nothing in comparison.

    1. LINDA,
      Thank God you are still alive and kicking. I was thinking that without my musings you would have disappeared into the wilderness and faded away like all good elephants do. But you are still about and making me even more determined to baptise you into reality.

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