Doctors, Witch Doctors or Millionaires.

Well one more totem of the old days is slowly but surely murdering itself in its quest for the mazuma.  Doctors and their robots, the nurses  who do for them, have forgotten the oaths both branches these people took on qualifying.  I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life to the service of humanity.  The health and well being of my patient will be my first consideration.  I will respect the autonomy and dignity of my patient.  I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Etc, Etc and all the rest of the 13 clauses of the 1948 Declaration of Geneva which took over the ancient Hippocratic Oath after the lessons of Nazism that evolved from the Nuremberg trials of 1946.

Well for a few years now, over 10 years since the Liverpool pathway was condemned which was the medical profession’s way of sliding legal euthanasia under the carpet and going back to actual caring for the terminally ill.  But has it slid under the carpet it slowly emerged the other side and this time around they had a decent name for it.  They called it Covid 19.  Anybody who became close to the morbid stage of life were hurried along with signs over their beds like DNR or by overdoses of this that and the other, whether the patient suffered from cancer, coronary problems, renal failure or even plain and simple flu.  Like a woman going into hospital for an elective C-section, the medics are choosing the times of death of their patients to suit their own timetables.  A kind of legal system of death proposed by Dr Harold Shipman 25 years ago that at that time was classed illegal.  He of course got life imprisonment cut short by his own personal suicide after he  managed to get rid of about 250 people who were becoming a bit of a nuisance.

This time they put Covid 19 down as cause of death, nobody questions until too late,  There is no line of inqury because autopsies are now, under government decree, not carried out.  Body wheeled out, hole dug and back to the Times crossword.  Next one after 9.30 am tomorrow morning please.  Just keep fobbing off the relatives with lies and nonsense until then.  I have a party tonight and want a lie in tomorrow.

I have realised for some time now that the doctors and nurses have lost this idea of patient care which has been multiplied several times over by this reaction to the ridiculous Covid scare.  They could smell the coffee and went for it in a big way perforating the population in record time by cutting out all the nuisances on their lists.  Life is so much easier now than a few years ago.  The doctors were all suffering from focal hand dystonia (FHD) writing out prescriptions for uppers and downers caused by 21st Century living.  They were getting no time to play golf or socialising with cronies.

Well two pieces of work by eminent broadcasters and journalists have opened up this legal euthanasia programme for all to read and listen to.  Please make your own minds up after you have devoured their content.  John Waters the famous Irish writer and speaker wrote an article he called Unchained a couple of days ago.  You can read it on  He deals with the slow  moral decline in the medical profession over the last few years and how any brave doctors who have spoken out on the lies and deceit emanating from government and medical sources are being clamped down on and threatened with professional ruination.  His regard for the profession has dropped to zero, he no longer has any want or need of their future services.

The other person speaking out through his highly regarded Richie Allen  radio show and website is the ever popular Waterford journalist of the same name.  His show broadcast on 10th June 2021 interviewed a journalist and families of victims  who have watched as their loved ones were ushered off this mortal coil by uncaring nurses and doctors in hospitals and care homes using drugs purchased in massive quantities by the English government last year.  The drug involved is Midazolam and is supposed to knock a patient out and be oblivious to pain and suffering but is being used on people with plenty of life left in them but removes the need for special care.  Lots of relatives of now deceased folk came on the show to give heart rending accounts of their loved ones last days.  It was horrible to listen to and even my Selene as hardened as she is with death after serving her life in the medical profession was visably shocked by the eye witness accounts of what is happening.  It is euthanasia on a grand scale.

The truth is this drug ,Midazolam, is being used regularly with all deaths being put down to Covid although the relatives strongly stated that their relatives had no such symptoms.  It is  mass murder and doctors are getting away with it because they can.  No autopsies, no worries.

It is time to think again about the medical profession.  The oaths they uttered on qualification were brought about because of the activities of Dr Mengele and other Nazi doctors during WW2 experimenting on prisoners in concentration camps.  Unfortunately Mengele escaped .  Let us hope these modern day Nazis don’t.

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