Once A Catholic

I am always amazed at the way the Catholic Church makes a fool of itself.  In its bid to have the Prime Minister of Britain amongst its faithful, it allowed itself  to be drawn  hook, line and sinker into allowing  a horrible piece of humanity into its midst.

Now I am a Catholic.  I say that with some feelings of terror as the Church says once a Catholic always a Catholic.  You cannot escape its clutches unless of course you see the light and commit an unbelievable heresy like forming a kind of protestant church which thankfully old Martin did years ago which brought the Church back into line and withdrew from its sinful ways of 16th century modern living,  fornication, the selling of indulgences, murder and general anti-christian behaviour.  To do this it made us eat fish on Friday, stop marrying people who were not Catholic and generally turn us all into miserable bastards.

I tried to stop being Catholic in 2009 when I was floored by the Murphy Report in Ireland that stated  that all priests who did not allow themselves to shag could now shag anything in trousers, skirt and hoof.  This caused much dismay among its supporters and the Church had to withdraw its horns after all its much safer without them.  I started to bring up other moments of indiscretion during  my period of divorce but the Church rapped my knuckles and started  making me live with a South African of Lutheran origins that brought me back to my senses.  A kind of reformation in reverse, I now say Grace Before Meals and other such severe cantations during my daily life which have made me scrutinise others in a truly Catholic way.  Which is why I was surprised to see that old Boris of the Johnson family had finally whisked the young , beautiful  but haggard Carrie Symonds off her feet and out of her knickers, I am not sure which came first but away to Westminster Cathedral for a wedding that ticked all the best of boxes.

His mother was a Catholic, he was once a Catholic but he recanted on going to a Protestant School,  She, Carrie that is, is a Catholic, their son Wilfred born out of wedlock and therefore a bastard is a Catholic and Boris who was once a Catholic is still a Catholic, a bit like myself.  So there is no reason at all why the nuptualistic pair cannot be married under the aegis of Christ’s true and holy Catholic Church.

It does not matter that he had stuck his member into Allegra Mostyn-Owen, Marina Wheeler and countless other immoral women’s holy vaginas for the last 30 odd years enabling them to be good one parent families drawing  many thousands in benefits from a State willing to cherish women who do.  It does not matter that he is a lying, viscious toad of a man who is not worried by state or individual as long as both clean up his shit so that Carrie, his lawful and smilingly sincere next in line can carry on governing a country that is in serious decline.  The Catholic Church will see them through this damascene moment when he proved that the rich and powerful can do anything they want whilst Muggins here has to submit to a registrar in Sligo if he can persuade Mrs Muggins to become his lawful and holy spouse thus disallowing her headlines in the newspapers, a big piss up and a lovely meal in McDonalds which she had set her heart on.

To sum up it is one fucking big heap of shite allowed by a totally forgiving, lying, fornicating seller of indugences that is the Catholic Church, that ticker of all holy boxes, that betrayer of all things, we Catholic people hold dear.  Long may you and your prime ministers rot in hell at your holy weaknesses.  I will cherish my Lutheran leanings.

On another matter connected entirely with our one holy  Catholic apostolic Church, there was found last month in the grounds of a residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia, the bodies of 215 young children who had died but not registered.  This school took in children from Indigenous families  to protect them from “drug abuse” in their society whilst the Catholic Church raped and abused them all to a holy death at too young an age for them to understand holiness from satanism.  This horrid and accepted stain  of Canadian lore although known about for years, in fact there are stories about it in the Queen and Prince Philip’s history on their tour of Canada in the early 1950s, is only now being dealt with by central government in Ottawa.

It brings home to me how close everybody is to evil.  During World War 2 my aunt, my father’s older sister, married an officer of the Canadian Army.  He was a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman in civilian life who had enlisted to help the war effort.  On his return to civvie street in the late 1940s with his new English wife his first posting was to Kamloops where in fact a cousin of mine was born.  This RCMP man was in a senior position in Kamloops that had a population of about 7000 in post war Canada.  These children were disappearing in droves by then and you would think he must have had some information but the school was a Catholic school and he some form of a protestant so he might have cast a blind eye.  Certainly he would have had no respect for the local Shuswap Indians who had lived there for 10,000 years and were shown no easy life by the white men who came with their diseases and customs.  I never met the man but it shows the links everybody has to awfulness.

There is of course massive links to Boris of the Johnson family.  Just like my RCMP man, Boris does not give a shit,  With my RCMP man it was Shuswap indians with Boris it is everybody and everything including my beloved Catholic Church.

5 thoughts on “Once A Catholic

  1. Paul,
    I have just read that Donald Trump’s blog has folded after less than a month. That puts you ahead of him by a factor of about 100 (even allowing for the period of a few years when you took a break). There are many ways to be better than Trump, and I have just discovered another one.

    Both my parents were rabid catholics, and 200% certain that they were right and everyone else was wrong. My brother doesn’t foam at the mouth, but he remains 100% catholic. I’m not sure about my sister. (She doesn’t seem to be sure either.) As for me, I’m a card-carrying atheist, and have been ever since I grew up. (About ago 20.) I read somewhere that only about 8% of people (i.e. about 1 in 12) who have been subjected to religious indoctrination as children ever manage to escape from it. You and I are both part of that small percentage, probably because we are both a bit bolshy, like to think for ourselves, and don’t take kindly to others telling us what to think.

    I read about the Canada thing too. The root cause of it all was not the sexual abuse, it was the disrespect (and probably utter disdain) of native cultures. The sexual and physical abuse followed from that. That is what tends to happen when one group considers its ways superior to those of another group, especially if the former group is powerful and the latter is not. I have lived in too many countries and too many cultures to buy the claim that one culture is better than another. I have found that all groups and cultures do some things better, and some things not so well as the group and culture in which I was raised. We all do best if we accept differences, and try to learn from each other.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”. That is why it is so important for everyone to be willing to make a stand when necessary. After all the worst that can happen is that they will kill you for it, but you are going to die eventually so what the hell. And dying in battle does give you a free ticket to Valhalla.

    1. Linda
      I have read your comment four or five times if that is what it is was on this posting but I think it is just a statement on where you stand on anything. Then I read it for the fifth and sixth time and I detected a faint whiff of praise. Perhaps not with your critical view of my thoughts and ideas on most subjects but thanks for the comment nevertheless.

      1. Paul,

        It’s not so much direct comments on your post as my own thoughts that arose on reading the things you were discussing. I looked at some of the same issues through my own eyes, and related what I saw. What I saw was, broadly speaking, in alignment with what you wrote. So I was signaling agreement with you, albeit in an indirect and roundabout way.

        Allowing someone else’s ideas to stimulate your own ideas on the same theme has a long and honourable history. When Shakespeare viewed the subject matter of Horace’s ode “Exegi moumentum aere perennius…” through his own eyes, we got his great Sonnet no 55, “Not marble, not the gilded monuments Of princes…”. Have you seen the film version of The Lord of the Rings? Do you remember Theoden’s soliloquy just before the Battle of the Hornburg? “Where is the horse and the rider? … How did it come to this?” That is a new take on a famous passage from an Anglo Saxon poem. Need a response always consist solely of analytical logic? My brain has a right hemisphere as well as a left one.

        And if you detected only a “faint whiff” of praise, has Covid perhaps dampened down your sense of smell?

        1. You blind me with your intellect. I thought you were an eminent scientist but then you flash past me with ancient and late medieval literature and in fact modern cinema which I confess I know nothing about having been to see only three films in the last 40 years, Soldier Blue, Memphis Belle and Calendar girls You are more a polymath than a specialist. Forgive me if I have ever dropped a slur your way.

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