The Here And Now.

I live on a small, some might say exclusive estate of 10 houses in a small town in the west of Ireland, situated on the banks of a beautiful and sometimes swift flowing river that eventually finds it way to the heart beat of Ireland, the River Shannon.  I have lived here for 15 years having moved down river about a mile from my original resting place.

The estate has a scattering of lawyers, bank managers, business owners and retired people.  All with enough ability to live their lives in their own pocket without necessity of social interaction, although amongst some there is that summer need of mixing in the sunshine on the common space between houses and river that has developed over the years from a wilderness after the builders left the site to a pretty, watery space with its own jetty.

I meet my neighbours infrequently, more in the summer than winter and we all greet each other with a smile and a howdy do.  We do not feel a need to go that extra mile as we are all secure in our own company and in the knowledge that people have their own social circle and we all know where we all live should the occasion arise.

However this Covid thing has made me a lot more observant of people not just on this twee little estate but in the town and its hinterland of which we are a part.  On the estate people do not seem to bother with masks and go about their leisure activities comfortably although i have noticed a little more social distancing than in pre-Covid times.  However when I cross the line from rural to urban areas of the town in which we live there is a marked difference in behaviour.  To my eyes everybody wears a mask in enclosed spaces.  Most seem to wear one whilst walking the streets.  I understand those in employment who have to mix with the masses do so for commercial reasons and there are those who wear masks and this is the majority, do so because sheepishly others also do.  The dimwitted behaviour of most people who have been told by an equally dimwitted government to social distance and don masks is astounding.  Do these people ever think, do they ever research the conundrum we find ourselves in, or do most live in cloud cuckoo land.

As the brain of Covid, Professor Chris Witty, said the other day in a Downing Street press briefing that Covid is a disease that does not affect most, only the really old or those with co-morbidity illnesses with little or no immune system, would die.  Everybody else is OK, some might suffer mild flu  like symptoms but 99.9% of the population have no need to worry.  So why does everybody seem to worry and my conclusion is that 99% of people are dimwits who cannot read or research.

It is this dim-wittedness that make people desperate for the jab, this under researched drug programme being laid out as salvation for the masses by an equally dim-witted government, or are they.  Is there any chance that these buggers in the Dail are a scheming bunch of murderous rogues, a little similar to the Irish Republican Brotherhood of yesteryear.

Perhaps here I might just insist on pointing out my own little bit of research into these matters in the hope that somebody out there can read a couple of sentences.  According to many medical research papers from all over the world, the wearing of masks is harmful to a person’s health in that it limits the supply of oxygen to the body, it actually accentuates the amount of bacteria ingested into the body which causes severe bronchitic side effects.  Take for example a nurse working in the town at the health centre who has to, by order, wear a mask throughout her working day , she is now on three types of medication for respiratory problems and sores on her skin round her mouth.  There is not one medical paper in the world that says wearing a mask is beneficial to personal health.

Because nobody unless those with co-morbidity are in danger and in any case those poor people would not be mixing in public but more likely be on their last legs in hospital or care homes or confined to a bed at home now that hospitals are virtually closed, there is no need for social distancing.  Can you believe there is a better world out there where everybody can hear what the other person is saying and where you can actually recognise the person you are talking to.  Where you can see the innate beauty in a women’s face young and old, the rugged looks of mature men and the idyllic freshness of  young people or even see this ogre approaching and decide to cross the street rather than get caught up in shite small talk.  It would do wonders for the interaction of hormonal teens and also those with a mature outlook on life if masks and social distancing were ignored.

There is a world out there that does not depend on an under researched injection to make life worth living.  A drug that penetrates your immune system making you old before your time and probably cutting short a life that has many years left in it.  Our immune systems are the most important things we have unless of course you are of a suicidal nature and then nothing really is important.  God gave you life, appreciate that gift and let his wisdom prevail.

On a more personal note I for my part have come to terms with this enclosed life.  I am happy to speak to nobody but the butcher and greengrocer.  I do not mask up, I do not socially distance, I do not take these new  and dangerous placebos.  I have Ma Femme, we are both on the one wavelength and we are within arms length of each other at all times.  In fact we have found a fondness for each other that she calls me Endymion, whilst she is my Selene who according to Greek Mythology had 50 daughters with him.  I will leave the reader a chance of some much needed research ability to work out the situation.  We are certainly not dim-witted, slightly long in the tooth perhaps but we are alive and will hopefully remain that way whilst God lets us.

God help you poor bastards relying on Mr Pfizer and Mrs Astra Zeneca to fill your bodies with hope.

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