The British Isles 2021. A Good Place To Live?

Many things happened over the weekend ie. 13th/14th March 2021 which seem to sum up what this distasteful piece of history that we are living in is all about.  In particular the gathering on Clapham Common by a bunch of peaceful but determined women who wanted to share in the memory of the brutally murdered woman, Sarah Everard, by a 40 odd year old policeman.  These women had gathered with only one thought on their minds to consider the fairness of a society that somehow or other does not consider women to be of obvious and equal value to men.  First of all she was murdered by a guardian of law and order and then her female mourners were set upon by a number of policemen who considered the murderer to be one of their own.

Now I suppose men have to be men who by nature have a little testosterone sprinkled on their private parts but when tact, diplomacy and wisdom are needed, they seem to take an overdose of said  hormone to enable them to make their point of view with total disregard for others.  This overdose has recently been increased by order of the government who want these boys in blue to go far beyond their official remit and crack the skulls of all and sundry and what better way to show this then gently place a truncheon on the back of female flower bearers heads.

The orders for this kind of firmness obviously came from the Metropolitan’s Police Commissionaire, a lady rightfully called Cressida Dick.  I am not actually sure whether in fact she is a lady or a member of one of these new brand of genders called binary, non binary, butch or even possibly queer.  She certainly cut her teeth on firm policing by helping to kill an unarmed, innocent young Brazilian some years ago who had been alarmed by a gathering of armed men and women who wanted to do damage to him.

But whether binary or non, butch or queer she is not a lady to get too close to on Clapham Common.  She accused these lily bearers of breaking the law and therefore liable for a  coshing.  One of these flower ladies was the Duchess of Kent, it seems that even the Royal Family are now considered to be criminals.  What harm some of you say and it’s about time too that they are being held to account for their murderous past.  With her dick between her legs Cressida could not understand empathy, solidarity or even womanhood.  Her po faced, flat chested being was hungry for a bout of orchitis.

To escape this binary bollocks and to return to something I wrote about yesterday ie. Vaccinations or should I say the necessary absence of vaccines.  The uninformed medics of Ireland are slowly beginning to realise their programmes are unsafe and they have, along with half the world, stopped the vaccination programme they were steeping themselves in.  All you lucky seekers after jabs should count yourselves lucky.  You can live to fight another day.  People are dropping like flies of blood oozing out of every pore, coughing up stuff that used to be lung or deciding to let the eternal pump of life slow down to stop. Cardiac arrest some call it, I prefer Dick’s Challenge.  From head to toe people are complaining that jab equals jabberwock.

If any of you are still slightly confused by the whole innoculation programme these misguided doctors and politicians are trying to wave at  you, then listen to this important message Dr Vernon Coleman is trying to get out to you all.  For you who do not know, Vernon Coleman is an internationally known author, who has written many books on serious medical problems and who has predicted with absolute accuracy the position we find ourselves in today.  Listen to it and concentrate.  Consider what he has to say carefully.

It might be your last act.

Here is the Vernon Coleman video

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