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It is a week since I returned to blogging and I have found it hard to put finger to button, pen to paper, mind to word.  The world is in such a horrible place with this Covid fraud, I just do not know where to start.  We have been told there is a pandemic which is going to kill millions similar to the flu epidemic of 1918/1919.  It started in China in 2019, a good place for hate to start and has spread to the world.  Statistics show however that fewer people in total are dying  and that nobody, hardly anybody, is dying of flu for some reason, an illness that used to kill more millions every year.  Flu never shut down countries but because the politicians and scientists in their pay were convinced of the falsities of this pandemic, each country shut down for business causing massive damage to each and every population.  Suicides, other uncared for illnesses and general distress were killing thousands but the overall death rate has never gone up.  Death is the same, the statisticians have just messed with the numbers and now everybody is dying of Covid.

Our only saviour is inoculation thought up in haste by a bunch of tawdry scientists to suit the politicians need for future halos.  This elixir, this panacea, is being thrust on a nation, on the world, to get the politicos out of a massive hole they have dug for themselves.  Nobody has a clue of its effects, of its long term damage, because the thing has never had proper clinical trials.  Ten years of clinical trials necessary for a vaccination to be proven safely have been reduced to 10 months work by a couple of geeks working out of a bike shed.  In fact the geeks were that good they came up with five or six remedies for this pesky problem.  Dolores Cahill, a respected, learned and brave scientist came out the other day and described it as a time bomb, obviously put there by an Agenda 21 or 30 (or some such) activist looking to reduce the world’s population by half.  Bill Gates and his wife Melinda will do as culprits.  People with no expert knowledge in the matter but people with a few quid in their pockets who have been able to convince the unworthy politicians of this planet, politicians who have been bred by their masters for this one and only purpose, to shut down the world.  They have acted in the face of The Great Barrington Declaration, a statement written by three eminent scientists and endorsed by thousands of their peers that the actions of governments is totally wrong in its theory.

This makes me realise that there is a greater power afoot.  The governments worldwide are bowing, genuflecting to a higher power.  These faceless wonders are there to make themselves more powerful, more at ease, in a world obviously trying to destroy itself.  Bill Gates is just one of their acolytes.

The question is, can we defeat this inhuman agenda with politicians worldwide in its pockets?  The answer is no.  All you need to do is look around you.  The politicians say wear masks, keep apart, do not gather together and everybody, like a flock of sheep, does that.  I have watched in amazement how grown men, two metres tall, 100 kilos of strength and might, just kowtow to any little piece of nonsense that dribbles from the lips of these accursed so-called leaders.  These men who on a Friday or Saturday night with fire and other substances in their bellies would beat the shit out of anybody who looks at them, now only scuttle along with a rag over their faces openly showing what cowards they are.  It is understandable that a middle-aged badly abused woman overloaded with prescription drugs from their doctor should  dance to the tune of their beloved politicians but not those with brains, with intelligence and brawn.  I suppose the answer is that most are just sheep, most are just followers of the person in front of them.  In fact, most people are fucking idiots.  I have never realised this fact until these last few months.

I, for my part, have never coalesced.  I have never worn a mask, never social distanced, never bothered whose company I was in.  But I suppose that is because I am nearly 75, nobody likes me, I am discourteous to all, and I have nothing to lose.  So far nobody has stopped me living my life but plenty have tried.  Shoppers or should I say sheep in the supermarket,  jobsworths galore and idiots everywhere have stopped minding their own bloody businesses and pointed out what an anti-social bastard I am.  I love it because I am strong.  I love it when my view on the world is vindicated, when I realise there is still a little spunk left on this planet but not that much that will propagate a new cohort of strength.

When I started this piece I did not know where it would lead me, what I would properly say but reading it over I guess I have been too easy on you vainglorious fuckers who abide by all this nonsense.  Pardon my French but I was brought up in Longsight in Manchester where everybody called a spade a spade and nobody gave a fuck for falsity.  Hopefully I will settle down in the next while, hopefully a few of you idiots will start to think, hopefully the day might dawn and you lot will waken up.

I will no doubt return to this subject and find in the next few months that the sperm has left your penial glands and settled on the eggs of the unmasked.  What joy that will be for everybody disposed.

As an afterthought to the above justified diatribe I just mention two things that happened today.  I went to my local health centre for a optical review.  The health centre now resembles a fortified establishment.  You need documents and passwords to get in.  I was met at the door by a masked security guard who asked if I had a mask.  I pulled this dirty rag from my pocket which has been there for nine months harbouring  and cultivating every germ, microbe and any bit of shit that had been fumbled by my hands in all that time.  I said I have this but I said do not go near it for it will possibly kill you.  He said good that will do just put it on.  I spread it over my face releasing a crowd of mischief into the hallowed sanctuary but nobody died and I have had no bad reports.  Later I received a call from my cardiac nurse.  I have a slight flutter in that region that the doctors think unusual for a nearly 75 year old geriatric.  My appointment next week is cancelled.  All the coronary care nurses have been taken off their duties and put into a new vaccination unit set up at the hospital.  No worries she said we will still be here for emergencies.  If you have an emergency just come here and we will look after you.  Now the bloody hospital is 30 miles away and if I had a coronary moment I would have to get there and search the poor buggers out.  For all I know they could be in an emergency transitioned cow shed jabbing anything that moved.  Thinking about it death is definitely a better proposition.

Latest Mortality Statistics for Ireland

The above graph shows the mortality statistics in Ireland from the beginning of 2017 in the main it is below or on the base line except for a small blip around Christmas of 2017 and smaller ones in the following two Christmases which are to be expected for the flu season then a large blip for three weeks when Covid struck in April 2020 then a similar large negative blip at Christmas 2020.  This shows the lies and panic of the politicians.  The bluffers are shown for what they are, men of no substance.  They are trying to kid the kidders and we will not stand for it.  I will write more on this topic shortly.



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