Fresh Lonely Air in England – Part 2

I landed at Manchester Airport expecting tight security but saw nothing, it was possibly all centered in central Manchester where the explosion had happened 24 hours earlier.  Thoughts of Helen had been overtaken by circumstances but Daughter 3 was dutifully awaiting as I walked out of the terminal to a very busy early evening rush hour.  Food and a glass of wine, a discussion about the events whilst the helicopters droned overhead.

Up early a game of football to relish this evening, Manchester United v A bunch of teenagers from Amsterdam.  No contest really but it will keep my mind off Helen as I view sites we had always viewed together.  On top of that there is a 50 over game against South Africa tomorrow.

It is now two and a half days since the Arena disaster and with nearly 21,000 kids in the audience that night two things have become obvious.  Firstly the diasporadic spread of the victims, from all over the north of England, one young girl from Barra in the Outer Hebrides and two , I think, from Poland.  Secondly because the explosion occurred in a public area outside of the main security cordon, it looks as though the waiting parents took the brunt of the blast.

As I sit here writing in this leafy suburb of south Manchester, it becomes really scary to see how appearances can deceive.  Houses are getting raided all round me.  Most of the arrests have taken place within half a mile from where I sit.  The Didsbury Mosque where lots of the Libyan community pray is only just through the trees.  However there seems to be repulsion in the Muslim community at this act and I am sure the security forces are picking up lots of intelligence about the disenchanted brethren that infiltrate these religious places.

At least the helicopters are grounded or have run out of fuel. that nuisance is finished albeit temporarily.  I have to ask what could they have done in an emergency.  It was a psychophantic idea as to what will sooth the tortured minds of Johnny Public.  However the authorities continue to close down and cordon off public areas.  Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport and various shopping centres in town bore the brunt today.  Do we not think they are doing a good job without them over-egging the pudding?

It now seems that the security forces knew the poor unbalanced man who is supposed to be the suicide bomber, recently returned from a trip to Libya and it is now suggested he also visited Syria and Germany, or so they tell us.  If so why were they not on his tail.  Why did they not pick him up in one piece before they started  picking him up in several pieces that were mingled with pieces of other poor innocents.  It is too dreadful a scene to be thinking of.  Will those responsible for this act of omission feel in any way responsible.  I doubt it.  Psychopaths with an agenda have no emotion.  Like the troops of war, the general public are nothing more than cannon fodder in the eyes of the “Security Forces”.

Tomorrow I go to see my aunt, the last survivor of my father’s family and as I write a helicopter is circling the skies above me.  Is it me they are looking for.  Is it me who has risen their ire.  Certainly in the last hour police presence in the area has increased.  If it is not me, their geese will certainly have flown.

And one last thought today on these terrible events.  Nowhere in the media, newspapers and banal television, have I seen or heard anybody posit the question why.  Why do these bereft Africans and Asians every now or then take up the idea that they have to rid the world of some good old white folk.  Or perhaps there is another question, do they.  However if we look back over the last twenty years or so and look at the damage us poor white folk have done to their countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, we can begin to realise why.  When we let these poor disenchanted peoples so easily into our community, that this laissez faire attitude of refugee control enables the odd rogue male with a glint in his eye to want to start saying to himself “I’ll have some of that”.

Many people I have spoke to are considering that point of view but what if it is a worse scenario.  What if poor demented Salman Abedi was lured to that spot and the device was remotely detonated.  What if poor old Salman Abedi was not there, the authorities soon had him sorted within hours as though they had been days on his case.

Probably and its more than likely possible that the perpetrators of this Manchester atrocity were Tony Blair for his heroics in Iraq and Afghanistan, George Brown for following in Tony’s footprints, for David Cameron for his gung-ho attitude to Libya and Syria and even Teresa May for continuing the farce in Syria and for selling billions of pounds worth of armament to the demented Saudis so they canm at will continue to massacre women and children in the Yemen.  Whilst the ridiculous psychopaths of Westminster continue to aim their sights at the poor impoverished Muslim communities of Africa and Asia for reasons known only to themselves and their brainwashed acolytes in the services both civil and armed, we have to accept a bit of pay back time.

So stand up  Teresa, David, George and Tony and accept the resulting actions of a very grieved man or men.  It is you that set this explosive device off, it is you who looked down the barrel of the cannon which blew these poorpeople of Africa and Asia to kingdom come.

And so having retched that annoying lump of phlegm from my lungs, I am off to see my aunt who is approaching 90 years of age and has certainly seen better times than this before us today.  But before I go I would just like to thank Daughter 3 and her very patient husband who have boarded me up these last few days and allowed me to climb one more step in my journey of recovery.


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  1. Rather than blame Theresa, Dave, Gordon and Tony… Perhaps the blame lies with those that empower them. The voters!

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