The Last Fuck Up Of 2014

This posting is short and really it is to wish all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR and to remind everybody of the last fuck up of 2014.  Yesterday Baroness Butler Sloshed, the erstwhile chair of the Inquiry into Child Abuse, agreed to be interviewed by the BBC and in doing so made the last fuck up of a year of establishment fuck ups.  She said that the establishment figures like her brother and many politicians did not think there was any harm in shagging young kids, so the whole thing about abuse was treated lightly.  How fucking wrong was she and how lucky we were that public opinion reared up and bit her.  Listen to the interview on the Tap Blog Spot of today’s date or those who despise the alternative media, read all about it in the Guardian.

She thought she was eminently suitable for the role because it is only experienced intellectual establishment types like her could control an Inquiry into this important subject.  What an unbelievable dick-head.  Terry May, the Transvestite Home Secretary should be appalled at his first choice.

Thinking about what she said made me smile and my mind went back 50 years to the first time I read J P Dunleavy’s masterpiece The Ginger Man.  A book which moulded my life and which I have read at least 10 times.  The hero of the story is Sebastian Dangerfield, an American on a GI scholarship at Trinity College in Dublin after WW2.  He was at a loose end as his wife had just left him but he had inveigled himself into the bed of Miss Lilly Frost who was a lodger at the once marital home.  His smooth Yankee talk soon had the knickers off this good Catholic spinster but she was overcome with guilt after the act and was really worried about what she should tell the priest in confession.  Sebastian was not put off by this remorse and the following night he found himself in the same position but instead of the vaginal intercourse he was expecting she would only allow him to thrust his manhood up her arse.

Sebastian said “Lilly, why do you want me to do it this way?” and Lilly replied “Oh Mr Dangerfield, its so much less of a sin”




Butler Sloshed said she was going to be fair and judicial in her findings but was going to judge everybody by the mores of the time, when shagging young kids was a mundane daily event,






4 thoughts on “The Last Fuck Up Of 2014

  1. Whoever chairs this Committee on Child Abuse, the last thing we want is a member of the Establishment. On that I’m unanimous, as Mrs Slocombe of Are You Being Served might have said.

    The words of the old Latin phrase ‘Qui custodiem custodiet?’ i.e. who polices the Police spring to mind. Surely someone could be found is more eminently suitable for the position. I nearly split my sides when someone suggested in the Guardian letter page a certain Elish Angiolini.

    It would appear the average intelligence of this particular paper’s readership has now taken a turn for the worse. Not surprising, when at the 2010 General Election the paper advised voters to plump for Nick Clegg. I shouldn’t think they’ll have the nerve to ask people to vote for his party in 2015.

  2. Even if the whole world had thought there was nothing wrong with shagging young kids, that observation would miss the point here. It would only be relevant to consensual sex. So far as I can judge from the evidence that I have seen, it seems obvious that the kids taken from children’s homes to these activities had little choice in the matter, and that there was not any meaningful consent.

    Personally I couldn’t care less who shags who, or what ages both parties are, if that is what they both genuinely want to do. But I have every objection to people being exploited. And I detest the idea of people who are already vulnerable, because they are young and in an institution, being exploited by the rich and powerful.

  3. to Linda:

    Best wishes for 2015.

    I could not agree more. The reluctance with which the police seem to have in chasing up serial sex offenders from within their own ranks, the judiciary and the ‘Establishment’ does not augur well for the future. Ditto the appointment of the head of the Child Abuse enquiry.

    In a recent TV interview, Don Hale, formerly of the Bury Messenger, explained in detail how he got a visit to his office from Special Branch in 1983/84, together with uniformed police officers, ordering him to hand over the file he had only recently received from Barbara Castle, detailing the various goings-on regarding child abuse. He was warned if he revealed any of the allegations in the file, he would go to prison. Sadly, he didn’t take any copies of the info in the file.

    When questioned about Don Hale’s allegation, the Home Office made the totally ambiguous reply – We have no record of this. Really? Coming from an outfit that lost over 100 files detailing child abuse given to them by late MP Geoffrey Dickens, are we at all surprised?

    It would appear that the Home Office was ‘unfit for purpose’ decades before the former Home Secretary John Reid commented on this, following yet another debacle over immigration and passports.

    I’m not holding my breath on this one….

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