I Am A Non-violent Terrorist, David Says So.

Following David Cameron’s speech on terrorism at the United Nations recently, where he spoke at length on the war on terrorism world-wide and what all countries needed to do,  He stated that non-violent extremist were as bad as the violent terrorists we see on our screens every day of the week.  These people spitting out lies on the internet saying that the official line on 9/11 is wrong, that 7/7 was a Secret Services construct, that the holocaust was a hoax, that the Boston Marathon bombing was another finely produced farce and most of the rest of the other modern tragedies were tunes from the same fiddle.

He said these non-violent terrorists are sick, sick people who need reining in and arresting because they are messing up the minds of the good god fearing folk at home.

Well considering all this that David said I think that I must be one of these non-violent hicks, a dangerous terrorist.  In my blog of the last few years, I have refused to believe the official line on everything.  I have looked, studied and then written my own interpretation of incidents concerning the pillars of our world and every interpretration seems to go against the official line.

I started off with the Catholic Church in 2009 and with every investigation I began to see what an unholy bunch of satanic monsters the ruling cabal of the Church really were.  So if the Pope and his minions could be so at odds with their prostating faithful, surely our political masters must think the same way about their honest population.  The more I looked the more I realised what a total shower of shite governments generally are, fooling around with and messing about with  the minds of their electorate.  The so called truth is nearly always a lie.

9/11 was an obvious hoax and it shows the length of deception governments will go to, to get their hidden agenda pushed through.  You only have to look at the destruction of Building 7 at the World Trade Centre to realise that there were dark forces afoot that day when 2500 people were wiped away.  Building 7 could be nothing more than a controlled demolition operation.

The Zionist lie that was the holocaust is more and more being understood to be a hoax by brave and intelligent people around the world.  Even figures released by no less an organization than the Red Cross back up the belief that death was not anywhere near as plentiful as the Zionists want us to believe.  Why do you think it is a criminal act in most countries to suggest that this whole ruse was an elaborate lie set up before and during the Nuremberg trials of 1947.  The Jewish authorities themselves have said that the world Jewish population increased rather than decreased between 1930 and 1950 and a world Jewish population of 15, 000,000 would surely miss the 6,000,000 supposedly killed by the Germans.  Jews died there is no doubt, the concentration camps were not health farms but millions more Russians died in the atrocious conditions of the camps.  There is now a consensus that suggests that probably 200,000 to 250,000 Jews died which is nowhere near this mythical figure of 6,000,000 mooted by Zionists as early as 1918.  This figure is annually being revised downwards as the years go by.

In fact all these fantastic constructs are spun out to keep you, the mindless morons who cannot see beyond the end of your nose, scared to death and thankful that you have such good government that is looking after your health and safety.  I pity the poor Germans who have been paying billions in reparation every year and the poor American taxpayer who has paid out similar sums in order to keep the Israeli nation in bombs, bullets and booty, while the Rothshites and their ilk cruise on to world denomination.

So stooges like Cameron must be right if he believes that I am as much a threat as the violent terrorist organizations round the world.  By the way I learnt this morning that retired US General Paul E Vallely is commander of the ISIS forces running amok in Northern Iraq and Syria.ISIS/ISIL and IS is an American/European construct to keep our brains controlled.

Because of my extremism, I should be arrested while Cameron and Obama lead the rest of you down the garden path.  But it ain’t that easy offering yourself up for arrest, a mate of mine, Matt Campbell, whose brother was murdered at 9/11 by those same dark forces as I mentioned earlier, realised that with the thoughts and words he uses regularly, our David must rightly consider him to be a non-violent terrorist.  So being a good citizen and to save our overworked police force the trouble, he decided to hand himself in and fall on the mercy of the law.  Well he tried and tried to get a willing policeman to arrest him but all to no avail.  He presented himself at Scotland Yard, the Houses of Parliament  and other locations round London hoping to find an honest copper to get out his handcuffs and arrest him for his alleged offences viz non-violent terrorism but news had not come through to them of the atrocities Matt had committed.  In the end Matt had to slink away, tail between his legs, he went home, put his feet up and tried to think up more terrorist bile to make Cameron’s blood boil over.

See this link below which in video sets out Cameron’s points in the UN speech and follows with Matt’s efforts to get himself arrested for terrorist activity.  We have a hard job, us terrorists, when we speak the truth nobody believes us, especially the guardians of the law.



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  1. All true, all true, Fuck you Scamaron and all who sail in you. Very well said Paul.

    Hold Fast, Jim Graham.

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