Back Again To Wonder And To Pester.

Well after over two weeks of inactivity due to technical problems outside of my control, I am back to wonder, pester and generally get on the tits of all that is holy, glorious and nasty in the lying , cheating world that is Britain, Ireland and the Catholic Church, especially the Salford Diocese.

Let me first of all get rid of the trivia.  It seems that St Bede’s College in Manchester, after all the hullabaloo of the last few weeks of last term, still have not decided who the new head is.  Either that or they do not know how to update their own website, because by just now 10.10am Friday, 5th September, taking a peek at the staff roll, good old Sandra Pike is still Acting Head.  Old Sandra can always be relied on to step into the breach, especially when as is often the case the legion of new governors do not know what day it is, never mind who is supposed to be doing what and when.

It is a bit like Manchester United buying that black footballer from Crystal Palace last year, I forget is name but it matters nought.  Anyway they bought this fine young man, told him to sit on his arse for a year then they gave him back to Crystal Palace without him even kicking a ball in practice.

Are we to presume the play actor from down south somewhere, it seems that the news was so long ago I have also forgotten his name and where he comes from as well, but are we to presume a similar scenario.  That he fiddles off stage waiting in the wings whilst Bede’s goes about doing what they are good and bad at, then he is returned to quieter, lusher pastures down south, where little fish swim elegantly in large ponds.  I hope for everybody’s benefit that somebody lets me know so that I can stop this vicious tirade against my alma mater.

Just another thought about Bede’s: a couple of weeks ago I stood at the grave of an Old Bedian, James Patrick Dignan of Ballinagard House, Roscommon Town.  I was stood in the pouring rain at Kemmel Chateau Cemetery, south of Ypres in southern Belgium.  He was just leaving Bede’s when the infamous Thomas Duggan was starting, he took a German bullet through the head whilst on night patrol outside of Wyschaete. I asked him what he thought of the old place now.  He did not answer me.  Was he being polite?

To change the subject somewhat, the happenings at Rotherham, in Yorkshire which have been in the news recently and which as bad as they are all are probably only skims the surface of what actually happened.  It seems that vulnerable young girls were befriended by good looking Asian lads and groomed into removing their knickers for all and sundry in the immigrant population of South Yorkshire and beyond.  The police and local authority social services knew all about it and chose to forget about same for fear of stirring up feelings of racism.  When people put racism above humanitarianism it is surely time to pack up.  The events were so racist it was time to call a spade a spade.  Asian men procuring white girls for the systematic abuse by immigrant males was surely one hell of a racist act.  I did not hear tell of Asian girls being procured.

You might start to ask why this should be and I can only understand that this was organised crime on a massive scale.  The area where these procurers and customers come from produce drugs on an industrial scale which floods into the British Isles and Ireland.  The people who control this business are awash with money and they know of the old adage that every man and woman has his price.  Take the story mentioned in the Jay Report where a suspicious Police Sergeant with a squad of plods raided a house and found five Asian men in a room with a naked 12 year old girl.  He arrested the 12 year old girl.  Now no man unless he was an out and out pervert would have taken this course of action, so there must have been something else involved, money.

I suggest the police and the social services were all being paid off by elements of these criminals, not on a small scale but on a massive scale in a similar manner that the authorities in the immigrants own countries are paid off.  A systemic buy out and what is worse not one person has lost his/her job because of this catastrophic break down in authority.  Of course there has to be a fall guy, so the leader of the council for the last 14 years stood down.  It was time he went any way, his fiefdom passed on to another cheat and liar.  These of course are just the players in this drama but it is just another case of the powerful making hay to the detriment of the vulnerable.

So I suggest the only way out of this predicament is for everybody to fight to protect the vulnerable and not leave it in the control of the endemically tainted social services sections of local government and the definitely corrupt masonic encrusted higher levels of the police force.

Well what the Rotherham outcry did for the government was all to plainly to be seen.  Westminster, which until this time was under siege from a public bent on demanding its paedophiles  be exposed, went into overdrive castigating local government and booting out corrupt local politicians from their political parties.  This and the sparring by the western countries with Russia over what to do and not to do in the Ukraine has certainly taken the heat off Cameron and his cronies.  The farce regarding chairmanship of the Inquiry into political paedophilia has now been swept firmly under the carpet not now to arise for some considerable time.  The Rotherham Inquiry is now far more important and what is more it has got more mileage in it for doing down Westminster’s bete noire, Islam.  The change of tack is right up Big Ben’s street.  But wait a minute news has just come through that the Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf is to be the chair of the politico Inquiry, a Butler Slosh in disguise, establishment written all over her arse and what is worse she is Edinburgh establishment as well, another whitewash.  The Woolf is at the door somebody shoot it quickly, we got rid of slosh let us now derail the lupus bandwagon.

So to cap this varied bulletin off and much closer to home was the news last weekend of Alan Morris and his unromantic tryst with justice.  Morris had been in bother for abusing lads at St Ambrose’s school in Altrincham, his apointed judge seemed to agree with the jury that the defendant was as guilty as hell and sentenced him to many years in prison and back he went to Strangeways to be assessed, where his future home will be discussed.  Down the stairs into the prison van he went protesting his innocence.  These boys, these perpetrators of paedophilia, do not seem to get it.  When you are guilty as hell and I know that which the judge and jury did not know and Morris definitely did know, why not throw your hands in the air and say fair cop guv, it can only do you good.  The trouble is they do not consider they have done harm.  They are like young kids in their actions and speech, emotional maturity stunted.

I’m beginning to think we are a nation of wrong ‘uns.  Are there any decent people left besides me and Alexis Jay and my consultant endocrinologist, Wilma Lourens.

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  1. Morris has got away with it quite lightly ,28 cases will lie on file he could have been looking at a really big sentence if he had been found guilty in the second trial.

  2. Hi Paul, if you could reinstate the old threads on Morris and Ambrose then some of us could reconnect and swap info. Currently I believe several of the past contributors are actively pursuing compensation via Slater and Gordon/Panonne, which may not be the wisest choice, there are other effective alternatives. Also now that he is a convicted paedophile we can say it as it was without fearing to prejudice a trial.

    1. Dear outofplace,
      I reinstated The Tip Of The Iceberg two days ago but nobody has been on it. Start the ball rolling. You are right Slater and Gordon/Panonne are not the wisest choice. Read my previous blogs about them. Bring it on!!!

  3. Paul Glad that you are back in style! Just a reminder that you are falling into Mr Putin’s error – Ukraine is a country in its own right and is not referred to as The Ukraine – is it Ukraine. An autonomous country. Not NovoRossiya as many would have us believe. Best to you David

    1. Sorry for the faux pas David but years ago in Longsight just after the war when I was nought but a lad, that is what we use to call it. Every year we used to go to the Whit Walks in Manchester and admire these blocks of men in their strange costumes and folk would say where are them from and we used to tell ’em they are Ukrainians from The Ukraine.
      Anyway David I am glad you are still in the land of the living. How goes it in the western Ukraine free and hopefully far from Mr Putin’s wandering eyes.

  4. Paul ,i cant find tip of the iceberg anywhere on your website .there will be quite a few ex ambrosians wanting to post comments.


  5. To all, especially PM

    Yes, Paul, I fear Rotherham and Cliff Richard and his ilk will keep the investigative hounds away from Westminster for years to come. A diverting and long-winded investigation of the above items will now rule the media airwaves for a considerable time to come.

    Like the well-known footballer, Wilfrid Zaha no less, all the kerfuffle and heat previously being directed towards Westminster paedophile rings will now be re-directed elsewhere. Rumour is the Woolf inquiry won’t report back for around another two years, so don’t hold your breath.

    The sheer audacity of the South Yorks Police Commissioner, who was Head of Social Services during the time of the abuse and now refuses to resign (in fact he would have to commit a crime requiring two years’ imprisonment to be forced to resign) illustrates what a perfect mess the politicians have again put us in.

    On Radio 4, we had the usual placatory claptrap fired out by a senior Social Services representative, who,yet again, assured us ‘Lessons have been learned’. The only way lessons will be learned from this is when the police, senior council officials and others responsible for the wilful failure to act to stop the abuse are taken to court and, where guilty, jailed for sentences considerably longer than two years.

    So far, the token resignation of the Rotherham Council Head (he’d been in charge for 15 years, so was on watch during nearly all the time of abuse) is the only one to fall on his sword. He should be one of the first on the list for prosecution, along with the previous police chief. One of the very few people who did whistle-blow regarding the abuse was disciplined when she told her bosses what was happening, it’s not then surprising that others decided to keep sctum and say nowt, for fear of losing their jobs.

    Two obvious lessons to be learned:-

    (1) Just because someone is from a poor, disadvantaged family, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re lying. It’s highly unlikely the police would have ignored the abuse if it were being perpetrated in Surrey or another of the Home Counties, to a more middle-class family.

    (2) When the Elders of the local mosques were approached and asked what they would do to dissuade the perpetrators of the abuse, they did a rather good impression of Pontius Pilate. By failing to act when asked, they implicitly condoned the abuse. As the above blog states, the day a person’s race is deemed to be more important than bringing them to justice for crimes they have committed, well, it really is time to pack it in, once and for all.

    1. Roy,
      I am sorry I just realised I have posted it for private viewing but do not know how to get out of that at the minute. Working on it. try later.

  6. To all ex-Ambrosians and interested parties

    Go to the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ blog. The shackles of ‘Contempt of Court’ are well and truly off. Let’s hear the unexpurgated story….

  7. Your’e back. Thought you might have been “nobbled” by forces of darkness? I repeat…..
    “We’re all going on a H.M.P. Holliday-no more singing for a year or two……?? (Allegedly, M’lud).

  8. Paul, Tip of the iceberg is available via searching your site but doesnt come up via google for some reason , thanks for putting it back up.

    1. Roy,
      I have just tried it and it came up 2nd on Google with Paul Malpas- The tip of the iceberg. I will try some other computer to see.

    1. To Roy and any others experiencing difficulties getting on to my Alan Morris posting.
      I can see that whereas yesterday you can get there immediately on google today you cannot. I do not know why that is. But it is just as easy to google, my latest blog posting comes up and in top right hand corner there is a search window, type in The Tip Of The Iceberg and it should take you straight to the piece which you should be able to bookmark

    1. Linda,
      Nice to have you back, we have our disagreements but friendship will never be lost. Yes the times and the customs have always been with us because nobody has really stood up and exposed them. That is now being done by people far better able than myself, all I do is add my twopenn’orth but between us the walls will fall.

  9. Hi again Paul and thanks for the memoir! I too remember the Ukrainians in Rochdale and had not a clue then where they hailed from! I think in geography at Bedes it was always The Ukraine. Anyway to be brief – things here in Lviv are very quiet, peaceful and very visitor friendly – many come from Poland to see the city that was once part of Poland. The tragedy is that there appears to be no solution to this crisis. Ukraine cannot win in any war of aggression with Russia. We Brits are somewhat muted just now since Britain and USA failed in their commitment to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty. A pity because if they had helped they would not have been risking war with Russia since all along Putin has denied any Russian involvement – even to the point of burying young Russian lads in unmarked graves – to the horror of parents now starting to question the role of the Kremlin in all this. I could go on but this is not the time nor the place. Ukraine is by no means a united country; it has elected leaders who have bled the coffers dry; it is still rules by rich oligarchs; bribery and corruption are still rife.But the weather here is superb!! Take care to one and all David

    1. David,
      Whatever the whys and wherefores I am just glad that you and your family are well. I’m sure this brinksmanship these bastard politicians are playing is only temporary and I use that word bastard wisely because none of them really know, coming from the class of people they issue from, who their parents are. They are probably from man on man union.

  10. To Paul Malpas:

    Glad to have you back. As regards the Alma Mater, I wonder if Mr Robson has had second thoughts about coming up north or is still serving out his notice in Reading before joining the fray in the New Year. Any news on the Whalley Range front?

    Either way, ‘Don’t tell ’em’ Pike is still acting Queso Grande for the moment, according to none other than the glorious Bede’s web-site. The saga continues….

    To Brian Lefley

    No more singing from Mr Morris for at least the next 4 1/2 years at least, having been sent down for 9 years for child abuse at St Ambrose, Hale Barnes. Some people mention he may have more charges to face if more victims come forward…

    To Paul, Linda and others

    Did someone once utter the phrase ‘Time waits for no man’. Clearly whoever it was couldn’t have been a lawyer, we still await the Bede’s case coming to court, having being dragged out now for a considerable length of time. Let’s hope the victims of TD’s ‘Reign of Terror’ live to have their day in court. I certainly hope so.

  11. The police in Yorkshire have never been in the vanguard of modern social policy or thought. They are the finest minds of the ninth century, in fact. When the Yorkshire Ripper death toll hit double figures it was suggested they might bring in Scotland Yard. The enlightened response was “They ‘aven’t caught theirs yet”.

  12. According to B.B.C. radio this morning “Ripper” has been identified by D.N.A. sample.I am very disappointed it WASN’T the member of the Royal Family that was amongst the suspects! “It really is appalling!”

  13. To Dave Smith

    Yes, that summed up West Yorkshire’s finest, no doubt some of them are still looking for the Geordie Jack the Ripper Hoaxer, John Humble, who led them on a wild goose chase for over two years, during which there were at least three other victims.

    They only caught Sutcliffe by sheer luck, not by any proper detective work, and then it was the South Yorks police who got him, the same bunch involved with Hillsborough and now Rotherham. Oh dear!

    To Brian Lefley

    At least we can sleep easily in our beds now, knowing the identity of Jack the Ripper. As for Islamic State and Al Quieda, well that’s another matter…..

  14. To Paul Taylor. And to cap it all after Sutcliffe had been arrested the Chief Constafool and top brass had a press conference at which they almost blew it by making remarks that could have compromised the trial.

  15. To Brian Lefley

    Ah yes, the wonderful ex-Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, Ronald Gregory, who after his retirement, flogged all the nitty-gritty details of the Yorkshire Ripper Case (omitting of course, the numerous clangers he himself had made) for a rather large sum from a Sunday newspaper.

    If you read Michael Bilton’s book on the subject, Wicked Beyond Belief, you’d realise though they’d had Sutcliffe in for questioning at least four times, he wasn’t even on their highly rated suspect list. He no doubt would have gone on to kill more had he not slipped up in Sheffield.

    No, this sorry state of affairs left the West Yorkie Boys subjects of ridicule for the next 20 years plus, an object lesson in how not to conduct a serial killer inquiry. The only reason Sutcliffe was caught was pure and simple – bad luck.

  16. I hope you will indulge my diverting this discusion.Ian Paisley has gone to join the “Choir Invisible”.As bigoted monsters go he was in the premier league,The outpourings of admiration/grief/shock have left me dangerously short of sickbags……

    1. You are most definitely right Brian and there could be a blog posting in it. By his actions and words he must have the blood of many men and women on his hands

  17. @taylor

    “When the Elders of the local mosque…”

    Well done Taylor… You have just insulted a quarter of mankind with your sauce fuelled nonsense… At the same time, you have just implicated your father as culpable for the TD crimes. My advice is to understand a situation before commenting and lay off the alcohol because nothing is more efficient at destroying common sense…

  18. To Danny Malpas

    Give it a rest, the only one in need of psychiatric help here is you. Anyone who thinks the laughing stock of a historian David Irving is to be taken seriously is the one in need of help here.

    No doubt you now think it dreadful that Muslin Leaders in the UK are interfering by calling for the release of British hostages.

    Your type of sense is thankfully neither logical or common. No doubt you have a latest conspiracy theory regarding the Scottish Referendum, I’m sure we’d all love not to hear it…

  19. To Paul Taylor,

    The main reason why i admire David Irving is because he only uses primary sources. Your Niall Fergusons and Ian Kershaws of this world have made their name regurgitating the fog of war. The first casualty of war is the truth. Irving taught himself German and then went over to Germany to interview survivors. After exposing the Churchillian war crimes of Hamburg and Dresden, he then gained the trust of Hitler’s inner circle. It was through his rigorous disciplined approach that he found the actual source of who started the holocaust lies. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!!

    It is clear that you do not have the first clue about the ISIS story and your sources are solely MSM. So allow me to clarify a couple of points. ISIS is a CIA construct, similar to Al Qaeda. They do not exist and they are used as a pretext for war. To expect “Muslim leaders” to apologise for CIA crimes is an insult. The ridiculous videos of beheadings are fake and you would have to be a bit simple in the head to think they were real. Clearly you think they are real!It should also be noted that Muslims do not have leaders. They have varying degrees of scholars but every god fearing muslim knows full well that the next leader of the muslims will be Jesus when he is sent down to complete the second part of his ministry. Ol baghdadi haddafarm is a zionist agent by the name of Elliot Shimon who takes his orders from John McCain of all people.

    Type “syria” and “nuke” into youtube and watch what a nuclear bomb looks like. Watch it carefully because there will be more and more of these going off and the only reason why this kind of terror exists is because of useless idiots like yourself and Lefley who actively support these terrorist organisations.

    There is no mercy for traitors, don’t ya know!!! Pick your side carefully Taylor cos the side your on is doomed.

  20. Just had a goosey at the Yorkshire ripper case… Who would have known.. Sutcliffe was bezzie mates with jimmy savile. Turns out Savile was instrumental in most of the murders… The plot thickens…
    It explains the police failures!

  21. @lefley, Hominid Patheticus

    You reminded me of Cameron patronising Angela Eagle. Shamelessly making a laughing stock of himself whilst the rest of us cringe. I can imagine ol’ Gideon the nonce sat behind you having a prepubescent laugh at your witlessness.

    Time for you and Taylor to man up now!!! You claim Irving has been disgraced. Explain why?

    If you are gonna slander one of the very few heroes we have left in this world, do it properly. This is the difference between a zionist shill/troll/sell out and a member of the human race…

    Let us see what you are made of because my guess is your spine has the consistancy of jelly…

    Prove me wrong or climb back up satan’s arse, monkeyboy!!!

  22. The fact that your comment doesn’t make any sense at all, suggests you have been left a quivering wreck now you have realised how delicate a foundation it is you have built for yourself. I suggest building your reality based on truth, wisdom, justice and physics as opposed to crap, shite, lies and the daily chimp…

  23. Apologies to the bystanders but i couldn’t resist… Just been reminded of Hamer’s useful idiots exposure and i thought of Lefley and Taylor.

    Firstly Taylor…
    “For example, when confronted with the facts, they will ask lots of questions, but never wait to hear an answer. To their minds, questions are not a search for information, but rather a tool of disruption.In this way, the useful idiot never has to expose his ignorance because he never has to enter into a meaningful dialogue with anyone who has an opposing view. All he has to do is maintain an attacking stance and this perpetuates a useless, circular argument, usually ending in utter stalemate.”
    Then Lefley…
    “Another of the most common tactics used is the injection of ‘humour’. He will turn everything into a joke, whether it is funny or not. Laughing at that which we do not understand often makes things appear less daunting, but it also makes us more passive and accepting.”

    Mr Hamer is cock on!

  24. To Danny:

    You mean you’re actually serious?

    If you are, then there’s nothing more to be said.

    I’d stop reading anything to do with that ‘well-known’ theorist Hamer (who he?) if I were you.

    We’re obviously dealing with a person here who is so well informed he should be advising the Western World on their National Security, methinks….

  25. Danny.I presume you mean Prof Hamer of Alfred E.Neuman University,Idaho?Does he have anything to say on adolescent potty-mouthed abuse?
    Serious readers might look at the judgement given by Mr Justice Gray in the libel action IRVING v.PENGUIN BOOKS and LIPSTADT.(11th April,2000).
    Gray demolished Irving’s suit.Irving had arrogantly sued for libel.This hero of probity could not -or would not-pay his costs and was bankrupted as a result.

  26. I never knew Mad Magazine had a University in Idaho, but then again we can all learn something new every day.

    No doubt Conspiracy Theorists such as Prof(?) Hamer may have their say, fortunately most rational thinking people consign their postings to the nearest electronic dustbin.

    Ah, yes, the not-so-well respected “Historian” David Irving. Enough has already been said about him, he does not need to be ridiculed by anyone else, he brings enough of it upon himself. A chocolate teapot of a “historian”, a veritable Tom Thumb amongst giants far greater than he.

    He’s about as credible as a certain founder of a “Church”, the late L Ron Hubbard. But then again, he was a “war hero”, the people trying to break into the US Defence Building were only trying to rewrite history by replacing his original service record with a more impressive one?

    Of course, this is all lies, disseminated by the US Government….

  27. @lefley and Taylor

    You guys are funny! You can say what you want about Hamer but he nailed you two muppets perfectly. You even continue to reinforce his comments.

    Don’t forget Taylor, if you think 19 Saudi hijackers flew planes into the twin towers, you too are a conspiracy theorist. The difference between us is your theory needs a complete idiot to buy into it and my theory is the best fit.

    However, at last we have a response on Irving… Lefley says, “serious readers might look at the judgement given by Mr Justice Gray in the libel action IRVING v.PENGUIN BOOKS and LIPSTADT”

    I will put money on the fact that Lefley hasn’t read Mr Justice Gray judgement and would have glanced through the wikipedia page at most. Irving described the judgement as perverse and you will see why if you ever look into it. However, a brief background should give us a clearer lens with which to look at the trial.

    Deborah Lipstadt who is a particularly nasty, spiteful and decrepid jewess with an unhealthy penchant for bad wigs, was employed by various illicit zionist terrorist organisations like the ADL, ACJ and AIPAC. Her role was to spread lies and attempt to destroy his credibility through her books and lectures. She would arrive on campuses around the world with teams of military security to frighten her audiences and prevent anyone pulling her up on her crap. One day in Atlanta, Irving sneaked into one of her odious rants and in the Q&A exposed her lies to the students and even offered her $1000 if she could provide any proof to back her lies up. Mr Irvings mischief is a delight to behold.

    Game on! She then libelled him as a holocaust denier and Irving who had been under a particularly intense terrorist assault from the zionist devils, decided to fight back and issued the libel writ against her. Irving upto that point had held the view that terrible things happened to jews during the war but there was no evidence to support a systematic slaughter. As Mr Irving was the only historian to go through all the documentation, he was in a very good place to make these claims. The idiot Lefley thinks this is arrogance on Irvings part but Lefley is a prize dick.
    Mr Irving lost the case but for the first time evidence of massive systematic lies by the jews was put on record. Justice Gray himself admitted that he had always assumed there was documentary evidence supporting jewish lies about gas chambers and found himself horrified to discover there was absolutely none whatsoever. He also described Irving as the worlds most pre-eminent military historian, with a spectacular flair for finding, researching and uncovering new documentation and recognising their importance. He also said that he is the most widely read historian and his books have been translated into more languages than any other historian.
    This is not a disgraced historian, but a champion to mankind. Obviously, if you are a pro-zionist human hater you will consider him disgraced.
    As for the costs, well Lipstadt and her zionist backers spent £20 million on her defence whilst Irving represented himself so anyone who can pay those costs has too much money in the first place. It should also be noted that she paid her witnesses £100,000 each whilst Irving’s witnesses came for free. The trial was not about justice, it was about power. If Irving had been allowed to win, the whole zionist house of lies would have come tumbling down.

    A bloke once said, “Those that do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it”

    When i read about the last two world wars and i listen to everyone’s distorted understanding of events, i know WW3 is inevitable.

    Wake the fuck up Taylor and Lefley, mankind needs all the help it can get right now, because we are on the edge of something terrible and only because of our inaction.

  28. To: Emeritus Professor, Mad University, Idaho

    Nothing like a reasoned reply, is there?

    The end of the world is nigh, don’t you know?

    You are entitled to your own ever-increasingly crackpot opinions, I and Mr Lefley to our more reasoned ones.

    Go off and rant somewhere else, you ceased to be simply a bore ages ago.


  29. Irving thought he was an easy payday with the English Libel Laws.Gray gives a very thorough analysis and verdict. Sayonara from me too-potty mouth!

  30. So is that it!!! Irving is a laughing stock because he lost a fixed libel suit against a jewess and a judge, both of whom insisted on wearing bad wigs throughout the trial.
    All that work and effort counts for nothing in your eyes…
    You have had years to put your arguments together and all you came up with was that! Do you feel shame or have you developed the ability to numb the pain away. If i had put together such a week offence, i would be rolling around a gutter, banging my head against the floor, unable to show my face to the world ever again, in shame.
    Didn’t one of you claim to have attended Bede’s. What on earth happened to you? The people i went to school with didn’t seem the type to pass that crap off as work in their name. It must have been a simpler world in those days, eh!

    At least we all agree on one thing


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