The Shit, The Fan And The Fallout.

Well the shit is definitely hitting the fan and the fallout from it all will be massive and dangerous as the ordinary people fired by the alternative media are about to take on the government and their tools, the police, the armed forces and the gooks in the security services.  Heads will roll on both sides both physically and metaphorically.

The trigger of course was the article in last Sunday’s Mirror newspaper.  The mainstream media have recently been tickling at the edges of this paedophile problem in high places but the Sunday Mirror, on the urging of a one time Conservative party activist whistle-blower, named names, dates and locations of paedophile activity at Conservative party gatherings round the country where young boys were procured, fed alcohol and shagged by the so called guardians of this country.

Watching the events unroll over these last few days it is obvious that the tide has definitely turned.  The Sunday Mirror named not only historic grandees like Sir Keith Joseph who died 20 years ago but living , breathing and actually in office types like William Hague and Kenneth Clarke as being participants at these parties and lo and behold 24 hours later they both resigned.  Hague in the Foreign Office said he wanted to retire to his home at the disgustingly young age of 53 to play the piano and write a book and Clarke has decided to go gardening.  Both fielding interviews from the main stream media better than the finest actors of the London stage.  Straight faces and little jokes abounding.  Both men have been under suspicion for sometime in the alternative media along of course with other Tory Grandees. Clarke for rattling young chaps bollocks and Hague for his strange choices of bedfellows and living in a certain block of flats where young boys were sent to tickle fancies of the great and good.  But now both men have now been wiped off the face of the earth both being told to fall on their penises after whistle-blower Gilberthorpe decided to come clean.

With Butler Slosh resigning yesterday in the face of overwhelming criticism and the fact that the government and the fact that the government had no Plan B only cover up of this paedophile atrocity, a group of people met in London last night and discussed the problem for hours.  The upshot was that this group of decent folk, a mix gathered from the legal, political and business spheres, some trustworthy senior policemen and a sprinkling of main stream media types and propped up by all the biggest names in the alternative media decided to hold their own Inquiry, which is what all concerned want.

There is going to be no delay in this alternative Inquiry and all the people on it will be free from any establishment ties.  Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash Films came on the radio this morning and invited onto the panel, Robert Green, the folk hero of child abuse after his martyrdom by the Scottish legal system, having been imprisoned once on trumped up charges and a second time with no charges.  There will be no cover ups with these guys and girls and their findings will be out before even Butler Slosh’s descendents sit down for their first meeting.

This is all very serious stuff and the men and women forming this Inquiry will be in a very dangerous place.  A barrister rang Bill Maloney this morning and told him that a contact had informed him that they were both on a hit list and told Bill to watch out for himself.  The security force gooks have no concern for life and anybody who gets in their way is usually suicided.  Bill has pleaded for victims of institutional sexual abuse to come forward.  Everybody can sense the beginning of the end for these people who have tainted British life for the last 50 years and more.  So I advise the gooks to back off, they are only on wages and gooks sit both sides of the fence.

Let us wait and see what pillars of establishment fall.  What a good time it is to be alive.

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  1. I think this alternative Inquiry should be crowdfunded – kickstarter, indigogo – this would help get it moving faster and get more publicity, which is what it’s going to need.

  2. The latest filth n scandal on the Rochdale / ‘Sir’ Sweltering Cyril Smith kiddie fiddling scandal cover-up:

    DS Jack Tasker interviewed Smith at a police station in the presence of his solicitor.
    “He was very, very nervous, and his last words when he left with his solicitor were, ‘This will kill my mother’,” he said.

    An independent and unbiased non-Masonic judge-led inquiry needed to subpoena witnesses and obtain documents in this latest Operation Dead Paedo Politician – but it’s gonna turn out another shambolic instance of scratching the surface when the likes of Janner and Brittan – and Uncle Tom Cobley – are above the reach of the law as it exists in this sick society.

  3. To Rusty:

    Yes, I agree re the less than Honourable Sir Cyril. I worked in Rochdale for nearly five years, 1978/82. I remember both Private Eye and RAP (Rochdale Alternative Press) publishing articles regarding his alleged abuses at children’s homes, as it was common knowledge in the area as to his odd proclivities.

    A bit more history here. The Fat Man threatened to sue, but never did. Incidentally, these articles were published around the time of the 1979 General Election and the Jeremy Thorpe trial. For the previous two years, Jim Callaghan had run a minority government, propped up by the Lib/Lab pact, in which Cyril was a major player (he was once a Labour councillor and Mayor, so still had contacts within the Labour Party). This may have been a reason for no action being taken at the time in the late 70s.

    Coupled with help from various magistrates and JPs, Cyril in Rochdale was as fireproof as Jimmy Savile, indeed if he had been supplied with an asbestos suit supplied by my former employers Turners (TBA) of Rochdale, he couldn’t have been more fire-resistant.

    Mind you, if he’d worn it, he’d probably have died sooner from one of the many asbestos-related illnesses which currently and in the future will sadly claim many lives, with its incubation period of up to 40 years. He was also a paid adviser to Turners, frequently attempting to down-play the dangers of this most harmful product. Yet another reason to dislike the man even more…

  4. To all:

    News this afternoon that the late Speaker of the House of Commons in the 70s, George Thomas, is alleged to have a abused a nine-year old boy. No trial there then, he’s been dead for years.

    Following the 650-plus arrests for people involved with paedophilia this week, I’d suspect there’ll be no rush to start investigating the alleged Westminster ‘Ring of Vice’ just yet, as currently there are very few officers assigned to it.

    Hopefully, once the dam gates break, there will be a deluge, but I rather fancy nothing much will happen before a certain date in May next year, as all political parties adopt a war footing for the forthcoming election….

  5. Jeremy Thorpe -as innocent as our dear Rebecca. Did “Rinka” die in vain? Or will the net be cast even wider…….?

  6. To Brian Lefley:

    Another ex-Bedian with too good a memory. Whatever happened to Norman Scott? Perhaps, if he’s still alive, he might wonder why he wasn’t lined up for suicide….

    I’d suggest all or nearly all incriminating evidence implicating the higher-ups has long since disappeared.

    Be prepared, however, for evidence pointing to the deceased and lesser known personalities coming to light, that seems to be the way these things work.

  7. OMG … ‘Robert Green, the “folk hero” of child abuse ….’ Yes, agreed THAT IS SHIT. This circus has gone epic with controlled opposition, some of whom openly support paedophiles or lack any form of credibility. So what kind of ‘Inquiry’ is likely to result? With the likes of Green and Big Marf ‘innit Baloney, little children and bereaved parents will continue to suffer. But hey guys, I’m sure the gullible ‘goy’ will make it worth your while as you’ll be calling for public donations, no doubt. Gotta earn a shekel or two, eh?

    Kevin Annett originated the idea of a peoples’ court and now these clowns take it upon themselves to represent ‘the people’? Bloody laugh, the self-righteous shills will likely ensure a complete balls up will come of it as per instruction. Sickening.

  8. To all:

    Nice to know that reasoned logic is the order of the day here. Perhaps the fact that there is controlled opposition to the idea, and that the opposition to it contains known abusers, isn’t maybe such a bad thing after all.

    No-one is suggesting here that it should become a free-for-all, but I, with my extremely limited knowledge and intellect, could figure out that it wasn’t a good idea to have Michael Havers’s sister heading the abuse investigation.

    Now the Houses of Shame have gone on their annual extended holidays, almost certainly nothing whatever will happen till Parliament returns in October. It makes you wonder if Butler-Sloss’s appointment wasn’t done with that in mind in the first place, but I fear that may be giving politicians credit for intelligence they rarely display.

    No, if this is to get off the ground, firstly there must be a legal framework of reputable people, with sufficient knowledge and ability, which rules out 95% plus of the occupants of the Houses of Parliament.

    Let’s not assume that this will be as big a disaster as the Government inquiry is shaping up to be. I’d argue, the fewer the politicians involved the better (I exclude Simon Danczuk in this), and let us move forward.

  9. To Paul Taylor. Norman Scott is still alive.The late Auberon Waugh published a scathing account of the trial for “Private Eye”. The whole affair was like a black Ealing Comedy!

  10. To Brian Lefley:

    If memory is correct, George Carmen got Jeremy Thorpe off. Mind you, he got Ken Dodd off for tax evasion as well.

    I remember the two Diddy Men mentioned in the court case – Diddy Pay and Diddy F**k.

    1. I used to drink with George Carmen’s father in a pub in Heaton Moor on a Sunday lunch time. A very decent splendidly dressed, little old gentleman, but he died on me. Does that put me in the thick of it.

  11. To Paul Malpas:

    This gets to sound a bit like Macarthyism, guilt by association, not at all what I intended. I’m not a sceptic, there are decent folk out there, I’d include you and myself in this, but there are people of definite specialist ability who are needed to bring this forward.

    Only last night on Granada, Don Hale, the award-winning journalist, was recounting how Barbara Castle gave him a dossier on Westminster paedos in 1984, when he was editor of the Bury Messenger, a free newspaper. The following day, the Special Branch boys came along and took the lot, warning him he would be in breach of the Official Secrets Act if he mentioned what had happened or tried to publish anything.

    Around the same time, he also received a visit from none other than Cyril Smith, warning him not to print the allegations, as Smith said they were all lies. Don said in the space of 10 seconds, the Fat Man turned from Mr Nice to Mr Nasty.

    If this looks like a conspiracy to cover things up, it almost certainly was. The fact that people will now talk about what happened shows the wind of change is blowing away the cobwebs, but there’s still a long way to go.

  12. To Paul Taylor-
    “we’re all going on a H.M,P. Summer Holiday-no more working for a year or two”………(allegedly M’lud!)

  13. Well Brian

    News has just reached me via the front page of today’s MEN that Alan Morris (of St Ambrose’s fame) will be going on any extremely long holiday – nine years to be exact, after being found guilty at Minshull Street Court.

    All press gaggings are off now, let’s hear what people now have to add, no sub judice crap to worry about any more….

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