Sardines In A Can

With the news of the latest horrific scandal to hit the Catholic Church in Ireland that of the thousands of deaths of young children in mother and baby homes around the country, the Catholic Church will surely have to think of throwing in the towel.  The Church had such a grip on the minds and hearts of people in the last two thirds of the 20th century and aided by nodding and consenting politicians, they could literally do what they liked to women and children.

The news of this debacle eventually came out from Catherine Corless, a local historian in the Tuam area of Galway.  She had discovered after years of intricate research that circa 800 babies had died at the Bon Secours Home in Tuam and had not been officially registered, this information allied to the discovery of a concrete tank full of skeletal remains of children in the grounds of the former home, led people to think that all was not well with the management of the Home.  Catherine had been trying for years to alert the Church to the problem but they insisted on keeping it quiet.  A similar cover-up to all the rest of the cover-ups made fashionable by the modern day Catholic Church.

News quickly followed of other mother and baby homes round the country and of missing children and unmarked graveyards, similar to the thousands of cillins scattered around the country.  Cillins were unconcecrated graveyards used for hundreds of years by the people of this country because the Church would not allow parents to bury still-born or unbaptised children in consecrated land.  The fathers of these poor children would go at the dead of night to these known places, dig a shallow grave and place their dead baby into the excavated ground and mark the spot with a rough stone.

This demeaning practice allowed by the intransigent Church was bad enough but there was something about these modern deaths that was a whole lot more sinister.  Old nuns and pharmaceutical companies started coming forward explaining the chemical trials on vaccination that were allowed by Church and State that took place in the 1940s and 50s, injecting chemical cocktails into children to see what effect they would have.  These vaccinations were meant for cattle, obviously children were more dispensable than cattle, they were being treated like rats in a laboratory.

Running alongside all of this new and cascading information were the trials being conducted in Brussels at the International Common Law Court of Justice, where the satanic practices of christian religions were being examined.  Last year the Queen of England and Pope Benedict XVI were found guilty of satanic rites and murder of innocents, and this year it is the turn of the new Pope, Borgoglio, Pope Francis, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Adolphus Pachon, the head of the Jesuits to be examined on similar charges.  Witnesses are coming forward testifying that they have seen these men invoved in the ritual murder of children at various sites round the world, where young children are sacrificed on an altar, their bodies dismembered and their blood drank.

Pachon immediately tendered his resignation and the latest news emanating from the Vatican is that the new Pope Francis is in bad health and might have to step down.  We might yet get a time harking back to the 15th Century when we had three popes treading the boards.

Back to Ireland where the Garda Siocana, alerted at last to the discovery of all these skeletal remains, had started their investigations even though these remains were first known about in 1975 after a group of young boys discovered this tank whilst playing.  The politicians sensing another political Armageddon and the newspapers, abiding by their political masters warnings, all kept quiet but eventually the trickle from the hole in the information dyke became a thundering torrent as information came pouring out.  The politicians still trying to back away from the public inquiry that was demanded saying they could do nothing whilst a Garda investigation was taking place.  The truth of the matter is that everybody was shitting themselves, everybody knew but nobody was saying, hearing or seeing.  The three wise monkeys were back in town.

Early news coming out of the Garda investigation is that the skeletal remains are of dismembered bodies.  The unconcerned are probably saying that the nuns cut up these young bodies so that they could be packed tighter into the confined space.  Sardines in a can you could say.

However the dutiful and I count myself as one of these suggests that these dismembered skeletons are the result of this satanic sacrifice that the Church is wholly and totally involved in.  It is a religion within a religion, a wheel within a wheel.  I think it is time you people, who still give their minds and money to the goodness of the Church, step back for a moment and examine yourselves and beliefs and get out of there as quick as you possibly can.  You are sitting on a timebomb, the clock is ticking and I hope you realise that to continue to connect to this blasted Church you will have the blood of thousands of children on your hands.

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