Rusty – The Bard Of Barlinnie

My mate Timothy Rustige was just getting used to the privations of HMP Grampian having been sent there by the obnoxious behaviour of a Scottish legal scumbag called Elish Angiolini, who perjured herself rotten in the Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court in February this year and her evidence was the cause of the swooning Sheriff Pile giving Rusty a nine month sentence for what is still not clear.  As I said Rusty was just getting used to the crap food served in child-like portions, the total inefficiency of the management regime and the anger management problems of the inmates when it all kicked off.

On the evening of 13th May 41 residents of C Block said enough was enough, refused to go back into their cells and spent the next 12 hours pretending to be demolition contractors.  They wrecked their brand new accomodation but finally stopped their shenanikins when the riot squad arrived.  It was a typical unfriendly riot that really served no purpose except to tell the world that they were pissed off.  The 41 are being questioned by the police, no doubt sentences will be lengthened severely.  He did say that  his nettle tea bags had been confiscated but somehow or another this brand new prison was chock full of drugs and that is what probably caused the riot.

The upshot was that it was decided to evacuate the prison with Blocks A, B and D about 300 prisoners being sent to other prisons round Scotland.  Rusty was in a batch of 70 sent to the hell hole called Barlinnie in Glasgow on 14th May.  Here he is locked up with a hairy arsed Jock for 23 hours a day with more shite food pushed through a hole in the door of the cell and allowed to wash every two days.  The worst of it is that is early release paperwork for tagging and hopefully having him out of there in June has now been stopped while the authorities have post mortems on the riot.

As Rusty says to me in his letter received this morning, “Obviously no word here on if or when we will, if at all, be transferred back to HMP Grampian, which really is Five star compared to this Victorian/Dickensian anachronism, Barlinnie.  A good century passed its shelf life expiry date, with 23 hours a day cell lock-ins and meals eaten in cells.  No single cell luxury here, double bunks, cramped cells and a shower every second day.  Razors and a shave on request.  A restrictive and frugal regime isn’t in it.  So it looks like a long and hard haul from here until August 11th, my release date.  Another 85 days in Dante’s Purgatory.  Such is the cost of exorcising moral rectitude, virtue and social conscience, exposing the crimes of a vile paedophile ring and their elitist protectors.”

My new address is:

Timothy Rustige -Prisoner No 134031.

HMP Barlinnie

A Hall – 3/23

81 Lee Avenue


G23 2QX


Rusty with all the time in the world has written a rap entitled “The Nonceland Rap” which he has asked me to publish which I do here:

Ya wanna go to Scotland, the raving nonce’s lair?

Kiddie porn and paedo rape is no big deal up there,

Protected by Speculative Society Masons, a culture of corruption

The ninth circle pederasts, and licensed underage seduction.

Little boys for sodomy and wee girls for three hole rape,

Convicted by their Sheriff pals, cop a probation dodge escape,

And them moralists that dare expose the magic circle’s crime

Get snatched by nonceland’s crooked plod squads every goddam time.

Aberdeen based satanist scum, none are very nice,

Sexual abuse of special needs kids and their bloody sacrifice.

This is their forte, the establishment’sBD/SM elite,

The Sheriffs, Police and Judges that dance to the heathen beat.

The Violate Club bum boys, the Ferryhill pederasts too,

 Despoil a child’s precious innocence, then prey on school kids new

For any age illegal, the youngest girls and boys,

Kidnapped, drugged, then abused as the new sex toys.

The necrophiliacs of Balmoral, within their ivory towers,

An untouchable Royal St. Clare cabal, wielding bent judicial powers,

The Buchanans, Dragons and Majors, all are vile pariahs,

Who rule by blackmail, bribery and violence, to sate bestial desires,

Their number might be legion, but all are named and known,

The nonces and protectors, omerta identities duly blown.

So where is the public outcry, for the next might be their child?

Snatched as blood tributes to Lucifer, once they’ve been defiled.

Alas our craven media and cowering stooge politicians,

Covering up venal crony sins in the grandest of traditions.

Our society is debauched, our once sceptred isle grown sick,

Ruled by a ring of paedo pervs who pull every legal trick

To avoid arrest and punishment, and life in a jail’s cell

May this inbred elitist scum yet feel the fires of hell!


So the boys got talent, but I always thought he had.  We will have to make it the anthem of our cause.  God bless Rusty, let his sufferings not be in vain and with that comes the news that the Crown Office have lost their appeal against Robert Green and as I write he is packing up in Perth for his long journey home.


3 thoughts on “Rusty – The Bard Of Barlinnie

  1. How can they punish an innocent man even more? Was bad enough with the conviction but to be put in this volatile cesspit aint right. He is of no risk and not this move will decrease his safety and wellbeing.

    Good news on robert at least the crown pedo squad’s reach doesn’t go that far.

  2. “Snatched as blood tributes to Lucifer, once they’ve been defiled.”

    They use the blood for their passover Matzos and then dump the child’s cadaver into the meat chain for us to eat.

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