Robert Green, A Prisoner Without Trial.

This morning I have just had an urgent message from Aberdeen that Robert Green, the Warrington man in Perth prison since 12th February, is in a poor condition.  Robert, who has not been given a trial, has been deteriorating for nearly a month.  It took the prison authorities a week to bring in a doctor who suspected angina and gave him some medication which does not seem to be working at all.  This friend of mine said he went in to see him yesterday and he said he looked ghastly.  Robert himself said he did not feel at all well.  He has had no proper tests carried out that anybody with suspect heart conditions would normally have and I consider the prison authorities are not acting in his best interests.

Robert has committed no crime, he is locked up on trumped up charges at best.  All he has done is speak out against the abuse of children in Scotland and in particular a paedophile ring in Aberdeen that goes to the top of Scottish society.  He is an out and out good guy who has been refused bail, whilst murderers, rapists and gangsters of all description roam our streets on bail.  As he says in his letter to me written last weekend “there is still no imminent prospect of my release, even given the deterioration in my health… whilst Stuart MacFarlane, Liam Gibson, Douglas Haggarty and Denis Mackie etc, etc.

Stuart MacFarlane was an assistant in Elish Angiolini’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service when she was Lord Advocate of Scotland.  He was found shagging a prostitute down a back alley in broad daylight by two police officers, in attempting arrest the two policemen were injured and MacFarlane ran off.  Later the police raided his home and found thousands of photographs of child sexual abuse on his computer.  The case came before Angiolini who thought it not in the public interest to proceed with. MacFarlane was quickly removed from the scene and is now in some NATO office in the Middle East.

Ian Gibson, who owns Gibson Marine which transports oil rigs around the world, was found to have 49809 images of the worst child abuse on his computer when police raided his home in Midlothian.  On bail, he came to court, pleaded guilty and the Sheriff gave him three years probation.

Douglas Haggarty, who is Head of Legal Services for the Scottish Legal Aid Board was caught shagging an underage rent boy in a public toilet in St Enoch’s Shopping Centre in Glasgow, one Saturday afternoon in 2009.  The case came before Angiolini, who said there would be internal punishment, the case did not come to court.  What that discipline was we do not know.  Haggarty is still in his job at SLAB.

Denis Mackie is Hollie Greig’s father and a leader in the Aberdeen paedophile ring that Robert has been trying to expose.  Hollie is a Downes Syndrome girl who eventually told her mother that her father, brother and lots of her father’s friends had been raping her since she was six or seven until her mother fled to England with Hollie when the girl was about 20.  A doctor found she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme awarded her £13,500 for injuries received.  None of the named ring have ever been questioned by the police and Denis Mackie and his son fled to Portugal where it is presumed they still are.

Robert Green has not committed a crime in his life has already served three months in prison in 2012 for his outspokeness in this case and is now well into his third month of detention with no trial and still no crime, only the one the Scottish authorities are at this moment trying to think up.

If this is not the biggest flagrant breach of human rights ever, I don’t know what is.  Robert is possibly dying, with nobody in authority caring and I think Alec Salmond and his cronies are possibly willing on his demise.  Brian Souter of Stagecoach take note, these are the people you are bankrolling.

Please write to whoever you can and pass the word round about this grave injustice.  The Law has it is perpetrated by these evil people in Scotland is a complete and horrible mess.




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