A Letter From Timothy Rustige.

Just received my first letter from Timothy dated 28th March 2014 but not received until today 4th April 2014.

Dear Paul and Helen,

So hopefully Lee has either phoned or e-mailed you with the news of the sentencing hearing.  A pre-determined sentence of nine months – out around 13th July 2014 – for exposing Angelo Dundee Cake’s insidious and corrupt links to the Hollie Greig scandal cover-up since 2000 – plus being suspect in launching a disparaging expose campaign against the dodgy Dame on facebook and sending her “Appreciation Society Fan Club” a stream of revelatory e-mails, Oh yes, under Scottish Law (Sheriff Pyle’s version) – an IP address is a person.

Well, the co-founder of Prisoners of Conscience International is now one himself – in a very “foreign” Third World sort of place.

Obviously Sheriff Pyle frurther took a very dim view of my blog writings – his own words – and my lack of respect/disdain/kowtowing to authority and the corrupt establishment that deems to rule over us.

All very Stalinist era “thought crimes” – Orwellian indeed.  But it is only nine months in this gulag and I wasn’t forced to recant my views and low opinions of our political elitists – nor drink hemlock like Socrates before me.

If you would circulate this information and my contact details via your blog and e-mail our group – the likes of David Icke/Chris Spivey etc – I sent you the list – it would be appreciated:-

Prisoner No 134031, Timothy Rustige, HMP Grampian, South Road, Peterhead, AB42 2YY, Scotland.

So my thoughts are with your stand against Irish Water and The Battle of the Stopcock – nice one – and I hoppe to hear from you during my sojourn in this “Correctional Institution” – some chance of that happening with me – just serves to make me mopre determined and Bolshie to overthrow the established order of things and usher  in “our” New World Order – not theirs.

Best regards


Well everybody who reads this should send Timothy a letter it is his only contact with the outside world and if you cannot think of anything to write just put a few envelopes and a couple of stamps in an envelope, whilst prison paper is available, stamps and envelopes are not.

Timothy, like Robert Green, is a Prisoner of Conscience.  For thirty years firstly in the Philippines and for the last decade in England he has been trying to help those incarcerated for their political thought and Scotland the Not So Brave have made him one.  What silly men and women they are.  A martyr in the hand is worth 10 heroes on the streets and Scotland has now got at least two martyrs.  When the shit hits the fan the State Of Scotland will be sprayed with shite from arse hole to breakfast time and hopefully stearic Salmond and adiposed Angelo Dundee Cake (Timothy’s own endearing name for the syphlitic scumbag that is Elish Angiolini) will then get a taste of their own brutality.

Pyle’s Law puts a new meaning to the word justice with him classing an IP address as a person and for saying Rusty’s Skewed News Views showed a lack of respect for authority.  Lack of respect and the form of authority we are seeing these days cannot but go hand in hand.

I have sent him two letters this week, the envelopes stuffed with envelopes, stamps, copies of my blogs and the blogs of others and any interesting information I came across.  You can all do the same.

8 thoughts on “A Letter From Timothy Rustige.

  1. I will now start sending what I can to Rusty as Ive been hearing about him via Robert Greens campaign I had seen Rustys Skewed News before so have been following updates…
    Stay strong & Good Wishes from the Isle of Wight

    1. Thanks for your good wishes, I have just received another letter from Tim and he is in fine form. He has a brand new individual cell with shower and toilet, a bit like a holiday camp but the food is rubbish, My daughter was going to send him a Fortnum and Mason hamper but when she enquired, they refused on Healty and Safety grounds.

  2. Hi,

    I spoke to Tim yesterday as i stay in Peterhead and he said to leave a comment here as he can not get the tea bags or mueslie bars sent in. He is ok and keeping busy with exercise and has a tv with c/d player so he can watch some films and has some books to read. Also people should only post him stamps that are on an envelope. He is happy that he has had over 100 letters worldwide 🙂

    1. Thanks Paul for visiting Rusty. I knew of the restriction on three dimensional mail but I put some nettle tea bags in an envelope, I just hope they got through.

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