Smart Meters A Step Too Far – Part 3

Well would you Adam and Eve it, instead of a visit from Irish Water, this morning I received a visit from the bold Garda Siocana.  A very nice chap as they have all been who have knocked at my door.  He said he had received a complaint from a man over in Mayo that in his opinion I was blocking the footpath and stopping his men carrying out their work and would he go out and tell me to move my vehicle.

Now I understand very well that it is an offence to block the public footpath but it is also my opinion that landcruiser is parked on my land and does not block the footpath but that there is a slight overhang which happens to fall over my stopcock.  I also told him that we could walk around Boyle any day of the week and find worse violations of this law, to which he agreed.  I told the nice guard that I had other reasons for parking my vehicle there and I gave him part 1 of this blog which I posted the other day.

The guard said he would like  to take it away and read it.  I told him straight away that, just like I told eflow last week, that my prison of choice was Castlerea so that my loved ones could easily visit and he assured me that it would not come to that but I don’t know.  That 80 odd year old lady, D’Arcy was thrown into the Joy for less and did three months because she could not guarantee not to walk round the perimeter of Shannon Airport.

Away went the nice guard and I waved him off saying we would meet again soon.  It strikes me Irish Water are bullies intimidating me with the garda but if something sharpens my appetite for a fight, it is the presence of bullies.  However the rest of the day passed quietly with only the news that whilst the Garda Siocana and I were chatting, my daughter and her children in England were being hassled by the Bailiff, who invaded her property wanting unpaid parking fines paid.  With one smart lash of the tongue they were out on the footpath where she stuck two fingers up to them and not only that but she filmed the episode as well and put it up on You Tube.  It really does look as though parking fines are a thing of the past.

I was in town when the Sierra man came back at 11.30 and he told the lady that they were coming there to do the work whether Landcruiser was there or not and the lady seemed to take that as a threat and was rather excited when she contacted me.  I returned and met the man, it was the same man I had met on Day 1, a supervisor for Sierra, calm but with eyes that registered nothing but deadly intent,  He said he had orders from Irish Water to put in our new stop-cock and put it in he will whether Landcruiser is present or not because orders are orders.  I told him that was the Nuremberg defence which did not seem to register so I explained.  He said the gang was coming shortly.

On cue they came, two vans, two mini-diggers and equipment and four men and decided straight away that progress could not be made.  They went into a huddle with old deadly intent and proceeded to put out the pedestrian barriers around trusty old Landcruiser and they sectioned off an area of the road to provide an alternative footpath.  It looked very pretty and Landcruiser seemed to be preening herself at the attention she was getting.  Then everybody got into their vans and went back  presumably from whence they came.  I took the lady’s car and picked a friend up from Knock and on return some two hours later was met by a man who called himself Creighton from Irish Water.

Another reasonable chap, we talked in and around the subject, I gave him Part 1 of the blog which set out my reasons, we discussed Health and Safety issues on which he seemed a little sensitive but after twenty minutes there was no progress.  He left saying that the Garda were organising to have Landcruiser removed, I thought that was a little threatening and that was that for the day.  Peace and solitude and red and white barriers reigned and Day 6 came to a close.

I e-mailed Irish Water attaching Part 1 of my blog giving the reasons for my actions and now my case has been ramped up from 0767144998 which I received a month ago when I told them I did not want a smart meter.  It is now 7961295050 which must mean they are seriously on my case.  Well Day 7 looks as though it is going to pass as the quietest days so far, not a murmur or phonecall from anybody but it is always quiet before the storm.  Like the British Army in the trenches I aim to stand to at dusk and first light in the morning, a normal time for a surprise attack.  However Landcruiser seems happy surrounded by a garland of barriers.

Well we are well into Day 9 and everything is very quiet, not seen a dickey bird since Day 6.  However I tell a lie because yesterday, I saw two grouse up in a tree outside the house, Mrs Grouse flew off, probably a lover’s tiff but Mr Grouse stood his ground or branch.  He looked magnificent, his long tail feathers marked him out as a man who knew what he wanted and was just waiting for it to happen.  Perhaps not a tiff, she had probably gone home to make Mr Grouse’s dinner and also to prepare herself for some post-prandial nookie.

Anyway we are in a deep state of shock.  Yesterday my mate, Timothy Rustige was sentenced to nine months imprisonment in HMP Grampian for daring to suggest that the shit-bag Elish Angiolini, ex Lord Advocate of Scotland, was a coverer up of paedophile activity in Scotland.  It is a long story and I will not bother you with it but Timothy, a 65 year old pensioner, has never been in trouble in his life but gets nine months for something as trivial as calling her a twat.  Methinks Alex Salmond and his cronies are running scared in the run up to the elections and they do not want the Hollie Greig story to come out or the fetish club, Violate, that most of the Politicians, Sheriffs and other legal types are members.

Perhaps Irish Water might do the same to me because of my gross act of public disobedience, that of parking my car on my land.

2 thoughts on “Smart Meters A Step Too Far – Part 3

  1. Your excellent blog re Robert Green featured on UKColumn News today and it was given a good airing. I sense we, being all the honourable folks in the alternative media, have now decided that fear of criminal authority running amok in these islands and against truth speakers is no longer a serious consideration. I am now past caring, if I am to be punished for speaking truth, so be it. The fraud and corruption is now an epidemic. It is now common practice that folks who speak out will be attacked vociferously by our own public servants, they need to be sacked and if involved in criminal practice against any members of the public they must be jailed and lose all pension rights and assets gained during their criminal career.

    How they have treated Tim Rustige and Robert Green should be plastered all over our MSM, but they are currently part of the problem. If they, the MSM, are to make amends they need to do it before it is too late for redemption.

    On Wednesday I attended, with 70+ other good folk, at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court to witness another innocent man, Nala, (Alan Hutton), being found guilty of a non-crimes and remanded in custody for 4 weeks in Kilmarnock Prison. Nala with no criminal convictions ever recorded against him. Even if he had committed any of the motor-related offences and been found guilty he would be entitled to expect a fine and penalty points on his licence.

    This is justice in Police State Scotland.

    I hope landcruiser man does not end up in Castlerea, but like Nala, Robert and Tim and many other good folk there will be a captive audience to share a few truths of the NWO type.

    Hold Fast, Jim Graham.

    1. Jim,
      Read my blog of today, all is not lost in Scotland, The Scottish Law Reporter and The Firm are responding and putting out the message in time most MSM will follow but by God it is bad up there but I doubt if it is much better in England. I saw Gerrish’s piece, nice to be recognised I suppose.

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