God Bless Robert Green

These bastards north of the border must be shitting themselves, they have just refused Robert Green bail for the third time and in his absence.  He has now been arrested since February 12th and no sign of release, they can hold him for 110 days I understand before bringing him to trial on an indictment of breach of bail conditions.  The man is 68 years of age next Thursday and has never been in trouble in his life, is only crime was stepping into Scotland.

All he has ever done was to support the claims of a young Downes Syndrome girl who was raped by her father and a ring of paedophiles in Aberdeen.  Why this act of clemency should raise the ire of the Scottish legal scum is beyond me, unless of course they are trying to protect that shit bag Govan whore Angiolini.  She who can see perverseness within her midst but refuses to bring it to trial as it is not in the public interest but can bring to trial an innocent Englishman for telling it how it was.

Without a doubt Salmond and his cronies are working on the premise that if there is truth you do not want out, the best thing to do is bury it, preferably in Perth or perhaps later in Peterhead.  The referendum is approaching, the polls are not suiting SNP, if this business of a paedophile protecting government came out it would blow  their plans sky-high.  I beg all you decent people in Scotland, there are enough of you reading this blog by now, to go out and spread the message with everybody you meet.  Tell them that their nonce protecting government is not worth the pickings off my arse.

I just pray to the prime mover who some of you call God to help this man in his hour of need.  If you want to know more on this subject google Hollie Greig.

Fresh news in this morning from Prisoners of Conscience.  The indictment against Robert is for a breach of a Non-Harassment Order which occurred between December 2012 and January 2014, so it has little to do with the “perpetual interdict” Angiolini managed to slide through the courts in December 2013..  There is a list of “victims” or complainants on the charge sheet but as yet we do not have these but we can guess that Dragon, Royal and Major et al feature highly.  These three women are named abusers of Hollie Greig but have never been questioned by the police and won’t as long as Angiolini has breath in her much ravaged body.  These three and others if they did not know it are also stooges of Angiolini because when the day push comes to shove, the eye-tie scot will shit on them from a great height.  She certainly cannot be proved to have hand nor heart in this persecution of Robert.  It shows how these legal types can mould and shape the law to their own particular purpose.  If only a decent sheriff would turn up when it is Robert’s turn to stand.  But is there one in Scotland?  Any way if there was he would be sent to the Outer Hebrides, Robert’s guy will be hand picked just like Pile was for Timothy Rustige. 


5 thoughts on “God Bless Robert Green

  1. Odd part there Paul is the fact that Robert was not on bail for any past offence so how the hell can the charge / indictment be one of ‘breach of bail conditions?
    Okay, if the charge is one of breach of the non-molestation order – the Interdict – for badgering the BBC with protests over Angiolini’s guest slot on Desert Island Discs – then that’s another huge can of worms as Lord Bannatyne granted serial complainant Angelo Dundee Cake the interdict even though Robert continued to be denied legal aid by SLAB and Lords Glennie and Stewart had previously refused to hear Angiolini’s petition for the interdict until legal aid was awarded and Robert had qualified legal representation.
    We know the truth though – the PTB wanted him – and Rusty – remanded and silenced before they named and shamed the executive, legislative and judiciary members of the Glassie and Edinburgh Violate Clubs. Hence why both guys were snatched in the same week by Police Nonceland’s Grampain thug brigade.
    Taklk about Kafkaesque manipulation and cesspit corruption – Salmond and his SNP dog n pony show want hoofing out.

    1. Regarding the indictment, that is what Brian Gerrish put up on the screen at the time it happened about two weeks ago. Would Robert not have certain conditions attached to his early release two years ago. It is no use arresting Robert and Timothy because they supposedly know the membership list of the Violate Club because by now every man and his dog know who these perverse legal types are. Everybody is just waiting for when the day is ripe to unfurl the banner.

  2. Nope, Rusty n the Prisoners of Conscience team created such a stink n hullabaloo with Holyrood and got Robert released on licence after 3 months of his 12 month sentence – and he had to wear an electronic tag for another 3 months – but all court restrictions were off after 12 months from the original sentencing date – and that fell in February of 2013.

  3. Are we sure? Oh yes. We are sure. The paperwork is with us – albeit in Cloud Storage. These Philistines are after silencing any and all who might have the actual ‘key’ to exposing their indiscretions – and kiddie fiddling crimes – and more importantly still, their involvement in the ritual sacrifice of the bairns they’ve abused.

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