The Joys Of Old Age

I will for a while just turn to my favourite subject, old age.  A glorious and much under-rated state to be in and after all it is our 41st wedding anniversary and she is still here so I cannot have been to bad but at the same time I could have been better.   At what other stage in your life can you say what you want, do what you want and write what you want, without fear of losing your job, losing your children or losing your teeth.  At no other stage can you generously put two fingers up to everybody and everything and not worry over the consequence.  These thoughts have been brought home to me sharply of late watching social services and the police go round sectioning mothers and taking children into so called care away from their parent who did nothing else but stand up for what they thought was correct.

Young parents today are thoroughly under the cosh from the said social services who are on a bonus for the number of children they can snatch off parents.  I have read somewhere that each social worker has a limited company into which they channel these bonuses.  Each young parent is warned by their local head-teacher if they do not seek permission to absent their children from school or do not vaccinate their children.  From birth to majority the parent is threatened by doctor, by nurse and by teacher.  Why should the medical people, serfs of Big Pharma, think they know that it is best to fill children up with a cocktail of chemicals, containing god knows what and certainly nothing that is good.  Why should teachers think they own the pupils and not be temporarily loaned them by parents.  The present day illiteracy of children leaving school at 16 is a constant reminder of how poor the education system has become and how important it is for parents not to feel cowed but there is this all consuming fear of losing their child or children to the state and watching them disappear down the plughole of plutocracy.

Whereas in the past the role of the pensioner was to sit there, say nothing and wait for death, they are now slowly but surely finding their voices, starting to stamp their feet, starting to stand up and be counted, starting to be a voice for reason and also anarchy.  The modern day pensioner is the new student, no ties, no encumbrance, just plain speaking, whilst the student nowadays is diminished , weighed down by grinding debt.  The present day pensioner is the freest, best educated section of people in the free world and is not inured by the threats of present day government or beurocracy, tied down by nothing but their consciences.  All they want is fair play.

Unfortunately in this stinking world we live in, fair play is an uncommon reality.  The psychopaths have a grip on the universe and have been allowed to strengthen it, but gradually the voices of the supposed senile are being heard and are being listened to.  Why is it that the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary are running scared, the three branches of government that are supposed to be separate but are now conjoined, in fact they have morphed into one single unit, infested by psycopaths, paedophiles and Common Purpose nudgers who are in one or other or both camps.

Why else for example is Scotland jailing Robert Green and Timothy Rustige for daring to speak about paedophile rings in Aberdeen that are linked to Government, when the overwhelming evidence suggests that to be the case.  Two Cheshire pensioners flung in the cells for speaking their minds about injustice.  Two Cheshire pensioners who are about to take on the role that Jean d’Arc does in France.  Two Cheshire pensioners willing to become martyrs for a cause, willing to say that the raping of a Downes Syndrome child is not OK, willing to say that satanist cults are roaming the country unchecked and that in fact it is these satanist cults that lust after this type of rape and are full of members that are helping to run this country.

Here are a list of names published recently in the Alternative Media of satanists given to Chris Sivey  by a survivor of this depraved cult.  The list is massive and I am only picking out the headliners.  There are many many more known to others with that Germanic dynasty, the Royal Family taking pride of place.

In no particular order:-


But I was asked to remove them by my nearest and dearest because they were scared of what these people might do, quoting the death of L’Wren Scott yesterday has an example.  I objected because it is only by naming these people and others of their ilk will we ever rid ourselves of their cankerous weight on society.  But because their fears seemed real to them and from the heart, I hesitatingly went with them, but if any reader would like the list I will send it to them willingly.  It is a list of a not so good bunch of guys and girls and the Queen certainly surrounds herself with them

Is there any wonder that this lot are running scared and absolutely frightened of Messrs Green and Rustige and a whole host of writers on the Alternative Media.  What is published one day on the Alternative Media is published next week in the main stream media.  Look at Harriet Harman and the other Labour bint and PIE, their story was told over a year ago but only picked up by the Mail recently.  So is it any wonder I feel pleased and powerful, us old fogeys have never had it so good.  Certainly my nearest and dearest cannot and will not push me into the chair in the corner in future.

I have added this piece on two weeks after I published the above when I read of this international financier, Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed for a year, a little light perhaps if you consider his crime was keeping underage boys and girls on his island, Little St James, Off St Thomas’s in the Caribbean.  These kids were kept imprisoned and were there solely for the gratification of his friends who used to enjoy their satanist pleasures on their visits which were often.

Jeffrey’s friends included Hilary and Bill Clinton, one woman at the trial, Cathy O’Brien, testified that she had to go muff diving on Hilary and that Bill was a regular visitor, charmed by the young under-age girls available.

Donald Trump, Senator George Mitchell of Northern Ireland fame, Ehud Barak, Sir Evelyn Rothschild and his daughter, Hannah, were all regular visitors.  Naomi Campbell, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Palumbo, Toby Young, Dame Gail Ronson and Sir Anthony Bamford of JCB fame used to pop in occasionally.  Prince Andrew is and was a great friend, he used to visit with a large chested blonde who said she was a brain surgeon.  Not much to work on there then.  That lovely Labour politician Lord Peter Mandelson, partnered by his Brazilian bum chum, Reinaldo used to treat the place like home.  It was a satanist holiday camp, these that rule certainly know how to enjoy themselves.  Wake up world and let us do something about them.

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