The Sentencing Of Timothy Rustige.

The time is getting closer to the sentencing of Timothy Rustige, which will be in the Sheriff’s Court in beautiful masonic Aberdeen.  The date is fixed, March 27th at 10.00am for another massive miscarriage of justice, an everyday event of course in polluted, abuse ridden Bonny Scotland.

Timothy went down to Stretford on Monday to put himself through the ordeal of interview with local social workers so that theycould appraise him for a social report requested by the Sheriff, one Pyle, of the Crown Prosecution Service of Scotland.  Why he bothered was a waste of time for all involved as Timothy’s renowned defence team of Morrison/Moggach had told Timothy already that Pyle was going to give him the maximum under the court, of 12 months imprisonment, social report or no social report.  They also insolently warned him not to be stupid and do a runner.  Do they not understand that as a martyr he can do more damage inside than he possibly could thousands of miles away.

I know I am repeating myself but can any sane person see the point of locking up an old age pensioner for making the broad of beam, split-arsed bitch,  the empty, arid, insipid, farrago of a woman, Dominico’s scourge, Elish McPhilomy Angiolini, feel unmotherly and not very happy.  When all round the streets of Scotland and England as well for that matter, there are murderers, rapists, thugs and thieves all walking round on bail with hardly a care in the world.  Especially when that same insipid toss-pot of the judicial system of Scotland, Angiolini, had said that the head of the legal aid system in Scotland, Haggerty, could walk free after being caught in a public toilet shagging an under-age youth and that one of her co-prosecutors at the Procurator Fiscal’s Office in Edinburgh, McFarlane, who while shagging a whore down an alleyway in Glasgow was surprised by two policemen.  In evading arrest he managed to injure the two coppers and flee.  Later when his home was searched they found thousands of photographs on his computer of children being abused.  Angiolini declared that it would not be in the public interest for these men to appear in court so they both got off Scot free to continue to pull their pricks out ad infinitum.  McFarlane was shuttled out of the country with the UN whilst Haggerty hid behind Angiolini’s burgeoning arse.

So why should this harridan, who is well known to the queen; they cosy up at meetings of privy counsellors, be able to wield such power when now two years out of office.  Well one thing is certain she was making a bit of a hames of her job as chief prosecutor and even a bigger mess in her position as Lord Advocate, that she had to go.  She had attained her high position though hardly educated but having been co-opted into common purpose where she was able to say yes to any proposition put to her, she became ideal as a govenment stooge.  Unfortunately as she rose she also learnt of the less than proper virtues of the great and good of Scotland, she knew of their vices, their crimes, their propensity to live on the dark side of life, their sins committed in the Violate club in Glasgow, she knew too much, outside of dropping her in the Forth with lots of weights the only other way was to protect her, give her a bolt hole, give her a title and this is what happened in very quick succession.  Her rise in status made her impregnable, she was able to join the rest of the shirt lifters, paedophiles and curried, smelly muffs that govern our day to day existences.  To hide her they had to make her one of the elite.  With one twitch of her massive arse she can send men to the gallows or the modern equivalent.  With her skirt off she can beguile the devil, a person along with the queen who she knows very well.

So during the sentencing procedure I pray that as many brave Scots can attend the Sheriff’s Court on that day the 27th of March 2014, I know my mate Malcolm will be there with his gang of braves and for those that cannot make it, make as bigger fuss as you know how wherever you are, fill the net with protest, write to as many people as you can and for those who do not know what I am talking about, google Hollie Greig, google Robert Green and google Timothy Rustige, all martyrs to injustice and illegality in Scotland.  It is time all good men and women stood up and conquered the evil that is within our midst.

And while I am about it Robert Green still languishes in Perth Prison, 30 days in solitary, and still not having seen his solicitor.  What kind of justice is that, the man has complained, he has pointed out how injustices abound in Scotland, he has not killed anybody, he has not raided a bank, he has not raped a child but he has pointed out who has and this worries them very much.  This makes the guilty scared and thus makes them carry out even more outrageous acts.  The end for these men and women is nigh.

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  1. Well stated Paul. Hopefully you are out of reach of the wrath of Dame Angelo Dundee Cake, or whatever her f*cking name is, lest she launch Interpol – or even worse – her Lockerbie coverup CIA cohort pals against you. Watch the skies for Reaper drones armed with Shitehawk missiles.

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