Robert Green’s Indictment On 10th March 2014

According to UK Column it was announced that Robert Green, languishing in Perth Prison in Scotland since he was arrested on 12th February, was indicted on a charge that “you (Robert Green) faces a petition alleging that you had contrvened Section 24a of the Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Act 1995…the matter is a solemn proceeding where ultimately you will face trial by Sheriff and Jury.”  So the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) have decided this is a serious criminal offence and will be tried in front of a jury with the Sheriff passing sentence if the jury can reach at least an 8-7 majority verdict.  If found guilty the Sheriff has the power to sentence Robert to five years imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

Now it does strike me that COPFS has been able to fix all proceedings Robert has been involved in, so it should be no problem finding 15 willing souls to stand as jury when only eight of them need fixing.  This procedure is different than Timothy Rustige’s trial last week which was tried under summary procedure which means that COPFS thought his crime was less serious and was tried by a Sheriff alone who only has the power to give  a maximum 12 month sentence of imprisonment or a maximum £5,000 fine.

As we all know Robert has been fighting for justice for Hollie Greig, a Downes syndrome girl, just over 30 years of age now but up to the year 2000 when she was 16, she had been savagely raped by a ring of top drawer Aberdeen paedophiles led by her father Denis Mackie and aided by her brother for a number of years.  On examination it was found that her vaginal area had suffered considerably and that she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.  Her mother Ann, on finding out of this abuse, complained to Grampian Police who tried to section her and the two women moved down to Shropshire for what they thought was their own safety.  Whilst in Shropshire Hollie received £13,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board but Grampian Police, now Scottish Police, refused to investigate the crime and Elish Angiolini, then Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen and later Procurator Fiscal for Scotland and then Lord Advocate refused to have anything to do with the matter.  Robert drew up a fund of proven evidence but still the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service refused to budge.  One of the named abusers was the local judge and another was the Chief Forensic Officer for Grampian Police who has conveniently died.

On top of all that Roy Greig, Hollie’s uncle, came across Denis Makie whilst he was raping his daughter and threatened him with exposure.  Two weeks later Roy was dead, found in a burning car in a remote area.  The police decided it was suicide even though there was evidence on his body to suggest he had been savagely beaten up.  His sternum, the strongest bone in the body was broken as well as a number of ribs and he also had facial injuries.  Again faced with overwhelming evidence the police refuse to open this case.

Robert was arrested and given 12 months imprisonment a few years ago and released after three months under strict bail conditions.  This recent arrest in February was obviously for a breach of those conditions.

Robert is a 68 year old Englishman fighting for justice for a then child, the COPFS is doing its best to cover up all the harm that has been propagated by the Legal Services of Scotland.  This cause of Robert’s and Hollie’s need supporting by everybody.  So all you good readers in England who follow this blog make yourself aware of the details of this case, it is all over the internet.  Tell your friends and relations, if there is any injustice in the world, this is it and it needs rectifying immediately.

13 thoughts on “Robert Green’s Indictment On 10th March 2014

  1. Yep, they’re dead set on silencing Robert and Tim too viz the Hollie Greig scandal. Tim’s just received a letter from his solicitor in Aberdeen advising him to be ready for a twelve month jail term when he appears before the Sheriff for sentencing on the 27th March.
    Ha, Alice in Wonderland and topsy-turvey world isn’t in it. The moral campaigners go to jail for exposing the kiddie fiddling scum that hold political sway in Scotland.

    1. Be brave lad, which I know you are, this pack of kiddie fudgers are not even worth the pickings of shite off my arse, but it does show you how minds are made up before Social Reports are available and it does show the fighting characteristics of your supposed defence team

  2. roberts sent a letter out saying there wir 3resons they arrested him one of them was in case he exposed the high rankin perverts at the s and m club and the other wis tae make sure he missed rustys set up trial

    1. They were never going to link him to the Violate Club or even Timoty’s trial, so they have him on this trumped up breach of bail

  3. If Mr Green’s allegations about a wide ranging paedophile ring are true why have no other victims came forward? Why have a number of people who Mr Green stated were victims came forward to say that he is telling a pack of lies?

    1. Because Mr Gough everybody up there is shit scared or been beaten into oblivion finacially and mentally by that gestapo/stazi state that rules in those once lovely glens. I am not joking either. I have spoken to down-trodden victims during my weeks stay and since. Living in Scotland has cowed many, many people with the executive, the legislature and the judiciary all joining up into one entity.

  4. If you had relatives who had died in Nazi concentration camps Mr Malpas, you would be less likely to tell ignorant and offensive lies about Scotland being run by Gestapo.

    Why do you have such a desperate need to believe such extreme allegations that you invent fantasies of mass conspiracies to rationalise a story which simply does not hold water ?

    1. I do not remember the Gestapo having much to do with the prison camps Mr Gough. As I have explained elsewhere, the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary are all pissing in the one pot in Scotland and that is not at all good for Democracy in Scotland or anywhere for that matter. It is already a nazi type state.

  5. Paul, remember just 3 years ago the curry hit the fan over Bede’s in a big way? Can you update readers as to the state of play over Bede’s 3 years later?

    1. I will Ken but just expand a little, is it the school or is it the case you want the state of play on.

  6. Paul your right on the money. Far too much factual evidence to be anything other than a monumental cover-up of paedo ring in Aberdeen. Scotland is littered with horrendous miscarriages of justice. Richard Gough, I remember a Rangers player by that name, and rumours circulated about him. Is this RG the same man? Anyway, RG if you have read all the info on HDJ you can only reasonably conclude that a cover-up has been constructed since Hollie told her mum in 2001.

    Furthermore, unless you have been a victim of a miscarriage of justice, you cannot possibly understand the effect it has on your life.

    The only reason that victims do not give up is they know they are right and unless they stand up to it, it will inevitably continue. A big part of victim recovery is becoming a survivor, no matter what the authorities do to you.

    You either right a wrong or wrong a right, the choice is simple, it all boils down to one or the other.

    Hold Fast, Jim Graham.

  7. Paul, probably the case. Where are they up to? Is the Court case moving forward? Will anyone get any satisfaction from the case?

    1. Ken,
      I did one on 7th March just gone setting the situation out as I saw it, the title started The Case against Duggan Salford etc. Is that not enough, if I say any more I will be stepping on the lawyers toes and they will not like that.

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