Happy New Year for 2014

A really happy new year to you all.  On Monday this week I wrote a piece very similar to this but on Tuesday, yesterday in fact, I found I could not access my blog.  Besides having written the Happy New Year posting on Monday, I had written about 2000 words in draft of my Morocco diary and I wanted to continue this diary.  All day Tuesday I tried to access the blog and all of a sudden at about 4.00pm I accessed it.  Imagine my surprise to find Monday’s posting wiped and the draft diary also.  I knew I had written them, it wasn’t a figment of my imagination because within 30 minutes of my publication, I received a comment from an Old Bedian in Australia which I still have in e-mail form and to which I replied.  I can only suggest dark forces are afoot.  I have to admit the article although gushing in its first few sentences became slightly anarchistic but surely not enough for Big Brother to stretch out his scrawny arm and wipe it and even less reason to wipe my diary.  So I am going to recreate the lot.  It will not be word for word but the message will be the same.  So here goes.

Well I am back after two weeks in sunny Morocco, having survived daytime temperatures of between 20-25C and not a drop of rain in my 15 day stay.  I am eager to start up my blog in this year of 2014 which all insiders agree is going to be a momentous year, a year of great social achievement, a year when many more people will learn what has been happening to them and a year when they start to react to the regulations and mind control that is being steadily and stealthily put upon them.

Governments will start to feel very uncomfortable and individuals like David Cameron even more so, having been found out so many times recently of trying to pull the wool over our eyes and in fact blatantly lying on important issues like the Help To Buy policy which was discovered to be a farce on Friday last. http://ilegal.org.uk/thread/8301/

The following I give you from a Gareth Icke tweet I received last week.  Gareth is a musician who started to realise the control dark forces have on the music industry and would have none of it.  Just try and imagine a company in the UK that has just over 630 employees and understand that we have dug up the following statistics from its Human Resources Department.  Of the 630+ on the staff, 29 have been accused of physically abusing their partner or wife, seven of them have been arrested for fraud and nine have been accused of writing out cheques that bounced.  17 of them have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least two businesses and three have been imprisoned for assault.  71 of these employees (nearly 12%) cannot get a credit card due to their bad credit history and 14 of them have been arrested on drug related charges.  Eight of them have been arrested for shoplifting and currently 21 of them are currently defending lawsuits brought about by previous dodgy dealing and 84 of them, that is 13% of them, have been arrested in the last 12 months for drink driving and collectively this year have wracked up an expenses bill 0f £92,993,748, which on average is £146,447 per employee.  Gareth is not making it up, the above information is gathered from accredited sources.  This is of course on top of their salaries of £250,00o – £75,000 depending on their position in the company and the monies received from various directorships in other companies and cash money they filch from other dodgy sources.  Unfortunately there is no accredited source to tell us how many of these buckos are involved in the crime of paedophilia, but it is a certain bet that 50% or more are tarred with that brush, for power is the lifeblood of these misguided hedonists.

Now if you know this of a companies employees and you are dealing with this company, surely your first thought would be to cut your ties immediately.  So you should do this now and have nothing more to do with them at all.  I suppose you are wondering who this company is and how could you get tied up with such a bunch of desperados as these.  Well it is the House of Commons, the biggest load of abusers, frauds, alcoholics and thieves gathered together under one roof in the country and we give them carte blanche permission to rape, rob, ravish and ruin us on a daily basis and we seem to accept it. Why?

David Cameron, our supreme ruler, who is part of this mob needs to come clean and accept what he is and what he has and close the company down immediately, it is a canker on our lives.  But we know he will not, he is making a nice living by lying and pulling in filthy lucre.  So we have to do it for him.  These bastards need money, they thrive on its existence, so turn off the tap, deprive them of this need in any way shape or form you can.  Do not be worried about repercussions, if you cannot do it loudly, do it discretely.  If enough of us do it they cannot bring us to court or imprison us because their system will break down.  Do not let this bunch of bastards continue to take control of our lives.  We are far better and stronger people than they think.  Sit down and consider and in some small or big way deprive this horrible cluster of their fuel.

On a more pleasant note and over the next week or so I intend to share with you my Moroccan diary, my observations of living in a muslim country, a very poor country but a country with lots of advantages over our own god-forsaken sceptered isle.  It should be a pleasant read with humour, appreciation and slight criticism woven through the text.  That is of course if Big Brother’s scrawny hand leaves me in peace.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year for 2014

  1. Good on you Paul, keep it going, perhaps one day we will all get it together and do something, and by the way I have heard Bishop Brainless is about to retire, thank God.

  2. To: Ancoats Man

    If God had would have had anything to do with it, Brainless would have gone a long time ago.

    Think more about my contemporary Bedian, Paul Goggins, MP, who sadly died last week at the age of only 60. I agree most of the MPs are chancers, but here is a a rarity – an M.P .who actually tried to do something to help the more disadvantaged in society.

    Like I repeat, a rarity. And then Westminster wonders why politicians are ranked lower than estate agents and tabloid newspaper reporters in the trustworthiness stakes…..

    1. It appears to be the answer for all those North Manchester people suffering the post Christmas blues. Was yesterday a record for arrests. Soon there will be nobody left north of Albert Square.

  3. Hang abaht, Paul

    As regards fracking, the location we’re talking about here is West Manchester (otherwise known as Salford), at Barton Moss, between Eccles and Irlam.- do not tar us North Mancs with the same brush, please.

    I wonder if fracking will solve all our energy problems, in the way Atomic Power was supposed to? Most experts seem to agree it will only have a minor impact, as the reserves would appear to be considerably smaller than had first been claimed, and certainly nothing like the scale on which extraction is taking place in the US.

    Also will someone explain to me the logical sense of burning oil and gas to create electricity, in so doing rapidly running down our North Sea oil reserves in a way that was never intended.

    I think the best reason put forward might be a complete lack of forward planning. But that’s only my opinion.

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