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As I have mentioned in previous postings there is a new television programme out called The People’s Voice (TPV), it can only be accessed from the internet here:  It runs 24/7 with some fantastic programmes on it featuring subjects that could never be aired in the main stream media (MSM).

It is the brainchild of David Icke and his mates, but do not start running away when you hear his name, David is now an accepted part of the revolution that is taking place in this world, where everybody can see what a shit job most governments round the world are making of their task in hand.  Never ever as the world been so full of angry people, all probably arguing about the things that impact on themselves. TPV is about gathering all this anger and joining it together in one vehicle with which to educate the people and attack the powers that be and all aspects of the Elite control over our lives.

One of the beauties of TPV is that if you miss a particular programme because of other commitment, you can always watch it again in the early hours, or on Youtube.  It is basically led by two fantastic journalists, Richie Allen and Sonia Poulton, who bring the art of proper journalism to the surface without the constraints the MSM put on free-thinking journalists today.  Richie is an Irishman from Waterford who has been steeped in independent radio journalism describing among other things the historic abuse system in Ireland by priests and Government officials in the parishes, schools, industrial schools and laundries. 

Sonia Poulton has been for many years a lone voice in MSM, desperately trying to bring social issues to the surface in a media that is gagged and dumbed down by its owners, the zionist elite who own 95% of the western world’s press and television.

The station has a programme for all dissidents, whether it be anti-government voices, anti-social services voices, anti-fracking voices, in fact anything the world is anti, this channel discusses in a calm measured way, bringing up facts and professional experts to shoot down the apochryphal official line on most things.

I was so mightily impressed with the two women on last nights show, Sonia and Sabine McNeill, a journalist and an all round professional good guy, expressing in a natural women’s way, their heartfelt disgust at the way Social Services up and down the country have become the new Gestapo.  How with the new powers invested in them by government they can now procure at will and temporarily fill the halls of local authority care by snatching children from their legal parents at the drop of a hat, or on a so called legal whim.  These children are introduced into the system, their parents served with a gagging order not to discuss their case with a third party under the threat of them never seeing their children again.  These children after a while disappear into the hazy world that we are all beginning to hear about as more and more of the Jimmy Savile revelations are reported.  God knows into whose paedophilic hands these innocents end up in.  This scenario happens on a daily basis so much so that I am sure these social workers are on a bonus per head of captured children.  The aim is not to nurture the family relationship but to get the kid into care as soon as possible.  The worst case I have heard of is this Italian woman, who came to England, looking for work, became pregnant, did not take medication for her bipolar disorder and had a breakdown.  She was detained under the Mental Health Act, kept in hospital for five weeks against her will and has she approached her time, she was sedated and forced to undergo a C-section without her knowledge. As soon as the child was lifted from the mother’s womb, the baby was taken into care by Essex County Council officials.  Even farm animals are given better dignity.  This case although not reported in the MSM is due to become an international battle with the Italian lady’s lawyer Brendan Flemming saying amongst other things that both mother and child should be repatriated to Italy.  The respected Liberal Democrat MP, John Hemmings, will be raising the matter in Parliament this week.

These types of stories raise their head all the time and TPV intends to bring them to a wider audience.  Whether your argument is about the fiasco of 9/11, or the absolute bollocks of a scenario like 7/7, or an argument about zionist anti-everybody feeling in the Middle East, or about Big Pharma taking possession of our lives by over-subscribed lethal cocktails of drugs, or what is the true story on Egypt, Libya, Syria and the half destroyed arab world, there is a programme for you and all processed in true journalistic style to give a balanced view.  They ask all the accused in these programmes to come forward and give their side in the argument.  So far nobody has challenged TPV’s view on any subject matter even though they speak in absolute contradiction of the official line, suggesting of course that the official line is not the line leading to the truth.

TPV are now attracting senior MPs, high ranking journalists and professional people in all areas discussed, who realise that at last there is a voice for right and against the murk of MSM and officialdom and that voice without doubt is TPV.  But all this expose costs money and TPV depend on donations to keep going whilst organizations and vetted commercials take up the slack.  TPV will not accept help from anybody with an agenda, the agenda belongs to TVP and the people.  They have a not for profit philosophy, long may they reign and educate us all, even the useful idiots out there who toe the official line without stopping and taking a deep breath.

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