The Truth.

I think that the main purpose for every intelligent human being on this planet is to seek the truth whatever and wherever that may be.  If we start with the premise that we believe absolutely nothing unless supported by obvious fact we are starting at the right jumping off point.  Clear your mind of everything you were taught at school and college, do not believe anything written in the media or shown on television and definitely do not believe two words of what a priest or other religious source has up its sleeve.  Start with a blank canvas and go from there.

History is bunkum, written by those who could write and who emerged on the victorious side of any conflict.  Basic  facts are the truth, mathematical fact is true, scientific fact might be true but is capable of massage by the unscrupulous.  Written fact without corroberation is more than likely not true.  So people must follow the fact line before arriving at the truth.  Some of you might say that is impossible but I say open your mind, start to think, start to analyse, sort the wheat from the chaff.

All I know is that I had a blank canvas and I am trying to fill it in with truth, trying to forget that for the first 67 years of my life I was fed the biggest load of codswallop ever, my only saving grace is the thought that you, the reader, have been fed as much if not more codswallop than me.

During the last couple of weeks I have written four blog postings on my questioning this position and examining one or two areas of modern day life that might, but more than likely, not be true.  The four postings being:-

1.) Building 7 – World Trade Centre At 9/11 published on18th October.

2.) Poor Dumb Fuckers published on 20th October

3.)Why Use Animals When You Can Experiment On Africans published on 24th October

4.) My Awakening published on 27th October

Article 2.) and 4.) received no comment at all presumably because nobody wanted to consider themselves a poor dumb fucker, and nobody wanted to think they needed awakening but 1.) and 2.) have received 25 and 41 comments respectively to date.  On the 25 comments on 1.) above, nobody disagreed with the message.  It seems everybody in the world now believes the official version of 9/11 was a travesty of the truth and everybody but the purveyors of the story believe 9/11 was a construct of the USA possibly helped by one or two outside agencies.  However 3.) above with its 41 comments did not attract the same amount of consent.  Some of the comments were on station but in disagreement with my central argument that AIDS is possibly an hoax but the argument quickly veered away from Aids to the Holocaust and it does seem even thinking about the truth regarding that circumstance is an anathema to most, with people immediately getting on their high horse and defending the taught version of events.  What I cannot understand is if people can accept that the Elite can produce 9/11 and its catastrophic consequence with war in Iraq, why could they not then have engineered the mass murder and mayhem in central Europe in the 1940s .  Most people seem to think that without a doubt Hitler and Germany were the sole purveyors of evil without thinking that they were only tools to be used.  The argument started to become personal and that is not wise when one person developing an argument is laughed at by others who should know better.

So I thought that I would step into the fray armed with my blank canvas.  I am always reasonable except when faced with stupidity and negativity.  I accept nothing I have been taught, I am willing to learn and the more I learn the more I believe we are being fed crap and fed it from our first days of life.  Nothing taught it seems to me is true, so I listen to facts and follow the line and see where it brings me and it has brought me to strange places that are poles apart from the stuff that is fed to us in school, at college and daily in the media.  Unfortunately so few people want to start with this blank canvas, they do not want to think, sometimes it is too difficult and to be fair the Elite have made sure their slaves are kept busy and do not have time to think.  They accept the crap and become zombie-like in their attitude and thoughts.

I once again ask everybody to read John Hamer’s lengthy tome The Falsification Of History: Our Distorted Reality for the clear incisive way he ploughs through taught history using all the known facts at his disposal.  You might not become a convert but by heck it will start to make you think.  It is as I say a long book so give yourself time to read it and to help here is an excerpt from pages 427 and 428 of the book which sums up some of the things that have happened in the comments section of the aforementioned 3.) above blog posting.  People have got to realise when they think they have studied a particular point or circumstance in history and have the cause of it understood, that they have to carry on digging to find the root cause, the truth.

This extract comes under the heading Useful Idiots”

What do I mean by this term?  “Useful idiots” as distinct from “shills” – people who are knowingly setting out to deceive us, are those among us who are unknowingly furthering the agenda of the Elite by acting as unwitting purveyors of falsehoods and naysayers of the real truth.

For example, when confronted with the facts, they will ask lots of questions, but never wait to hear an answer.  To their minds questions are not a search for information but rather a tool for disruption.  In this way the useful idiot never has to expose his ignorance because he never has to enter a meaningful dialogue with anyone who has opposing views.  All he has to do is maintain an attacking stance and this perpetuates a useless circular argument, usually ending in utter stalemate.  Another of the most common tactics used is the injection of “humour”.  He will turn anything into a joke, whether it is funny or not.  Laughing at that which we do not understand often makes things appear less daunting, but it also makes us more passive and accepting.

The Comedians that are most successful (and popular) are those that follow mainstream thinking and encourage us to laugh at anything that challenges these norms.  A good example being the ridicule to which David Icke was subjected to in the early 1990s when he made the now self-acknowledged mistake of trying to bring his news to an unthinking majority by the very medium which would seek to destroy him (television).  This made him an easy target for the “comedians” of the day and even the mention of his name alone would be guaranteed to raise a cheap laugh.  In Medieval times, even the most tyrannical of rulers would allow a court jester to make jokes at his expense because the jester was an inconsequential figure, a powerless and non-threatening entity.  A jokester can verbally undermine anyone to his hearts content but will never really change the world because although he might make us laugh, ultimately no-one really cares what figures of fun have to say about anything of consequence.  It is not too difficult to imagine a whole sub-section of society emulating this dynamic; millions of people deluding themselves into thinking that being a slave is not all that bad, just as long as we are funny slaves.

Whenever the useful idiot is confronted with a truth that threatens his established world-view, he will do anything to distract or derail the argument.  Making poor jokes, resorting to childish ridicule, ignoring cold hard logic and facts, making threats or denying that you are qualified to present the facts, even though the facts speak for themselves no matter who is relaying them.  The list will go on and on and very seldom will he confront the truth presented on its own terms, instead, he will often make a point of making the “messenger” the issue at hand and not the information being presented.  For example, I have lost count of the number of times when in trying to present an argument that I have been cut-off in full flow by a mocking statement such as “You must have plenty of time on your hands” as though “having too much time” somehow is an impediment to seeking the truth and not the opposite ie. not having enough time on one’s hands.

Is it so difficult to check information to confirm whether or not any premise is true?  I have been asked many times when stating a fact to one of these people, to “prove it” but when I offer to do so by pointing them in the right direction, they will often ostentatiously decline the offer on the basis that it cannot possibly be true.  It obviously must be extremely difficult for some people to check information though because so many people believe absolutely everything they are told by the mainstream or figures of authority, or simply assume it must be true, without bothering to check it out for themselves”.

So if any of the above hats fit please wear them.  As for me my blank canvas is slowly being filled in, the picture for me is becoming more distinct, I can understand the truth, but more importantly I know it exists and you poor dumb fuckers don’t and will never, unless you get your easel out and start all over again.  There is still time you know but you have to do it by yourself, you can not rely on browbeating teachers, lying mainstream media and juvenile television presenters.

And one last thing if any of you are still stuttering over 9/11 and still wondering what really happened a good starting point is the work of Dr Judy Wood, who after 9/11 left her post teaching mechanical engineering at a Virginia College and dedicated her life to finding the truth of what happened on that day.  Read her books, look for her films on YouTube, google her.  Amongst many things she has the biggest collection of photographs on the subject in the world and every picture she has tells a story.  Her steadfastness on this subject is remarkable and nobody will leave her without being convinced of the chicanery of the US government and their masters, the Elite, and the downright disregard they all have for human life.

5 thoughts on “The Truth.

  1. Paul, I agree that one should always keep an open mind. But not so open that your brain falls out.

    In my view, the best way to assess whether a conspiracy theory is likely to be true or not, is to look at the *totality* of the evidence, not to focus too much on a single point that appears at first to be anomalous. You may also need to consider the ways that people are likely to behave in particular circumstances, since a theory that depends on highly unlikely behavior is intrinsically less probable than one that does not.

    When you do these things, most conspiracy theories dissolve away. (Not all of them, of course.)

    Applying those principles, my view on the topics you raised is that (1) the holocaust happened, and (2) the official view of 9/11 is the correct one. On a topic that you did not raise, but which is similarly controversial, it leads me to strongly suspect that Princess Diana was assassinated (though I don’t have enough evidence to be 100% certain).

  2. Dear Linda…

    You are probably correct to refer to Occam’s razor as tool of deduction, but instead of applying theories and assumptions try and answer basic questions like where did the buildings go?

    I am to believe you are a scientist of some kind… Let us apply the scientific method to your theory. Your hypothesis is that two airplanes flew into the twin towers and molecularised or dustified 7 steel framed structures. How are you going to devise repeatable tests to recreate this phenomena? The answer is, of course, you cannot! Therefore you have to modify your hypothesis.

    The only experimental tool we have to recreate this phenomena is the hutchison effect. However that blows your plane theory clean out of the water..

    I’ll leave the holocaust for now!!!

    Enlighten us dumb fuckers will you….

  3. Well Linda

    As the regards the opinions on 9/11 and the Holocaust, I can take no issue with you. As regards Princess Di, I think it may have been a case of Security Services shadowing her, which may, or may not, have deliberately caused the accident in which she was killed. I don’t know enough in depth to comment further.

    I don’t always subscribe to the majority view, a perfect example is that I always personally thought that selling off Council Houses at a discount to tenants was a disastrous idea, the current housing shortage and dysfunctional buying and renting market would seem to confirm I was correct.

    If only the money gained from the sales was used to build more affordable rented property, that might have mitigated the impact, but a certain Margaret Hilda Thatcher put a stop to that plan. As they say, we are where we are now, with the taxpayer now footing a bill of £20 billion per annum (up from around £2 billion in 1990) for the paying of rent to private landlords for people who are on benefits. This is economic lunacy.

    The person who convinced me of the above? My late uncle, Joe Dean, erstwhile Lord Dean of Beswick, ex MP, and most importantly, former Director of Housing at Manchester Council. Now there is a rarity, a politician who actually was experienced in the field in which he offered an opinion. Unlike most of the current day ones……

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