My Awakening.

For 63 years I was a dumb fucker, I believed in everything I had been taught, in everything I had read in the newspapers and everything I had listened to on television and everything and anything a priest told me, he of the ultimate authority.

Then in November 2009 came the Murphy Report  confirming the transgressions of generations of priests in Ireland and in the Archdiocese of Dublin in particular.  But worse than that for me was that the priests and episcopacy had been covering up this paedophilic scandal for decades, successfully hiding the knowledge from its congregation whilst the evil perpetrators carried on with their perversity.

At this time and coincidentally, I started writing my blog and this project started to make me think and analyse subjects that I had not done before.  I started to question the Church, its pomps, its teaching, realising its idiocies, realising its utter disrespect for its followers and having satisfied myself with its falsities, having satisfied myself of its brazen lying utterances, I turned my attention then to all forms of authority.  I was a wimp but quickly became a tiger.

This past couple of weeks I have been picking out certain areas that concern me, by certain, because all areas concerned with authority, professionalism and legality concern me, but areas I knew were close to the surface and would elicit comment.  I started with the obvious 9/11 debate and especially Building 7, the false flag that was so badly handled, it awoke millions to the fact that we were all being taken for a catastrophic ride by the Powers that rule us.  I then went on to discuss the red hot potato of western discussion, the supposed Jewish Holocaust of the 1940s and that certainly got people spitting and hostile.  I then barged into the is it or isn’t it AIDS debate knowing a few feathers would be ruffled and so in fact they were.  I could have picked any three topics out of a host of similar false flags which are happening around the world on it seems a weekly basis now.  Methinks the Powers are getting twitchy with this flippin’ internet buggering things up for them all the time.

During this period I discovered a book by John Hamer, The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality and would suggest everybody, truth-seeker or not, read it.  I bought it for a fiver on my Kindle and its worth a hundred times more than that for its analysis of the problems we are facing.  Let me just quote two sections from it which might make the dumb fuckers sit up.

“Step by step and day by day, the claims of what must be real have become increasingly outrageous, as the twisting of excuses used to defend them have become more fragile, ridiculous and indefensible” says LES Visable, a musician and researcher.

So presenting us with a false version of reality is an intrinsic part of the way we are controlled.  We are all part of an “infinite consciousness” linking all sentient and indeed non-sentient entities together at a very basic sub-atomic level.  This is not simply my own speculation but the opinion of a growing number of independent-thinking mainstream scientists and researchers.  If we knew what power we really have as individuals and collectively as a species and what infinite possibilities exist, it would be impossible to control us effectively.  So a system has been devised and evolved which keeps us in ignorance in our narrow little ” box of reality” and if we question it or try and move outside of it, we are instantly slapped down or ridiculed, not just by our masters but also by all the other “sheeple”, our peers and our “gatekeepers”.  And thus within this self-policing paradigm we find it difficult, if not impossible, to accept anything that is not part of our pre-programmed reality.  Anything that appears to fall outside the narrow boundaries of what we have been told and accepted as absolute fact all our lives is regarded and treated as simply ludicrous by the “ignorant masses” ( my dumb fuckers) and I include in this term even those supposedly-well-educated persons who “benefitted” from a “first class education” at the world’s premier universities.  Actually no, allow me to revise that, I would say especially those  supposedly-well-educated persons who “benefitted” from a “first class education” at the worlds premier universities, usually followed by a career in politics or an elite corporation, scientific, medical or educational environment.

The second passage is this:-

The pre-programmed mind-set is exceptionally prevalent in academia also.  Supposedly intelligent, well-educated members of the scientific, political, commercial, media and educational communities possess opinions that have been moulded by decades of propaganda from primary school, through university, backed up by the self-over-estimation of their own intelligence, influenced in no small measure by society’s misleading norm that presents “knowledge” as synonymous with “intelligence”.  To try and break that programming by offering up strong cicumstantial evidence and alternative considered hypotheses about anything that contradicts their mind-set, is often an impossible task.

So for those of you who have made the transgression and found the truth read the book to confirm how right you were and for you poor intelligent and well-educated dumb fuckers buy it to try and understand there is a different world out there than what you have been taught and in which you misguidedly believe.

To finish off this piece let me give you a simple illustration of how reality is not normally accepted by the majority and how it takes years of scientific argument and evidence for the dumb fuckers to come round.  I did a course at Galway University or as it is better known NUI Galway, the subject Archaeology.  The head of the Department and a specialist in Bronze and Iron Age archaeology was a chap called John Waddell.  A remarkable thinking analyst and a great teacher to boot.  Twenty years ago or more after examining all the evidence, John came out with the brainstorming suggestion that there was never a Celtic Ireland.  Now that probably means little to you people round the world but in Ireland it was the equivalent of saying the Pope was a woman.  Ireland has built its personality on the fact that the people of the island were Celts through and through, entrepreneurs had made millions from the idea, politicians cherished its historic fact and here was this man in the far west of Ireland talking shite.  John had said that the Celts did not arrive in Ireland en masse and turn the place into the didley dee country that it now is, but their influences did arrive through elite marriage and trade.  The senior archeologists of the country disowned him, in fact in my group, one of the students stood up and walked out and was never seen again after John had explained his theory to us one day.  That was 20 years ago and now the old school have died off and new blood, people who could see the evidence when shown have taken their place.  The whole of Archaeological academe is now behind John and what was once his heresy.

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