Why Use Animals When You Can Experiment On Africans?

Well after exposing the sham of 21st century living with my thoughts on the tragic hoax of 9/11, which attracted much comment and further facts on the fact that it was not Johnny Muslim who laid waste to the centre of New York back in 2001 but probably G W Bush and his cronies in Central Powers, who enticed the American people into a war with the mythical Al Quaeda and the super weak state of Iraq.  As somebody said Woodrow Wilson needed the Lusitania, Franklyn D needed Pearl Harbour and Lyndon B needed the Gulf of Tonkin incidents in Vietnam in 1964 to bring America to a war situation.  The bullish and naive American nation never learn, but they might now that the truth is eventually coming out.

Well after that I suggested another look was needed at the so called Holocaust of the 1940s in Germany and put the thought out that there might not have been a Jewish Holocaust, there might have been a Russian one, or a European one or even was it a holocaust at all but the fact that people died in their millions by living in atrocious conditions and dying uncared for of illness and disease.

This also attracted much comment and argument and some amount of bad temper.  I’m sorry to say that strong debate often sinks to tantrum when people argue a case they are unsure of.  All I could add is that if the Powers can produce a 9/11 why can they not also produce mass death and myth or anything else really that will control the gullible population of this planet.

Well as a gut busting third try at getting you my many readers on my critical side, what if I denounce the majority of the medical profession and industry as being a bunch of murdering chancers.

We all know that the most unsettling medical news of the last 40 years has been the introduction of AIDS (Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome) into our minds and vocabularies.  It became a scare story to end all scare stories for people born in the second half of the 20th century, especially for those who wanted to put it about a bit.  People stopped having carnal thoughts and ambitions about each other and started to become the blotting paper that sucked up the crap the Powers fed to us.  Yes by the mid 1970s the shagging had definitely to stop.

The myth was born that Aids was a disease caught from chimpanzees but that was quickly buried but nothing regarding cause ever took its place and in fact AIDS is not a disease but a collection of illnesses that together or in pairs causes temporary damage to our immune systems.  The lie that HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) positive people then go on to catch AIDS is another medical lie told by a medico who did not bother with any research or consultation with peers.  Dr Robert Gallo is the American doctor who in the early 1980s linked HIV positive cases to AIDS which caused the whole thing to blow up in our faces as the medical profession panicked at his utterances.

HIV positive in itself is not normally a death warrant but is a collection of dead cells in the blood that normally do no damage to the individual but are caused by previous diseases recovered from and addiction use of certain substances.  AIDS was a medical term used by the industry to group together 20 odd plus diseases and other factors into a new illness.  These were in the main – pneumonia, herpes, candidiasis, salmonella, various cancers, vaccine and antibiotic damage, amyl nitrate damage, malnutrition, TB, malaria, dysentry, leprosy especially in Africa where these illnesses were rife and medical care poor.  This caused a pharmaceutical explosion which the companies jumped into in a big way.

The largest of these companies Glaxo Wellcome came up with the wonder drug AZT or Retrovir which was developed as a cancer drug but was found to be killing patients quicker than the disease it was supposed to cure.  Glaxo then used AZT for the treatment of this new disease AIDS and it continued to kill people just as quickly but that said the doctors was because the disease was so pernicious.  Instead of treating the symptoms showing of the above conditions individually, the patients who showed symptoms suggesting several illnesses were all classed as AIDS patients and quickly with the aid of AZT removed from the firing line.

A good idea of how dangerous Gallo’s link of HIV positive becoming AIDS was from Japan where AIDS as an illness was virtually unknown.  Random tests on groups of people found that 25% of the population was HIV positive but AIDS did not exist.  HIV positivity is harmless yet women during ante natal examination were offered the choice of an HIV test and if positive were offered AZT with all its murderous effects.  One woman in America reported HIV positivity, she was married with three children but would not take the drugs offered for AIDS as advised by her doctors but did decide not to continue with sexual relations with her husband.  For eight years she abstained, I don’t know about him but nothing  worsened in her supposed condition, so she decided to have another medical test and found she was then HIV negative and as fit as a fiddle.  Let us hope she made up for lost time.

By now Gallo was a multi-millionaire and the drug companies had made billions feeding poisons to half of Africa and good parts of the rest of the world.  However Gallo and the Pharmas are murderers, they have known the falsehoods of their diagnoses and the effectiveness of the poisons they produced to cure a disease that did not exist.

A growing number of thinking men and women in the medical profession are coming round to this view but the “For AIDS” lobby is fighting back.  Too many people’s careers are intrinsically linked to this new disease, they do not want their murdering ways discovered and so scare stories are introduced at regular intervals to keep people’s minds alert to the absolute dangers of AIDS.  A non-existent disease caused by a harmless condition.  There are no known scientific documents saying that HIV causes AIDS.

Peter Duesberg Member of the National Academy of Scientists in America says that “the epidemiology of AIDS is a pile of anecdotal stories selected to fit the virus/AIDS hypothesis.  “AIDS is not a disease at all” says Tom Bethel of the Hoover Institute, ” it is a government programme”

Do not take my word for it as I am no scientist but look at the following links and they should satisfy any doubts.





Let bare back shagging recommence!

43 thoughts on “Why Use Animals When You Can Experiment On Africans?

    1. Unfortunately my opinion is backed up by some of the finest brains in the so called medical profession. My whole take on it is that it is another lie another dupe to the people. You have to free your mind and I know you have done this in certain aspects but free it altogether

  1. Paul, I have been watching the course of this disease almost since it began – since 8 months after the first case was reported, to be precise. (I lived in San Francisco for a while in the early 1980s.) I have read extensively about AIDS and its history. Some of my friends have died of it.

    Up until about the late 1980s, a reasonable person could have argued that it had not been proved that HIV causes AIDS. But that has not been a tenable position for decades.

    If you are looking for the story of a cover up related to AIDS there is one – a big one – but it is unrelated to your subject matter above.

    I can provide ample details to support all of the above statements, if you really want them. But I would suggest that you go and do some careful, and reasonably extensive, reading on the subject first. Otherwise, I would probably be wasting my time.

  2. Paul,

    I’ve admired your writing, enjoyed your opinion and sympathised with your situation. However Holocaust denial – and outright Nazi sympathy – is intolerable.
    Maybe you could read some Adam Tooze and Gita Sereny. Maybe remember that Hitler(spit) never denied the exterminations.
    I hope you regain your sanity.
    Bill Corcoran

    1. Bill,
      As i said at the beginning of this blog, people start to get angry on these subjects before they explain their point of view. Nowhere have I denied the holocaust, all I have said, in lieu of recent false flag events by the Powers, is that perhaps the “holocaust” could be looked at again with fresh eyes and not the emotional post war eyes we have tended to accept. History is a funny subject and needs continual reappraisal.

    1. What is that you said about the legalisation of cannabis. One day we might have to tell these disbelievers about some of its admirable qualities but are they ready.

  3. How are you a Nazi sympathiser?

    It’s really unthinking to present such a false dichotomy: either you are

    A) a holocaust denier, anti-Semitic and Nazi sympathiser, or

    B) you are a pro-Jewish, Hitler-hating, propaganda believing history revisionist

    The world is not black or white unfortunately. If it were, wouldn’t life be simple? Instead it is made up of infinite shades of grey. And within those shades are areas where saints commit sin and monsters have a point. Do not read that I admire Hitler or agree with any of his points but we have been presented with a monster and that is all we know. Other examples of monsters in recent times are Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Gadaffi and Syria’s Bashir. These men have been caricatured and presented up to us for our delectation as ‘the bogeyman’. One after the other. As each one dies, lo! there is another to take his place. Funny that. There’s always one isn’t there?

    We are no longer in the halcyon days of the 50s when life was undeniably nicer and when nobody had a clue about anything. The only way you knew about the world was through what was squished into your pure brains by radio, newspapers and, if you were really lucky, TV.

    Today reality is tawdry, complicated and let’s face it, just not bloody cricket. A far grimmer place it must seem to you octo- and septuagenarians. But the world has been like this since the Sumerians and with our new found ability to exchange ideas (the internet), the scales are finally falling from the eyes of us innocents.

    1. Katy,
      Yes it is funny what people entwine into ones text whilst reading. They obviously start off with a given without realising it. Unfortunately intelligent people are bound up into the great mass of people who cannot see in front of their nose and have even lost their sense of smell.

  4. Whats wrong with holocaust denial?

    Its a zionic/khazari crock of shit designed to justify the continuing rape of the European people and economies in order to allow the zionists to continually rape the semitic people and economies of the middle east…

    Actually holocaust concurral is a crime against humanity because you support and justify the actions of the psychopathic zionists whose only goal is the systematic slaughter of mankind. Whether you support them or hate them, their raison d’etre is to destroy you.

    So fuck em

    1. Danny,
      I am cringingly letting this comment through but only because the likes of Mr Corcoran as taken completely the opposite stance. I have not got as far as you in my thinking but those with far right thinking need some balance.

    1. I did not mean that beligerently I was just trying to find out what was wrong with my text. What I said is all out there on the net and Nobel prize winners down are talking of the hoax. Perhaps you are to close to the subject to allow fresh appraisal.

  5. Paul, thanks for the clarification. There is indeed a lot on the net about AIDS, and unfortunately it includes a fair amount of nonsense. If you are not already familiar with the subject, and especially if you have no real expertise in biology or medicine, I can see that it may be difficult to separate the sense from the nonsense.

    I am quite happy to share with you what I know about the subject, but it would be more profitable (for both of us) if you were reasonably well informed, in a well-rounded way, about the subject to begin with. (I can tell that you are not, because a well-informed person would have known what I was alluding to when I mentioned a “cover-up”, whether or not (s)he agreed that there had actually been a cover up.) I can merely repeat what I suggested above: if the subject interests you, then do some more reading. But at least read broadly, which will give you a better perspective from which to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Once we can have an intelligent, well-informed, scientific conversation about this I will be glad to do so. But at the moment I don’t think we can. Trying to discuss the subject at present would just annoy us both. You would feel that I was talking down to you (and I probably would be) and I would get irritated at what I considered to be nonsense coming from you.

    Does that sound fair?

    1. Not really Linda but I will go along with what you recommend. I have never professed to know anything about science being for whatever reason trained as a classicist but I am willing to learn more. Help me as one old Bedian to another and I will certainly listen.

  6. Paul,

    You’ll be doing yourself a favour to listen. Our Linda was the class genius in my time at the Alma Mater, you don’t get to go to Cambridge by being an idiot. Amongst many clever students at Bede’s (of which I most certainly would not classify myself), this was one person who would qualify as being one of the brightest.

    Nobody is omniscient, we can all learn new things. The best way is to approach a subject is with an open mind, not necessarily backing conspiracy theories, then see where the evidence takes us. Being a former scientist, I support this approach. That’s why I still don’t believe that the Earth is flat or the Moon made of green cheese – scientific evidence proves otherwise.

    However, I do believe the theory that Gideon George Osborne is a shining example of the Pieter Principle – someone being promoted well beyond their limited capabilities. Evidence strongly supports this case.

  7. Dear Linda,

    I think you are being unfair to everyone here. As hilarious as it is that you think you can talk down to people, you have built up the suspense enough and i am dying to know about the “cover up”.

    I don’t expect people to understand the thermoplasticity of 1960s strucural steel in compression because it is boring. I do not expect others to be able to calculate energy differentials to prove that there had to be a force working within the buildings. I understand the properties of materials and so i offer my conclusion that steel framed structures do not fail through the line of maximum resistance. Deduction concludes that the US government wired 4 buildings up for explosives and brought them all down. Everyone brings something to the table here.

    Please don’t worry about everyone annoying each other (we do that already) just tell us what is happening with the cover up. Summarize for the idiots…

    I heard that the virus was synthetic, am i to assume that is nonsense?

    Pray tell…

  8. To-Paul Taylor,
    Little Gideon is an amalgam of Sod’s/Murphy’s laws, Buggin’s turn and B.O.H.I.C.A. (management speak- ” bend over-here it comes again!).

  9. To Brian Lefley & fellow readers. fair-minded ones at least

    Mr Osborne is certainly a man who reminds me of many politicians – vain, incompetent and useless, in fact a trait discernible in most, not all politicians. A perfect example of this is Tony Benn, a man whom history will judge to have got virtually all his predictions as to the future of Britain hopelessly wrong – I say this as no friend whatever of the Tory party. That anybody could misread so many situations and predict so many erroneous outcomes must render him somewhat special, indeed unique, for all the wrong reasons.

    Then we come to people, not necessarily political, who have one axe or another to grind. A good example of this is the totally discredited ‘historian’ (I use italics advisedly), the well-known self-confessed Nazi sympathiser and Holocaust Denier, David Irving, a man so ridiculed as to be regarded now as a laughing stock. Just read up on this man, his audacity for misrepresentation would do any politician proud.

    We have in Britain our own oddball, the one-time Coventry City goalie, sports programme presenter David Icke (the so-called Second Messiah), whose theories on several subjects, if taken seriously, would qualify him for the nearest mental institution.

    The point I’m making here is that we denigrate politicians for lying, misrepresenting and misleading people. Why should it be any different when so-called experts (frequently not experts in a particular field at all) feel free, rather like Superbore Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, to pontificate on subjects they really don’t know much about. Then, when they’re found out, they then try to attack people for merely disagreeing with them.

    I’m afraid I know little about the events of 9/11, I haven’t studied in detail. Rather like the American court system, one expert witness will frequently contact another. I’m keeping an open mind.

    I’d also like to mention, in passing, since no-one else has (to my knowledge), that Father Timothy Hopkins, a former Bede’s Governor, has recently had all charges dropped against him regarding abuse. Or are we still regarding people as guilty until proven innocent? I say this merely as an individual, I do not know the man, I just think in the interests of fairness that people should be made aware of the fact.

    1. Well I am glad to hear that about Timothy Hopkins, the school and the diocese will be having huge gasps of relief and presumably Tim will be able to get back to his old haunts again.

  10. @Paul Taylor
    How can you say you keep an open mind on 9/11 while at the same time seeing videos of building 7 being brought down by a pre-planned controlled demolition. If you truly had an open mind you could only reach one conclusion ie there are people within the US that played their part in 9/11 (unless you think the mythical Al Qaeda sent in a demolition team).
    I ask because I am genuinely puzzled as to how anyone after seeing WTC7 fall can be left with any doubt.

    1. Well I was wondering about that as well Barry and I know an awful lot about demolition. There was no other way for it to collapse like it did.

  11. Dear Mr Taylor and anyone else who cares to listen, fair minded or otherwise.

    Unfortunately, it is painfully obvious that you have still not bothered to look into the events of 9/11. Youtube host at least a hundred documentaries on the subject and you owe it to yourself to take an hour out of your no doubt busy schedule to watch one or two. Note how the official explanations break every single law of physics we have.

    Your childish attack on Mr Irving deserves rebuttal. I have read two of his books and watched a number of his lectures and he comes across as a man of great integrity and i can spot a liar from miles away. You should know that he taught himself German in order to examine the primary sources for himself so as not to have to rely on the regurgitated propaganda that is the bread and butter of the majority. It was he who exposed Churchill’s policy of targeting civilians and the monstrous acts of genocidal bombing raids on the German people in your name. It was the same man who exposed the fraudulent publication of Hitler’s Diaries. It seems to me that if it wasn’t for him, we would be lying deeper in this bed of zionist shit than we already are. You should ask yourself, who is ridiculing him? Is it the same people and organizations who he has exposed as liars and agents of the criminal classes? If you are not under attack from the zionist propaganda machine, then you are doing something wrong. He was put under so much pressure, he had to start his own publication house because anyone who went near him, found themselves attacked by the zionist thugs of the JDL and the ADL. I don’t claim that he is perfect, but compared to the rest he is a saint.

    Your accusation of nazi sympathiser also deserves a little examination. After reading of the plight of the German people over the last 100 years i can’t see how any human is incapable of sympathy. The term echoes the yanky knuckledragging roars of patriotism. Beware the stench of nationalism my friend. It has proven to be catastrophic to us in the past. When a flag is displayed upside down, it is an international signal of distress. The German flag is at present upside down. They are sending us a message. May i remind you that the Germans are humans not viruses.

    You bemoan the presumption of guilt for Tim Hopkins and then attempt to destroy the reputation of Irving without presenting any evidence at all. I put it you Mr Taylor that Hopkins is guilty by association because he is on the payroll of the vatican which is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world today and he has Chas Brains in his corner which is the most damning element of the lot. If he had an ounce of integrity he would hang up the dog collar and never go near that school again.

    You claim to be open-minded, but i put it to you that your head is so saturated with post war propaganda and zionist media lies that you don’t know your left from your right. Remember… Perception and reality are always opposite and always check your sources…

    Yours sincerely in the hope that one day you will swallow your pride and come to realise that in war both sides lose.


    PS… Don’t forget, there is a six million dollar prize still waiting to be claimed for anyone who can find any evidence at all that the holocaust happened. So if you are convinced it would be well worth your while to compile whatever evidence you have that has led you to believe this nonsense. Good luck with that.

  12. I would refer Danny Malpas to the works of Professor Sir Ian Kershaw-old Bedian and internationally acclaimed expert on the Nazi era.

    1. Brian,
      Could I refer you to my posting of October 27th entitled My Reawakening and in particular paragraph 8 which is taken from John Hamer’s remarkable bookThe Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality
      On top of that Kershaw now has a new first name “Sir” which immediately shows him to be a stooge and a lackey of the Elite. I would no more take heed of him than I would Winston Churchill.
      As it is I am sure Danny will answer your point in his own inimitable style.

  13. Agree that Churchill was a red-neck historian-but stand by Kershaw.
    The British “area bombing” tactics were no secret. -“Bomber” Harris defended his men. There was open opposition by the Archbishop of Canterbury.Irving is a maverick. The Hitler Diaries fiasco was the result of the “Dirty Digger” Murdoch wanting a coup . It was nailed by the German police doing a simple test on the age of the paper in the notebooks used in the scammer.As for bombing….,………Warsaw,Rotterdam, Leningrad, Coventry,Hull, Liverpool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Guernica…….
    (Joachim Fest is pretty good.)

  14. Dear brian lefley,

    It is pointless referring anyone to a stellar beneficiary of the holocaust industry for any reason other than to enjoy the view from the arse of an Israeli.. Sir Ian Kershaw does not address the issue of why there is no physical evidence of Zyklon B in the alleged gas chambers (when logic/science states there must be) nor does he explain the logistics behind the alleged operation (which is absolutely impossible). If anyone is able to answer any of the 46 questions posed to the world by David Cole, i will launch my own investigation from that point. (http://codoh.com/library/document/987)

    You cannot prove a lie! (unless you are a liar and you are trying to convince someone else who is also a liar)

    Another example of this is on 9/11. Most people are certain that a plane went into the second tower and upon first glance it would seem to be true. However, when a scientific mind looks at the evidence, It can only conclude that it is impossible for a plane to have gone into the building because the physics is all wrong. The nose of the plane remains untouched even after the plane emerges from the other side of the building (even though there is no exit hole), the plane is physically unable to travel at the speeds being witnessed, the steel building fails before the plastic/aluminium structure of the plane etc (http://codoh.com/library/document/987)

    In a court of law, the witness is cross examined. Let us see how the witnesses stand upto this cross examination. You will find them wanting!

    Who and what you believe is upto you, but i am not that lazy!!!

    PS… For those who are starting to get the picture, we haven’t even scratched the surface… The truth is a million times worse than you can ever imagine.

  15. We seem to be in the realms of a fantasy land here. David Irving is a thoroughly discredited individual who has lost a number of libel cases in order to maintain his ideological stance regarding the Holocaust. Principled he may be, sensible he isn’t. The mantles of ‘Historian’ and ‘History’ have long since been removed from his crown when referring to him and his publications. The serious and more knowledgeable historians of the era (those more qualified to judge his work) have long argued that his books would be better filed under ‘Fiction’. Unlike several of the people who have written books on the subject, he was too young to have been there, he does not have any first hand knowledge himself, merely his interpretation of certain events.

    Whilst he may indeed not be a liar, the conclusions he draws from his so-called evidence defy logical interpretation. People may believe as they wish, when all the facts point the other way, denial seems a perfect description of the mind-set.

    I have nothing but respect for the current German regime, which has managed to build up a strong democratic government and a successful economy, without resorting to dictatorial fascism. Incidentally, Hitler seized power with only a third of the plebiscite (a bit like Tony Blair in 2005 and David Cameron in 2010). However, unlike them, he didn’t allow any opposition whatever.

    I have no respect whatever for the Third Reich, a more twisted, vicious, cruel and thoroughly inhumane regime would be hard to find. In Mein Kampf, which I did read years ago, Hitler makes no bones about his intentions. Any attempt to justify what the Germans did in World War II seems doomed to failure, excuses futile. And let’s remember who actually invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, Holland and Russia. If we hadn’t had the English Channel, we might all be speaking German now and there certainly wouldn’t have been any mention of a Holocaust in any history books.

    At least we have the ability to express our opinions, rational or otherwise. Let’s be thankful for that, and move on to more pressing matters. Such as the State of the Fourth Estate and his effect (good, bad or indifferent) on our lives.

    Now there’s an argument which could fill an encyclopaedia…..

  16. The Holocaust was pretty well documented by the Nazis themselves! Train timetables, receipts for Zyklon B deliveries,records of loot extracted. Aerial reconnaissance showed the camps, “Enigma” intercepts revealed movements, Resistance organisations reported to the Allies etc….
    I suppose,Daniel Malpas , pointless speculation helps to pass the time?

  17. To Brian Lefley

    Succintly put I would say, but in the words of a famous journalist, let’s not the facts get in the way of a story, worthy or not.

    Any reasoned analysis of World War II (I am no expert whatever, but others of more intellectual standing would agree with you 100%) would come to the conclusion, as I did years ago, that it was Germany that started the war, not the Poles, not the Russians, the French, the Jews or anyone else.

    Perhaps they had been treated shabbily as a result of the Treaty of Versailles after the Great War, but that did not excuse the murderous campaign they undertook between 1939 to 1945. They were the first to invade other countries, the first to bomb cities and civilians and then to plan and then act to exterminate the so-called ‘Untermensch’ i.e. the non-Aryan to Hitler and his cronies, the sub-human races of Poles, Slavs, Gypsies, Jews etc.

    No-one can say that the Allies came out of the War squeaky clean either, but at times they had to fight fire with fire. At least they the Western Allies didn’t routinely murder prisoners of war and shoot civilians out of hand, as both the Germans and Russians did. The Russians would argue they were justified in doing so in retaliation to what had been done to them earlier in the war, they lost more people than everybody else combined, let’s not forget that.

    Whilst I would argue current democracy is far from perfect, it is a million miles away from what was inflicted on the German population from 1933 to 1945. The one thing I still find unforgiveable is that many Germans tried to deny what had been going on, when the evidence was there in front of their eyes. That seems to me to be an abrogation of responsibility, a denial that in any way this could have been their own fault.

    1. In reply to Paul Taylor,
      I think we are stretching the argument a little to far from its original base. We know lots of things went on in the 1930s and 40s and as in all histories what we know was written by the victors. Nobody is denying there was mass destruction of populations but for a host of different reasons. Man let loose without a conscience is the worst killing machine there is. But for the Jews to claim it was a Jewish Holocaust is a little far fetched even to my empathic mind. What I find upsetting is that in some countries it is a crime to discuss this whole conundrum and that is where the Elite ( the Powers) win everytime. History is massaged, critical minds are not. So let us get rid of critical minds. Easy, done, the Elite have won again.

  18. Dear Paul Taylor,

    You are supposed to go from the general to the specific…

    1) “David Irving is a thoroughly discredited individual…” By whom and why?
    2) “…who has lost a number of libel cases in order to maintain his ideological stance regarding the Holocaust.” He lost one libel case, which was funny because how can you deny something that never existed?
    3) “The mantles of ‘Historian’ and ‘History’ have long since been removed from his crown when referring to him and his publications.” By whom and why?
    4) “The serious and more knowledgeable historians of the era…” Which ones?
    5) “have long argued that his books would be better filed under ‘Fiction’.” Why?
    6) “Unlike several of the people who have written books on the subject, he was too young to have been there, he does not have any first hand knowledge himself, merely his interpretation of certain events.” Bloody Hell Paul… That fucks all historians up!
    7) “Whilst he may indeed not be a liar, the conclusions he draws from his so-called evidence defy logical interpretation.” What conclusions and what evidence?
    8) “People may believe as they wish, when all the facts point the other way” What facts?

    Then we go on…

    “I have nothing but respect for the current German regime, which has managed to build up a strong democratic government and a successful economy, without resorting to dictatorial fascism.”
    The same German regime that throws people in jail for questioning historical events. This is known as a thought crime. The same German regime that makes its citizens pay war reparations to the lying breed of scum we know as holocaust survivors. The definition of a holocaust survivor is a jew who lived in Europe or North Africa between 1933 and 1945. The same German regime that slams the guilt of the horrors of WW1 and 2 onto the citizens rendering them unable to talk about the tragedy or recover from the trauma of war. I don’t know much about fascism but anything is better than the corrupt system of governments we enjoy today. Lying to its citizens all the time, to the point, where nobody has a clue what truth and falsehood are anymore.
    “I have no respect whatever for the Third Reich, a more twisted, vicious, cruel and thoroughly inhumane regime would be hard to find.”
    Not that hard to find. Take for example Israel, USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia… The list goes on… Certainly nothing is crueler than the USA. Look at the USA’s death toll since WW2… We are into the thousands of millions here… Look how many people worldwide have been born into slavery, poverty, starvation and debt since WW2? We are into hundreds of thousands of millions here… I suggest your argument requires a little balance.
    “And let’s remember who actually invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, Holland and Russia.” Paul… Why did the Germans invade these countries? The Danzig Massacre? To correct the injustice of the treaty of Versaille? To defend the german people against the bolshevik onslaught? I guess you had to be there…

    To finish… The fourth estate is the most poisonous catastrophe ever to have hit mankind and my dear friend Paul, you are its poorest victim…

    You have no idea how deep this conspiracy goes??

    1. Danny,
      I think history ( if we ever get a true history of the 20th and 21st centuries) will show the USA to be as big if not bigger mass murderers of populations than ever it has been shown to us that Russia and Germany were. I think the most important line in your long and voluble comment is the last one. “You have no idea how deep this conspiracy goes.” This by the way is a statement not a question. I reiterate what I said in my blog posting entitled My Awakening . Everybody should read John Hamer’s book The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality You can get it for a fiver on Kindle and it distorts all of the myths we have learnt to believe are true

  19. Holland was neutral in 1914- and remained so.
    Belgium was neutral in 1914. Their neutrality was violated by Imperial Gemany as part of the Schleiffen plan to knock out France quickly.This violation brought Britain into the war.
    What had these countries done to justify attacking them by “Blitzkrieg” in 1940? Hitler had got away with it at Munich and the Anschluss with Austria-and thought he could do it again.

  20. We now are entering the realms of fantasy as regards Mr Malpas Junior’s last blog. If he wants to be taken more seriously, he’ll need to do far better than the last effort.

    A psychologist would have a field day regarding his latest ramblings, in which he seems to losing touch with reality.

    Now Danny. listen… What you can hear is people laughing. They’re not laughing at me, so go figure who

    1. I now think it is time to enter the fray these recent comments are proof of John Hamer’s observations. I was going to reply to this and other comments but it would be too long so I am going to devote my next posting to it which could be today or tomorrow depending on what happens to the rest of my day.

  21. To Brian Lefley

    I’ve never realised before that World War II was all the Allies fault, that Hitler only wanted to conquer France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and several others in order to stop any of them invading Germany.

    Perhaps you and I, along with millions of others, are now to believe Germany was completely blameless for starting World War II.

    And as for Pearl Harbor, well that was all the Americans fault, it wasn’t really Japanese planes that attacked the American Fleet on December 7, 1941, but American planes disguised as Japs?

    It’s certainly a different way of interpreting history. Laughable, yes, but certainly one more conspiracy for the melting pot.

  22. P.S. Norway,Denmark, were also neutrals attacked by Hitler who had no part in Versailles Treaty.
    I see the Germans have discovered a hoard of looted art that appears to have been taken between 1933-45.-and possibly from Jewish sources.
    No doubt some American expert will prove they are in fact forgeries painted recently by the Bundeskriminalampt to further increase the guilt complex of citizens of modern Germany.

  23. Mr Taylor,

    Is the reason for your astonishing level of denial to do with your fear of other people mocking you? If i see someone laughing at me it is an indication that that person has been enslaved by their own insecurity. The emotion i feel is pity. Look at Chris. The poor lad is a mess.

    It was about 2005, just after the 7/7 bombings that i picked up a CD detailing the events of 9/11. This was the moment i realised that the enemy was the governments and the media. From that point on i took the opinion that the media could never be trusted and so i began looking at history a different way. Instead of reading what the papers were telling me, i read between the lines. I started asking why. You will probably notice that this is a question the media will never ask.

    Why did we invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany etc? Why did so many men volunteer to join the army during the wars? To sacrifice their responsibilities as fathers, sons, brothers and husbands and then make the ultimate sacrifice for that fat piss head Churchill. That to me is beyond insanity and it certainly wasn’t funny. I wouldn’t piss on that horrible bastard let alone fight for him…

    Why are we fighting in Afghanistan? The yankydoodles demanded that the taliban hand over bin laden and the taliban replied that they would if America could hand over the evidence against him. Of course the USA could not provide any evidence and so they sent over their troops to commit genocide against a defenseless population and used my tax contributions to pay for it in my name.

    Why are we fighting in Iraq? Because the iranians couldn’t take anymore yankydoodle shah crap and kicked them and their fithy shah out of their country. This in turn made the CIA mad so they put Saddam in power, armed him to the teeth and got the mooozlims to fight each other… When the time came for Saddam to pay the western nations back for all that military hardware, he stuck two fingers up at them so they sent in the troops… We have been committing genocide against the Iraqis for over 30 years.

    Why did we fight against Germany? I basically used the same process to discover little nuggets about that conflict and lo and behold, it isn’t as simple as the media portray. Stalin used his own people as cannon fodder, Churchill used German civilians as cannon fodder because he couldn’t kill their soldiers so he took out women and children instead. Eisenhower used surrendered German POWs as megadeath fodder and made millions of them starve to death on the meadows of the Rhine. Why did Germany invade Poland? Because the Polish bolsheviks massacred 50000 Germans civilians in Danzig. After all this death and unbelievable suffering, the fucking jews get the compensation and everyone claps and says “poor little jew”. That doesn’t make any sense to me. They started the whole damn mess in 1933.

    All this is a little too simplified but you won’t get all this from a history textbook or news outlet. If you keep asking why, you will always find a zionist jew at the bottom of it all. Well, if nobody else wants to stand up and say that is unjust, then i will and fuck anyone who wants to laugh. You will only get pity in return.

    I don’t defend Hitler, i defend the people who suffered!

    History has a habit of repeating itself, so i need to make sure i am on the right side.

  24. “they started the whole damn mess in 1933.” ????
    I refer My Rt. Hon Friend to the replies I gave earlier in the debate……

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