Anarchy Is The Only Way

I am 67 years and three months old and I have only just started to learn.  The first 65 years of my life was spent in solid acceptance of everything the Church and State threw at me.  I was ideal fodder for their evil ways, I was like 99% of the population, too busy skiving when I was young, too busy working and bringing up a family when I was more mature.  Life is so very short that it is only in my dotage have I had the power to think and question.  I am not now strong, I am old and weak but I have something stronger than a fist or a gun: I have a pen and a voice and I am not to old or weak to use them, the most powerful weapons in the world.

When I look back on my life, reasonably well educated, happily married for over 40 years, six children and seven grandchildren, living out my retirement on the banks of the Shannon River, having worked hard all my life and hopefully prepared myself for a comfortable old age, I should be content.  But I am not, I am seething with rage at the way the Church and the State have filled our minds with crap and tried and almost succeeded in persuading us that their machinations are for the general good.

They have turned a lot of decent people, because all folk are born decent, into, at best, sociopaths and at worse into psychopaths, with their doctrines and policies which do nothing but bring out the mean values in people.  The rest are probably the brain-dead or they are that mithered with learning to stay afloat that they cannot summon up the mental reserves to start questioning.

However there are a few who realise and say to themselves, ” Hey, wait a minute, what about…..?”  I do not mean the few good folk who mindlessly carry out acts of charity for their relatives and neighbours without asking why their actions are needed.  I am talking about those who want to stop the world now, clear out the dross who have the power and start again along the way to eternal light.

It is well known now to my regular readers, that I am lapsed, apostasised,  hopefully excommunicated from the Catholic Church after speaking out about the diabolical actions of their priests over now it is obvious, 2000 years.  Power breeds corruption, the church tells us priests are not men but men of God, imbued with the power of God and therefore in control of our lives which they can bend and shape to please their whim.

Now we are told as an excuse that it is not the officers of the Church we should be concentrating on, for they are only human, but the message of the Church.  Unfortunately the Church has been in the power of these men for 2000 years and they have shaped its message to suit themselves.  Past popes have proven to be the most evil of men with their political intrigues, their physical acts of savagery and their total disregard for personal celibacy, the thing they hold most dear.  The priests are the pope’s foot soldiers, mirrors of their boss, a more introspective bunch of emotionally immature thugs than you will meet anywhere.  So very, very few escape the papal net and allow themselves to work for the common good.

They have learnt that the family unit is the most powerful and important link in the chain of human life.  They have learnt that women are the fulcrum of families, families live and die by their women.  The Church has learnt how to control women, by subjugating and demonising them and then giving them full powers under the image of the Virgin Mary.  Men are left to go their own way, they know men do not think, they are naturally feral and just want pleasure.  It is certainly despised and rejected women who have kept the Church alive under the power of the priests for so long.

So after three and half years since my decree nisi came through that rid me of that dreadful spouse, the Holy Mother Church, I look at myself and do not see a worse man, if anything I am a better man, certainly at peace with myself, rid of mumbo jumbo and evil men.  I just wish my Damascene moment had come many years before it did.

Having divested myself of living on the potter’s wheel of religion, where holy men with besmirched hands are shaping our form, I now turn my head towards monarchy and politics and ask the question WHY?  In the case of royalty, why is this deranged Frankish family of sex craving lunatics held in such awe by so many.  A quick read into their illegitimate history’s reveals them to be people of the most despicable sort.  Given money for no apparent reason by a British Government intent on its own voyeuristic pleasures.

Since the sons of Scandanavian headmen decided to go a “viking” 1300 hundred or so years ago, we have been ruled by interfering, sex mad, unnatural, psychopathic foreigners intent on squeezing the life blood out of every Englishman gullible enough to bow and scrape.  Very few of them being able to speak English or at least more comfortable speaking in foreign tongues whilst lying in their love nests with whichever brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, mother or father who chose to join them.  An incestuous idyll of indolent idiots is possibly the kindest thing to say of them.  Yet more than half the country has ignorant orgasms whenever they think of or see them.

The next in line are the politicians, this craven bunch of self-seeking demagogues, whose only ability is to be able to put more than three words together, some Socialist front bench wankers excepted.  These people have well worn zips and in the case of lady politicians tend to deport themselves, knickerless, for the same reason J. Savile wore track suit bottoms.

These people are so obvious, so sexually disorientated, that they regard the abnormal as normal, so mentally deranged that once elected they presume they can lie, steal, fornicate and abuse anyone and anything.  They consider the gift of power in the same way priests; it is there to open doors to corruption in all its forms but in a way they are possibly worse than clerics and royalty and the whole rigmarole of idolisers who go with them.  These people, these politicians fan the fires, put the fuel in place that keeps the whole horrible mess of these power crazed, plutocratic priests and palatines warm and insitu.

So I see it as my duty to my fellow man to go out of my way, to go that extra mile, to upset and infuriate and no longer be bullied by these mad phallic inspired gawks.  I will become a mental terrorist, a rural anarchist, never ever abiding by what they in their moments of perpendicular activity come up with, a martyr for decency, a brake on the world sliding into chaos designed by these degenerates.

10 thoughts on “Anarchy Is The Only Way

  1. Or instead of whining about it and writing this blog where you constantly complain without offering practical alternatives, you could take action for change? Don’t like the current politicians? Stand for Parliament yourself. Don’t like the Church? Found your own. Don’t like the royal family? Garner enough support to vote them out of power.

    As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    1. Benedict,
      It is not supporters I am looking for just readers, continue to read my blog and enjoy my text and that is all I ask.

  2. The only person that ever went into that edifice to the Incompetents, Westminster, with good intention was….Guy Fawkes.

    No wonder we celebrate his glorious failure every Nov 5th. Start a political party? No, I can’t lie well enough, I’m afraid, also I have this thing called a conscience. Imagine someone at the last election saying ‘Vote for me, I’ll make things worse’. Fast forward three years, 55% of the electorate who bothered to vote Conservative or Liberal in 2010, can you honestly say they kept their actual promise to make things better? No lying now, you’re under oath to tell the truth here.

    The politician hasn’t been born yet who will come out and says ‘We’re in the shit, we’ve years of wading in it, things aren’t going to get better for years, vote for me (P. S. no clue how to get us out of the shit either).

    Therein lies the problem. Where’s a Churchill when you need him? For God’s sake though, we don’t need another Maggie, one was enough. Besides, she’s responsible for a large number of our current problems, let the Iron Lady rust in peace….

    Here endeth today’s lesson

    To summarise – up the creek, paddle to yet be located….

  3. Churchill was a jewish war mongering piss head .Guido Fawkes was a catholic war mongering piss head.. Your heroes are the even worse than the current crop ofshite hawks. If you aint part of the solution, you are clearly part of the problem.

  4. To: Anon

    Nothing like bringing well-informed discussion to the table. You obviously put a lot of thought into the posting? I dare say you know something that we mere mortals don’t. As I doubt it, if I were you, I’d stay anonymous, that way we can’t put a name to the obvious idiot you already are. Clearly a self-made one at that.

    The fact you’re not posting in German might lead you to think Churchill, the rest of Western Europe (excluding Germany), Stalin (despite the excesses) and Roosevelt should be given some credit, albeit grudgingly

    There’s opinion and informed opinion, and then there are idiots. They’re frequently called ‘Anon’ and usually with good reason. No one wants to admit to being one.

    1. Paul,
      Whatever Anon and Mick Duxbury are playing at but they seem one and the same from the same e-mail name but different providors, beware and let them rant. I am publishing their e-mails to show the world their negativity.

  5. taylor,

    “up the creek, paddle to yet be located..”

    Paddle actually in hand but nobody wants to acknowledge this crucial bit of information and so sit in the boat looking like a bunch of dickheads…

  6. Benedict has a point, but on the other hand it’s not very realistic to expect someone aged 67 to start doing the things he suggests. Writing a blog to highlight problems and stir things up a bit is better than doing nothing at all.

  7. I forgot to say that Paul has done a lot more than just write. He has – pretty much single handedly – brought the issue of alleged abuse at St Bede’s under Monsignor Duggan to public attention, and has succeeded in getting the matter brought to trial. That is an achievement. And it is an achievement whether you think that the allegations are all true or are all fantasy. I have done my own share of trying to change the world, and I can assure Benedict that it is bloody hard work.

    (Just for the record, I was skeptical when Paul first made those allegations. I didn’t consider them to be impossible, but I was concerned that the only evidence he was offering in support of them were innuendo and claims made at second or third hand by people who appeared to be anonymous. However, I recently read a post by someone called Ken Horne, relating his own personal experiences, and it convinced me that at least some of these allegations have substance.)

    1. Thanks Linda for being so magnanimous. I assure you that Ken is not the only one but only judicial process will sort out the rest of the lads. These fellows have lived awful lives and they really do need help and that is what the court case is about.

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