Mr Tim Rustige V Elish Angiolini

After my recent postings on this remarkable court case the website – International Prisoners Of Conscience: Our Name Is Legion, For We Are Many  posted the following letter through my door which is all self explanatory.

Prisoners of Conscience International: Our name is Legion – for We are Many


Ref the charges filed against Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige Snr by Scotland’s Grampian Police and the Crown Office of allegedly cyber-stalking ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and causing her ‘fear and alarm’ in March of 2012 by questioning her moral fitness and professional competence to be elected to the post of Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford due her notoriety from being publicly pilloried across the swathe of the internet for the litany of scandalous controversies she has been linked to in her ‘judicial’ career.


Specifically these include Angiolini’s Magic Circle / Operation Planet report, the World’s End murder trial fiasco, the Lockerbie investigation cover-up, the Douglas Haggerty underage rent boy case cover-up – and nowhere near least, the Hollie Greig sexual abuse investigation cover-up and continuing persecution of Robert Green, to name but a sampling – all capped by one of Scotland’s most eminent University Professors – Robert Black QC – defaming the woman with an opinion that her tenure as Lord Advocate was a ‘disastrous experiment that should never be repeated’.


Following a ‘Relevance’ hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court on 2nd May regarding the wording of the charge filed against him, Rusty’s trial date has finally been set for the 4th and 5th November – a full 20 months following his arrest.


The Crown Office has now dropped the ‘causing fear and alarm to Elish Angiolini and LIEGES’ wording and instead ‘out of the blue’ named the notorious Hollie Grieg antagonists / alleged abusers Sylvia Anne Major and Winifred Dragon-Smith as co-complainants who were also ‘caused fear and alarm’ – even though they were never e-mailed nor contacted during the Prisoners of Conscience group’s simultaneous campaigns of ‘Free Robert Green’ and ‘Ban Elish Angiolini from St Hugh’s College Oxford’.


Thus we speculate this to be a concocted ploy – adding this venal brace of rejects from Macbeth’s ‘Three Witches’ cauldron-stirring coven scene – to take the pressure off Angiolini so someone else can assume the role of complainants and she can avoid a personal ‘catwalk’ appearance and cross-examination at Rusty’s trial – even though she is the principal complainant.


Angiolini has now publicly allied herself with an individual, Sylvia Major, who has been named in an expert witness document (Dr Eva Harding`s) that has been already accepted by the state (the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) as a probable sexual criminal abuser.

(Hmmm, the 5th November is a most propitious date: the anniversary of a bloke possessed with some modicum of sense attempting to radically restructure the Westminster Parliament – that grand and much-toasted Yorkshireman, Guy Fawkes).

Is there anything so transparently stupid as this case mooted by a neurotic woman to try and win back stripes she really lost over 10 years ago.  It is another example how the few in Scotland are trying to hold on to a power that is for all intents and purposes lost.  Angiolini was a product of Salmond’s machinations to reduce Scotland to the level of the SNP, she was the woman who threw petals at his feet, who covered up all his parties criminal ways and who stopped Scottish voters thinking for themselves until very recently.  The words Scottish and Nationalist conjured up self admiration but what it really did was line the pockets of a few criminals who thought they had the people of Scotland in the palm of their hands.  How wrong they were or certainly will be proved to be.  She definitely needs throwing into prison and having the key thrown away for covering up so much evil as the face of Scottish justice.

Here is hoping that Tim’s fight and Robert’s when it comes lights the fuses on the gunpowder that will blow the sham of Hollyrood off the face of the earth.


6 thoughts on “Mr Tim Rustige V Elish Angiolini

  1. Paul, you’ve referred to the Hollie Greig case a number of times in your blog now and you clearly back Robert Green’s stance.

    Can I ask what evidence you have that makes you believe that Hollie was abused by a satanic paedophile ring that extends to the highest levels of the British establishment?

  2. Barry,
    I personally have no evidence at all, only the evidence Robert Green and the Hollie Demands Justice team have and I believe them because I know Robert Green to be an honourable man. Over the last four years or more, they have been collecting evidence of an undeniable nature and I suggest you read Robert Green’s Blog – Hollie Greig Campaign and Hollie Demands Justice blogs.
    What I do know is that Hollie has named her abusers, the police have accepted she is a credible witness. Downes Syndrome kids do not lie. As a young girl, medical evidence stated that she had a sexually transmitted disease. I have mentioned in one blog the names of her abusers, the Grampian Police have said they have done a thorough investigation but none on this list have ever been interviewed.
    Contact either or both of these two blogs for further understanding of the case.

  3. Thanks, Paul. Up to recently I’d not researched this case but I was conscious that at some stage I should look into the veracity of such claims. My research suggests there is little real evidence to back up the claims but of course I may be missing something. To take some of your points:

    “I know Robert Green to be an honourable man.“
    He may well be but honourable men can reach wrong conclusions. He has been found guilty of posting mail to the neighbours of 19 people stating they were child abusers and suggesting they were implicit in murder. His actions have endangered the lives of innocent (until proven guilty) people and tarnished their reputation for life. This cannot surely be the actions of an honourable man. What if just one of those people were innocent?

    Green has made mistakes such as he claimed that a high proportion of the rapes and abuse took place at Sheriff Buchanan’s sister’s house. Unfortunately Buchanan doesn’t have a sister. This makes Hollie’s list of names unreliable.

    “Over the last four years or more, they have been collecting evidence of an undeniable nature and I suggest you read Robert Green’s Blog – Hollie Greig Campaign and Hollie Demands Justiceblogs.”

    I have read them. I see claims but not evidence of such large scale abuse. Hollie’s parents made enquiries about contraception for her in her teen years and were aware that she had a boyfriend and that could explain the STD. Hollie may well have been abused but to claim it extends up to the highest levels of the British establishment and is Satanic is surely an extraordinary claim that therefore requires extraordinary evidence.

  4. Barry,
    All Robert Green has ever wanted was a proper investigation into the case either by a police force that can be trusted or by judicial inqury. He has collected evidence to make that worthwhile. however I do think in the early stages of the campaign he was rash in some of the things he said but I suppose naively he thought that it might open doors that have remained closed.
    I am not sure whether that sister should have been sister in law or other close female relative. He has aknowledged that mistake some time ago.
    If Green is looking for a proper investigation, he is not going to publicly relate all the evidence he has.
    The essence of paedophilia and satanism, I am convinced the two are linked, certainly extends to the highest levels of the British establishment and has done for over a 100 years. It is proven every day in the media. If you cannot believe this there is no point in continuing the discussion.

  5. Thanks, Paul for your honest response. I won’t labour on the Hollie Greig case because you believe that Green has the evidence and I doubt it. Maybe one day Green will release his evidence and I will certainly re-evaluate my position in the light of any further forthcoming evidence.

    Regarding your claims of satanism extending to the highest levels of the British establishment I have reached conclusions that power corrupts and that psychopaths are more likely to achieve positions of authority. One example of such psychopathic behaviour was when our politicians blatantly told us lies about WMDs that led our country to play its part in killing one million Iraqis. Although this as an evil act I don’t believe that satanism is behind such behaviour, but I try and keep an open mind and would be interested to read about how you have reached such a conclusion eg are there any respected journalists who think this? Perhaps this could be the topic of a future blog post on this blog or if you had any links for further reading I’d be interested to have a read?

  6. For the eyes and ears of the sceptic shills amongst us.
    Evidence is a-plenty and not only held by Robert Green and my husband but Hollie’s Mum Anne and Belinda McK and others – which include Dr Eva Harding’s primary psychological evaluation report on Hollie and Dr Jack Armstrong’s physical medical report – both of which state emphatically that Hollie had been subjected to penetrative sexual assaults since an early age – and formed the basis for her £13,800 criminal injuries compensation settlement by the Grampian Police – albeit none of the named sexual abusers were ever investigated – a fact sworn to under oath at Robert’s trial by DC Lisa Evans ‘and’ seven of Hollie’s named abusers who admitted police had never interviewed them over the charges.

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