Tim Rustige and Robert Green Victims of Scottish Injustice.

I cannot get the injustice being performed on Tim Rustige and Robert Green by the Scottish legal system out of my head.  Tim, of course, is the Altrincham man being hauled over the Scottish legal coals for telling that scrawny arsed bitch and Betty Boop look-alike, Elish Angiolini, one time legal head honcho in Scotland, that her past history of aiding and abetting paedophiles was not the paragraph to have on her curriculum vitae when applying for the job of bossman at St Hugh’s College in Oxford.  She got the job anyway whether Tim objected or not but that is the way in high places, if your high enough and evil enough your good enough according to British top level thinking.

Robert Green from Warrington is the man who has been hauled over the same coals now for three years or so since being caught handing out leaflets explaining the behaviour of that now famous but unpunished paedophile ring in Aberdeen.  Famous for their part in  multi-raping over many years a young Downes Syndrome child called Hollie Greig and famous for containing the cream of Aberdeen society including judges, policemen, teachers, social workers, wives and girlfriends of the Granite City’s elite and who Elish Angiolini, her of the scrawny arse and varicosed thighs tried and succeeded in protecting.  Poor Robert was eventually sentenced to 12 months in prison for this breach of peace in some illegal sham of a trial that purported to call itself justice north of the border.  Actually he only served four or five months before the Scottish legals bowed to massive public pressure and realised they had fucked up and freed him to fight another day.

Both these men now face imminent courtroom battles over these next few weeks in the Scottish excuse for justice and fair play that their sham of a legal system purports to be.  Where bias and institutional corruption links the Holyrood Government under slippery Salmond, the Grampian police and in fact all Scottish police forces, the Crown Office and the powerful Aberdeen paedophile ring and the whole legal system in Scotland and makes it impossible for justice to prevail.

So we have two honest men, now prisoners of conscience expecting jail sentences for doing nothing but complain about the present totalitarian state in which they find themselves in.  Whilst in England, at the Appeals Court in London, Abu Qatada, who for 20 years has taunted his own Muslim brothers into thinking and doing things that they should not be doing and thinking, has his sentence of deportation to Jordan quashed as he might not get a fair trial in his homeland because of “a real risk of a flagrant denial of justice”.

Back to Scotland and on our doorstep where there is more than a real risk of a flagrant denial of justice for our two men from the North West of England and if you look into it there are flagrant denials of justice everyday.  Look at the website glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot where it seems that the poor Scots themselves have woken to injustice.  It is a stone cold certainty that when the kilted judges or sheriffs as they call them in Caledonia sit down, injustice is what emanates from under their pleated skirts.

Something is definitely rotten in Scotland today and the smell which is almost tangible looks as though it is exuding from under that pile of dirty knickers that old Elish left in a corner of the Crown Office in Edinburgh before she left for England, knickerless and undetermined.  That same pile of knickers that nobody up there dare touch.  I hear she used to have to change them five or six times a day.

So come on you full blooded English men and women do not let this uppity Govan bitch and her sporraned mates run the roost over us, shout, complain, pass on the message and above all start to make a fuss over this “flagrant denial of justice” being meted out to these two old men.  These men are not youths, they are both in their sixties, free-thinkers, both with the sagacity to realise things are wrong and both with the bravery to fight to right a grievous wrong.

3 thoughts on “Tim Rustige and Robert Green Victims of Scottish Injustice.

  1. Paul,

    A good job you’re over in Ireland or the Policemen in Kilts might have already paid you a visit. I believe as of 1 April 2013 (no joke intended, I fear) the Scots Police Service was amalgamated into one uber force.

    Since the police cars will shortly only have one badge to display on their side (prior to various diiferent ones for each area), I’d suggest having a tartan stripe for each of the previous local areas, that way you’d be able to tell exactly who are from the previous Grampian area and who are not.

    As to Ms Angiolini’s propensity for wearing several pairs of briefs (not ones of the legal kind) in one day, I say merely this – Too much information. No doubt they will shortly appear on E-Bay. I for one won’t be bidding.

  2. I think you’ve mixed up Abu Hamza (the hook) and Abu Qatada(the MI5 double agent).
    Hamza’s role was to stir up hatred of Muslims (through both his abuse of the welfare state and his hatred of non-Muslims) and to increase fear of Islamic terror attacks. Hamza’s preaching was a powerful PR tool in the build up to the illegal and unjustified 9/11 (oil) wars.
    Qatada is an MI5 asset who as part of the mythical western created Al Qaeda also played a key part in justifying the illegal wars on terror.

    1. Thank you Barry for pointing out my very basic mistake. It should teach me a lesson not to get mixed up in Muslim affairs, a subject I know absolutely nothing about. However my main point stands; why should a ruffian like Qatada be spared whilst two pensioners like Green and Rustige be subject to ignominy. If the Muslim chap is an MI5 asset however it explains a lot

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