The Rustige Family And The Disgraceful Grampian Police.

As a follow up to my posting of 26th March 2013 entitled Tim Rustige – Prisoner of Conscience or Martyr against Paedophilia and because of the interest it created in my readership, nearly all of whom were to scared to comment, I decided to look into the Tim Rustige affair a little deeper and I can now understand the depth of fear there is out there amongst the decent people of this land or should I say lands.

We are embroiled in a totalitarian state, governed by a Gestapo-like police force, which allows all manner of illegal activity to take place in order to shut up ordinary citizens from asking innocent questions.  Democracy has jumped out the window and despotic values have taken their place.

Without us realising it we have been duped.  The elite have us enchained, we dare not say a word for fear of arrest.  Gulags and concentration camps are around the corner.  Paedophilia is rife among this depraved elite and they are feeding off us like we are krill to whales.  We dare not move or talk for fear of being stamped on by the jack-booted policing of the pitiful ruling class and their hypnotised, Common Purpose educated, acolytes.

Let us look at Tim Rustige a little closer, this enemy of the state, who was arrested in March 2012 and brought to court  last July for posing the question of one time Scottish Procurator Fiscal, Elish Angiolini’s piss poor handling of Scottish paedophilia cases and therefore was she of the right bloodline and intellectual ability to become head honcho of St Hugh’s College in Oxford.  This man, turned up in court in Aberdeen on 20th March to answer the original charge of stalking the said flimsy Angiolini, only to be turned away and told to report back on 10th April 2013 and on making it back home under his own steam to leafy Knutsford was promptly re-arrested two days later on 22nd March for breach of bail conditions and incarcerated in an Aberdonian dungeon in Aberdeen police station for the weekend and then released on Monday afternoon, 29th March, and told to make his own way home again.

Brutality, harrassment, bullying all come to mind even if this was a teenage thug who had done damage to person or property but this man is a 64 year old senior citizen who has survived one stroke, suffers from a chronic heart condition and as osteoarthritis in both hands.  His body is not worth arresting and they could never arrest his mind, so why bother you might ask.  Do they think this type of harrassment will quicken his demise and therefore rid these evil buggers of a scourge.  Well if they do they must be daft, because for every Tim they swat, 50 more will rise to take his place.  There are potentially millions of us willing and able to take up the banner if Tim should ever leave us and God hope he does not, not for a long time yet.  He is obviously fit enough to deal with Grampian police as it took seven of them to arrest him on the 22nd March along with two complicit and docile Greater Manchester policemen, who were there obviously to see injustice done.

He was arrested this second time as I said for breach of his bail conditions, in that his wife and his son shared a pc in the family home that could connect to the internet and which Rusty could use if he was so inclined and thus bring hell and damnation, not forgetting mayhem and havoc on the whole of  European if not Western civilization.  So the nine heroes of our police state seized the offending pc of Mrs Rusty’s and confiscated it.

Rusty’s original bail conditions imposed on 26th March 2012 stated that he must remain at his present address and that he was barred from using the internet and that he does not have any device with internet access.  The police decided that any such device in the family home was owned by Rusty.  Their actions have denied Rusty’s family also of access to the internet for their own personal, business and social function which is surely a serious breach of human rights.

These draconian court rulings remind me of the Penal Laws in Ireland in the 17th century when Catholics were deterred from owning land, from living in towns, banned from public office, marrying a Protestant, holding firearms or owning a horse with a value of more than £5 amongst many more numerous other things.  It is the same holier than thou, God-fearing hypocrites in Westminster and in the Scottish parliament who are ensuring that these type of rules live on.  It is fear then and fear now that makes them follow this line.

The real reason that came out during his penitential stay was that they suspected Rusty of sending the Scottish parliament a string of e-mails in support of Robert Green and his forthcoming court appearance in Edinburgh and against the probity of that scrawny Govan bitch, Elish Angiolini, who has lived in “fear and alarm” since accused rightly of purposely mishandling the legal process in the Hollie Greig affair in Aberdeen.  This raft of e-mails they say had a mysterious and cryptic link to the Rustige family’s IP address which can mean anything you want it to mean without wandering off into the surreal.

Seizure of this second pc which contained Rusty’s defence documents for his upcoming court case seriously impacted on his aim of seeking justice.  Along with this they seized a BT internet router, a flashdrive of Mrs Rusty’s Zumba dance routines and Rusty’s mobile phone, a cheap affair that does not and never has been able to connect to the internet.  All these things had been left behind as not worthy on the first trawl in March 2012.

Now not only Rusty has been put under the cosh but Ren, Mrs Rusty, a 57 year old grandmother and nurse in an old folks home in Bowden and Lee, Young Rusty, their 22 year old son who works in an office in Manchester have been confronted by this tenacious band of policemen.

The seven kilted policemen raided the old folks home, The Cedar’s Rest Home in Bowden and forced an interview, under threat of arrest but Ren, has stubborn has only a 57 year old woman can be, refused to answer any of their questions.  Six days after this first invasion they telephoned her boss, the home’s manager, to tell them they were coming again on 3rd April 2013.  This oncoming confrontation caused real fear and alarm in Ren thinking of these heavies and their brutal ways.

These Grampian men also descended on Young Rusty and at 4.00pm on 2nd April they entered his office in central Manchester and took him away to a police station and put him into a cell as he refused to speak until he was legally represented.  Four hours later, after dragging a solicitor of sorts down from Glasgow, they interviewed him asking him the same stupid questions as they had asked his father previously.  Lee maintained his “no comment” stance and he was released after seven hours after being DNA swabbed, finger printed and photographed although no charges had been filed.

The next morning as promised the Gramps decended on Ren’s workplace, the old folks home.  The old folk must have been scared to death at these goons who must by now have regular lodgings in Manchester.  As it turned out Ren, full of stress, had phoned in sick.  So off went the merry band to Rusty and Ren’s family house and arrested her at 10.00am and refusing to let Rusty accompany his wife, they took her off to Pendleton police station in Salford, by-passing many others along the way, where she met the same Glaswegian pinchbeck lawyer, who must have kipped up with the Kilties overnight.  She was asked the same questions as Rusty and Lee and was so annoyed she did not even say “no comment” and just sat there in silence.  Eventually she was DNA swabbed, fingerprinted and photographed and again no charges were filed and released at 3.00pm.  She then rose from her muted state and demanded to be driven home which the gallant Gramps dutifully did.  At both these interviews there were Greater Manchester plods present.  What role is GMP playing in all this illegality.

What came out of these interviews is that the Crown Office, Hollyrood the Scottish Parliament and the Grampian police are totally pissed off with Robert Green talking to the Met/Operation Yew Tree team about child abuse in Scotland and for Belinda McKenzie for staging a protest outside Aberdeen court house during Rusty’s abortive court appearance on 20th March.  It seems that Belinda, a doughty lady, really got up their noses as well as other orifices and she might be tarred with the same brush as Robert and Rusty.  The scotty police hope to put the three in the one barrel and smack it with a demolition ball.  If they did 50 more sphinxes would arise.

I am afraid going to these lengths, it is only Grampian police, Elish Angiolini and the Scottish parliament that will go into the barrel and when the demolition ball hits it we might be overwhelmed with a tsunami of shite.

The one question I would like answering above many many more is why Grampian police can ride rough-shod over various jurisdictions in England but English police are refused entry into Scottish jurisdiction in the case of Operation Yew Tree for example.  The whole fucking mess stinks and do not forget folks, this sort of thing is happening on your doorstep everyday.

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  1. Nice job Paul.
    Actually Rusty was arrested on grounds that these purported e-mails have a mysterious and cryptic ‘link’ to their BT Broadband IP address – which can be interpreted as whatever they want it to mean.
    Kafkaesque isn’t in it.
    Best regards,

  2. Wow thanks for this – I just got this in a link from ukcolumn forum – so glad I came and had a look. I’ll b back.(-:

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