Tim Rustige – Prisoner Of Conscience Or Martyr Against Paedophilia.

Let me tell you a story, a true story, that you would not believe could happen in this decent fair playing, cricket loving British Isles that we live in.  But the truth is, the establishment, those movers and shakers that are turning these islands into a totalitarian mish mash, are running scared.  For years having had their lusts fed with a diet of extravagant paedophilia, they are now being reined back.  They are being told by blogs like this and many other more important, better written journals that their days are numbered, that their vices are dead in the water.

This story like most cases of paedophilia started a long time ago, probably 20 or more years ago in that den of vice and corruption and poor legal control, Scotland, and in particular Aberdeen.  It was here that a coven of paedophiles, consisting of judges, policemen, teachers, social workers and their spouses, getting tired of their normal playthings from council care homes, decided to regularly rape a young Downes Syndrome girl provided by her father, Denis Mackie, a fellow coven member.

This abuse went on for many years before the young girl, Hollie Greig, confided in her mother, who having discovered this horror decided to seek retribution and protection for her daughter.  Anne, the mother, was arrested and subjected to all manner of degradation by the authorities, her brother was murdered and she was hounded out of Scotland but not before Elish Angiolini, Procurator Fiscal for Grampian region had put a tight blanket of security round the case and closed all investigation down.

Nine years later, Anne Mackie or Greig using her maiden name, was still fighting this injustice from her adopted home in Shropshire and had co-opted Robert Green, an elderly Warrington man, to help her fight this outrage and challenge the system and bring her case into the open.  Robert was arrested on the streets of Aberdeen, distributing flyers explaining the case to the unknowing populace.  His charge was breach of the peace.  This case having struggled through the courts for three years nearly ended up being the largest breach of the peace action in legal history, costing millions of pounds of tax payers money and involving nearly half the legal system and officers of Scotland.  Elish Angiolini who continued to travel upwards and higher was now Chief Procurator Fiscal of Scotland and fought the case as though her life depended on it, pulling in favours from all sides of that corrupt legal system.

Eventually Robert Green’s case came to fruition in February 2012 when he was sentenced, after any number of court appearances to a year’s imprisonment by a corrupt judge, Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen.  He tried to call Angiolini as witness but Bowen would not allow it.  One of the many establishment errors in this case.  Google http://scottishlaw.blogspot.ie/2012/06/former-lord-advocate-elish-angiolini.html to read about this saga.

So enter Tim Rustige, computer repairer and life-long campaigner against injustice all round the world, who amongst other stuff writes a blog called Rusty’s Skewed News Views in his own particular humorous, crude, put-down style.  He prefaces his blog with the words”Rusty’s Skewed News Views is a spoof publication, fired by the ironies of human nature and tempered with elements of misanthropy, satire and parody, inspired by traveling round the Earth more times than Skylab and composed whilst observing the inherent idiocies of Mankind and should not, therefore, be taken too fucking seriously”.  But the witch Angiolini, having been dragged up in the back streets of Clydeside did not know how to take it not too”fucking seriously”.

Sometime in 2012 whilst railing against Scotland, Elish Angiolini and the injustice meted out to both Hollie Greig and Robert Green, Rusty suggested, that perhaps Dame Elish Angiolini, who was scuttling onwards and upwards at such a great rate of knots you could only see the emaciated cheeks of her arse, was not the right person to take up the Chancellorship of St Hugh’s College, a college with such worthy alumni as Teresa May and Hugh Grant.  Perhaps she might have too much baggage for such an exalted position.

Angiolini was angry, as angry as only evil Govan, scrawny arsed, gobbling witches can be and slapped Rusty down with a court order forbidding him from stalking her on the net – a criminal offence no less.  That was last July, when police officers from Grampian Police gathered at Rusty’s home outside Altrincham, arrested him and took him up to Aberdeen, where his case was deferred until last week when again Rusty this time under his own volition and abiding by the law made his way to Aberdeen.  Again the case was put back and Rusty came home to Manchester, shades of Robert Green here.

Having returned home, Rusty’s son went to his father’s house to be confronted by a Grampian policeman searching the garage and another upstairs searching for God knows what.  Surely there must be a jurisdiction problem here?  The Scottish law system being what it is, entirely different from English law.  Grampian Police strutting on GMP’s manor.

After threatening the son with arrest, they confiscated Mrs Rusty’s computer, arrested Rusty once more and took him up to Aberdeen, where he spent the weekend locked up before being released without further charge on Monday morning, March 25th, and having to make his own way back to Manchester.  If this is not intimidation, I do not know what is and all for criticising the selection of a chancellor of an Oxford College.  But that was Monday’s news and this is Wednesday and Robert Green tells me Rusty is still incarcerated.  Take note all you Scottish people your day of atonement is nigh, vote correctly in 2014 and rid yourselves of those evil bastards in power in your neck of the woods and pray that Rusty is safe.

But all this is getting away from the real point isn’t it.  Whilst the police are running round the country like headless chickens arresting other old men under Operation This and Operation That, the real scoundrels, the real men of horror seem to be getting away Scot free, if you pardon the colloquilism.  Plenty of has been entertainers and men of no account arrested but no politicians.  These power brokers are the people who keep the need for paedophilia alive, these are the sexually driven morons that are never arrested.  The powerful protect their own, the likes of Lord Leon Brittan, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Lord Greville Jenner, Lord Gerald Kaufman and Lord Hardie of Scotland and many and more politicians having had their fill of young children still wander around the edges of greatness waiting for their licence of criminal immunity.

2 thoughts on “Tim Rustige – Prisoner Of Conscience Or Martyr Against Paedophilia.

  1. Brill piece, Paul.
    Rusty’s family BT Broadband connection is blocked by the Grampian plod squad paedo mafia from accesing their Prisoners of Conscience ‘Skewed News Views’ weblog, and from Robert Green’s blog so they can’t post comments.
    Keep up the good work – all it takes is a few good men.

    1. Thanks Ally,
      I will do my best even now two seconds after reading your comment I feel a need to take the Grampian gawps to task, a blog is in the making.

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