The Rights Of Man In Ireland.

Ireland is in the shit and has been for several years now, brought on by a combination of avaricious developers, scheming bankers, indolent public servants and corrupt and not so bright politicians who in just ninety years of self-determination have delivered Ireland from colonial rule from Westminster to colonial rule from Brussels,  which has decided to tax the bejabers out of middle and lower class Ireland to pay back the loan the European Bank had given, to shore up the political and economic system of  the country that had been left in tatters by the previous Fianna Fail government.  With a few hundred thousand not even able to now pay their mortgages on property the Dail has been told to levy a Household Tax and on the back of that a Property Tax, followed by a Water Tax.  There seems to be no boundaries to the taxes that are looming up to pay for something that the poor people of Ireland had nothing to do with in the first place, whilst the politicians, high-ranking civil servants and bankers sit back with not a frown on their countenance, easily comforted with massive salaries, even bigger pensions and the years spent free-loading when times were good.

The Irishman and woman are now about to be shackled into a straight jacket of taxation that can only bring one result, civil unrest and all that term historically brings with it.  Our bewildered and intellectually unable politicians are bowing and scraping to this European elite as though their lives depended on it and are bringing in a taxation system and means of control that is both unconstitutional and illegal.  Even Enda Kenny are beloved Taoiseach said the same twenty years ago when the then Fianna Fail government tried to do similar in 1994, he stood in the Dail and said “It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a person’s home… even unconstitutional”.  Surely a man cannot change his mind on such a basic point unless of course he has been got at.

To try and avert this covert control from Brussels, a group calling themselves The Common Law Society of Ireland have organized themselves to try and roll out the various truths in the matter and make sure the people of Ireland know what is happening to them.  As they say, they are non-political, non-denominational, non-anything.  They just want to work with the law of the land to make these people in the Dail realise that they cannot cross the law for their own particular political ambition.  In their researches and their investigations they have realised that even the legislators in the Dail do not understand the full implication or meaning of the Tax and just rubber-stamp any idea that is put to them.  Even the wording of the Household Tax document which is the document that all other taxes will be dumped on was drafted by an American and our poor TDs have just nodded it through.

The people in the Common Law Society of Ireland realise that the poor TDs are just nodding puppets but understand that they also have to pay these taxes and admittedly protected by their present salaries now might not always be so and therefore want to also educate them just as much as every other citizen of this country.

So on Saturday myself and my guiding light drove down to Westport some 60 or so miles across Roscommon and Mayo countryside and as I drove my mind went back to the last great disruption in Irish civil life, that of the Land Wars of the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s which brought about 25 years of civil unrest in the country and which originated in the countryside I was passing through.

In those days the lot of the tenant farmer was very tenuous and he could be evicted on a whim, leaving himself and his family landless and homeless with nowhere to go but to another country where any outlook could be equally grim.

With a similar world wide depression then as we have now, the tenant farmer could not pay the high rents being asked by his in the main absentee landlord and being enforced by his land agents and a lot of families were forced out of their holdings.  Out of all this devastation there arose a group of men, a deradicalised Michael Davitt, an earnest and fair Charles Parnell, a landlord himself but a fair-minded one, John Dillon, John Redmond and others.  They could see that the harder the ruling classes, backed up by policemen, the army and the land agents enforced their law, the harder the people fought back, causing the killings and murders of some of the perpertrators on this wheel of confrontation.  It was only leading one way and that was unthinkable.

These men, the founders of the Land League realised there must be another way and that was through the law.  In the beginning of this now political and legal struggle, it was found that the use of the boycott principle was an effective and legal method of dealing with landlord excess.  This principle was named after Charles Boycott an English landlord and land agent in Mayo, who had become the bane of his tenants by rigidly adhering to his rights no matter the circumstances.  However this legal route the Land League took was long and arduous and it took over 20 years of hard legal slogging, including time in prison for Parnell and his friends but in the end the rights of the individual won out and the Irish tenant farmer became the master of his own destiny by using  mainly peaceful and legal pressure to right a wrong.

That is all the Common Law Society of Ireland want, they are a group of men seeing an unfairness in the system getting together and by legal and fair means hoing to persuade the legislators that it is the wish of the people not to be taxed so severly nor in such a manner.  They are in it for the long haul and they will not be diverted from their path but of course as with every great cause, they need help to bring it to life.  Help from me and you, the ordinary people of this land to persuade the members of the Dail that their course is not correct.

On Thursday this week there is a test case on this subject in the District Court in Westport, Case No 2012/12340P where the local council having threatened a local man with proceedings have themselves been brought to Court along with Cabinet Ministers and all involved in the Local Government Household Charge Act 2011 by the threatened man who is saying that it is illegal and unconstitutional to force anybody to make a declaration in the manner asked for under the Act.

To read more about this fascinating battle between David and Goliath, google Phil Hogan – High Court Summons and visit website and even the Common Law Society of Irelands website.  There is lots to read and lots yet to be done

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  1. It is a matter of deciding who your friends are ; Iceland has recognised that Global Capitalism is neither caring nor ethical and told its creditors to go hang . So far , the Icelanders are still running their own affairs according to the needs and wishes of their people AND they are paying off their debts without pauperising their own . Ireland would be well served by men of backbone who were true to their own people .

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