A Pox On All Politicians Especially Phil Hogan

Writing about that monster Phil Hogan in my last blog posting got my blood up so badly that it has taken me two days to calm down.  What I forgot to mention in that posting was the details of the writ served on Hogan and others at the end of last week.  I give you a link below where you can read the initial correspondence and then the eventual writ.  It is long and detailed so give yourself 15 minutes to read it through properly.

Remember all you people out there who cannot afford these charges, you do not have to pay anything and certainly not interest.  Wait for the court case , which is scheduled for some time in the New Year, to reveal this calumny unravelled.  Remember do not pay anything.

For you people in England and in other countries round the world who are stricken with these trumped up taxes, read, enjoy and learn how the people of Ireland are fighting back against unjust politicians.  Their days are numbered.  No longer are the general public going to be whipping boys for the so called elite.

It does show you how high and mighty these gobshites in the Dail think they are, Hogan and his department have refused to enter into any correspondence in this matter.  They think they can wave their wand and we will respond.  Well we bloody well won’t.

The link is:- http://thecls.blog.com/2012/12/11/hogans-last-stand/

PS. you can download pdf’s of all the docs here: www.eBook.groupsite.com

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