News For Parents Of Pupils At St Bede’s College In Manchester.

This particular posting is more a news item than anything, at least news to me and vindication of my blog Les Disparus of 10th October 2011 when I said Mr Mike Barber’s star was still twinkling.  For all new parents, those who have only known the despot Kearney, Mike Barber was the very able, approachable and decent man who was the headmaster of St Bede’s College prior to Kearney and his mate Father Ted, Tim Hopkins, the florid Quinlan’s hit man, organised the putsch that saw Barber leave in June 2011 fed up with the constant politicking of the two sidewinders.

Mr Barber is now the Deputy Head of St Edmond’s, Ware in Hertfordshire, the oldest Catholic school in the country and one that for performance and prestige knocks Bede’s into a cocked hat.  It has more saints in its alumni than Bede’s has rock and roll musicians and BBC men in its list.  So the florid Quinlan’s letter to parents on 10th June 2011 saying that Mr Barber wanted to get back to classroom teaching as soon as possible does not now seem to ring true.  Not that, of course, you would expect the florid Quinlan to tell the truth in these matters; after all he is a monsignor of all that is good and holy.  So fair play to Mr Barber for rising above the turgid nonsense that ejects itself from the mouths of this vicious, vindictive trio of Quinkearnhop and their selected nodders on the Board of Governors.  It does not seem to me that Mr Barber wants to remove himself from management at all.

On another note Mr Kearney so I have been informed, fed up with my sniping, is out to get me.  I understand that he called the staff together the other day and told the assembled not to worry because he was getting the strong arm of the law onto me and he has forbidden the reading of my blog by all the staff and pupils.  I presume he has done this from an educationalist’s point of view because there are so many spelling mistakes and poor syntax in my text that make my stories poor bedroom reading material for his swots at Maine Road or should I say Eastlands now.

Well best of luck with your efforts Danny and many more happy years of teaching Slovakian centre halves.

3 thoughts on “News For Parents Of Pupils At St Bede’s College In Manchester.

  1. How is Danny Boy going to enforce his ban on anyone reading about his antics? I think the Thought Police may be in action here – another best Bedian example of deny and ignore, and it will all go away. The carpet must now have at least a foot of crap swept underneath it.

    Will they ever learn? It seems this man’s naivete knows no bounds, he should be more concerned about other matters, such as TD’s antics being exposed. I don’t hear anyone from Jimmy Savile or Cyril Smith’s families now even trying to deny what happened. For heaven’s sake, the evidence in the case of the Rochdale Rogerer was there, but someone mentioned the words – Not in the Public Interest – and that one got buried considerably more than 6 feet under.

    I don’t think someone could pick a worse time to try and defend the indefensible, so bring on the lawyers, I say! I do hope the Old Alma Mater has got good insurance, I’ve a feeling they’re going to need it.

  2. The best way to get people to read something is to ban it. The only reason I read “Spycatcher” – an excruciatingly boring book, as it turned out – was that Margarter Thatcher had just banned it.

  3. Delighted that the talented and conscientious Mr Barber has landed such a prestigious job. The way he was treated by Monsignor Ruddy Face and the Priest currently helping police with their enquires,not to mention Señor Danny was a disgrace.

    I hear that there is concern about Señor Danny and his ever increasing erratic behaviour at the school. There is genuine concern about his state of mind.

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