Venerable Vinnie Always Gets It Wrong.

Over the weekend a very great friend of mine e-mailed me from France to say how offended he was that our great and beloved scouser and leader of all things Catholic in England and Wales, Vincent Gerard Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, had taken it on himself without consultation with his scattered and ever decreasing flock, to canvas the great Benny 16 to remove and in fact strip the papal order of Knight Commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great (KCSG) from the now frayed shroud of the once great and gifted Sir Jimmy Savile, doyen of Leeds, Parliament, Royalty and Church.  This holy and sacred order was given to him by John Paul II in 1990 when Jimmy was at the peak of his paedophile activity for his marvellous works of Christian charity.  The Pole got it horribly wrong and he did so on a number of occasions in his ministry.

Jimmy had not just received this mighty honour from the Vatican but he also had the Cross of Merit of the Order pro merito Melitensi, which is the civilian equivalent of the Knights of Malta.  In fact a higher order than the Knights of St Gregory the Great, so why not strip him of that as well, while he was at it.

It all strikes me as a bit ridiculous to strip a man or woman of their titles, and Old Jimmy had many, when deceased after honouring them while they were alive.  Without doubt for this man to have received any honour other than a kick up the arse early doors is beyond me, for he was always a creepy, crawly horrible person, it was as plain as the nose on your face.  Unfortunately those who could not spot him are the ones who probably needed him and they are certainly the ones who give out these honours.

I suppose his services to “paediofeelery” deserved something for certainly sustained effort.  I have known the man since 1964 and my mother knew him from the Ritz, a dancehall in Manchester, just after the war and she had no time for him then.  So Jimmy had been perfecting his art for 67 years, surely ten out of ten for determination and deception.  As I said I have known him since 1964 when as a raw good looking youth of 18, I used to make my way down to the Top Ten Club in Belle Vue in Manchester on a Sunday night where Jimmy was in charge of the show and I have to admit now that as I twirled the fancy female population of Manchester round on the dance floor my intentions were probably on a par with Jimmy’s, except mine were aimed at my age group.

Anyway to return to the point before my lascivious memories get the better.  My friend in France thinks that Vinnie Nichols has missed the point by a few thousand miles.  Why go for Jimmy when all about Vinnie there are serried ranks of cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignori and plain honest to goodness, arse humping priests who have probably done much worse than Jimmy but who remain insitu without a stain on their lily white souls.  These sanctimonious old clerics have probably done more harm and are probably continuing to inflict more mental and physical pain on the youth of this world than Old Jimmy could ever contemplate.  So let us all stay off our high horse and consider the Catholic Church and most likely every religious assembly for what it is, a fraudulent, mind bending institution.

Before I go I want to list a few men who the papacy in their time have honoured and you tell me whether or not their gifts to the world were any less than Jimmy’s and all these men have been allowed to remain with their papal honours intact.  Some are dead, some not so dead.

Silvio Berlusconi whose tax and sexual affairs have been destroying the Italian nation for 40 years.

Tony Blair, the megalomaniac ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain who fraudulently sent this nation to war in 2003 as he acted as a lap dog to the next man on this list.  Nobody knows how many thousands of people have been needlessly killed by his decisions.

George “Dubya” Bush for his insistence that Islam needed culling.

William Casey. Director of the CIA who believed that all Russians were terrorists and interfered himself in terrorist activity all round the world.

Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS in Nazi Germany and possibly responsible more than any other for the holocaust.

J Edgar Hoover, the father of everything illegal in criminal law enforcement in America.

Henry Kissinger, architect of the Cambodian bombing with the resultant deaths of 40-50,000 people

Rupert Murdoch for his zeal and determination in trying to control the western world from his media empire.

Kim Philby one of the master spies of the 20th century.

Auguste Pinochet, dictator of Chile for 17 years, responsible for killing thousands of his countrymen.

On top of all this there is a cohort of politicians and decision makers in England who have all been prosecuted for child abuse and there is a similar list of policemen according to Sonia Poulton in the Sunday Express on 28th October 2012.  Sonia has a list of 132 political abusers who have been prosecuted for child abuse

So all I am trying to say is let us deal with them all.  Do not let Mr Savile carry the can for everybody.  Vinnie calm down and look at the real problem instead of just trying to get your name in the paper.



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