Cover Ups Of The Truth.

I suppose David Cameron felt himself to be a great shining white knight yesterday as he stood up in the Commons and gave his apology after the findings of the Independent Panel into the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 when 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives in circumstances that should never of happened.  He said that in the light of new evidence it can be proved there was a cover up.  It was not new evidence at all it was the truth and had been staring successive governments in the face for 23 years.

However I do not think that Mr Cameron did it for altruistic reasons, his party are well known for not knowing what that word means. No, Mr Cameron was faced with this train that had come down the tracks, this train that had been put on the rails by the previous Labour government after massive pressure from the three main support groups ably led by that Rottweiler QC, Michael Mansfield, who represented all the relatives of the dead.  This train contained the truth about what happened on that day and Cameron had to jump on board or risk catastrophe.

All the relatives knew the truth, they had known it for 23 years, as did the whole of Merseyside, as did a significant number of interested others from round the country but the unfortunate thing is the time, these 23 years, that it has taken for the simple truth to emerge.  This 23 years gave the time for a lot of the perpertrators to live out their lives, time for the orchestrators of the cover up to remain in comfort for a lot longer than they should have done.

It is hard to believe, when you look at the scale of falsification that six or seven men in provincial England could organise a cock and bull story about certain events and have it believed by the powers that be and the great majority of the uncaring populace but this it seems is what happened because it was easier and more acceptable to blame the dumb masses than the responsible agencies of power.  The local police big wigs, leaders of other support agencies like the Ambulance Service, officers of the Local Authority, the local Tory MP, the Directors of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and the appointed Coroner all conspired to tell it how it wasn’t.

They were helped in a massive way by sections of the media and the  profoundly apologetic Kelvin McKenzie, now of the BBC but then editor of the Sun newspaper, who a couple of days after the disaster published, to his and Rupert Murdoch’s regret, his famous front page story “The Truth”, where he described the apochryphal behaviour of the fans as the true cause of the disaster.  He said he did it because one South Yorkshire news agency who was bemused by the local Tory MP, Irvine Patnick, and senior police officers’ reports of the day’s events, told him to.  He is a brazen liar, he did it to sell newspapers.  The man bites dog story is always the best seller.  Thankfully he shot himself in the foot as I do not think that the Sun newspaper has sold 10 copies in Merseyside for 23 years so enraged were the people of Liverpool by this blatant untruth, but it damaged and delayed yesterdays outpouring of truth by many, many years.

So has one of the campaigners said yesterday “Today is for truth, tomorrow is for justice” and let us hope that this long awaited justice is meted out swiftly and strongly to all deserving senior policemen, senior ambulance service officers who let 41 people die for lack of care and triage, senior local authority officers who allowed games to be played at the stadium in full knowledge of it not having the appropriate safety certificate, Directors of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club who accepted the FA money for running the semi-final although they knew the ground was not safe for a packed crowd and also to any serving policeman who allowed his statement to be altered to suit his senior’s take on the day’s events.  It is hard to believe that 164 police statements were amended on “independent legal advice” and then signed by each individual officer without there being one whistle blower.  Does the course at Police College so drastically alter a trainee policeman’s mental processes, that he can only see what his superiors tell him to see.  The whole essence of this Independent Panel and this Commons Apology depends on swift retribution, as a victim’s sister said yesterday “There has been so many lies told, you cannot let it go now”

The whole episode makes you think of  how many more travesties like this has there been, how many more cover ups have taken place and we seekers after truth know that there have been many.  Mr Apology Cameron must have half a dozen up his sleeve, all well orchestrated and cemented into place by various officers of government.  We seekers after truth, wrongfully named conspiracy theorists, only want what is our due ie. the truth.  It is far easier to forgive the truth than to simmer and groan over falsehoods.

Why do they do it, what success do they get for trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  Can they not see that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Can they not see that a significant minority led by focused individuals will at some stage break down all obfuscation.  There is no future at all in covering up, it makes one mess even messier but we are ruled by weak, stupid individuals.  We are ruled by a series of weak links.

Look at the Catholic Church and what they have got out of cover ups, a loss of millions of followers, a massive decline in income and a total distrust of all things clerical.  All for what?  Saving the arses of a few hundred bad men.  The hierarchy must be mad, they are surely the weak links.  They could not even apologise properly like Cameron nearly did yesterday.

Last but not least I would like to thank my son Daniel who as I was writing this piece he unbeknownst to me was penning a comment on yesterday’s blog posting and in it he reminded me of more international subjects that have been trammelled by untruths viz;- Christianity, zionism, Vietnam, moon landings, 9/11, usury.  I thank him for his contribution but it strikes me hard when I try to think, that the whole stinking mass of the world and its affairs are riddled with untruths.   As I write this another e-mail comes in from my son in law who reminds me that the truth has never come out about the following events, Locherbie, Fluoride in Water, Alien Disclosure, Pearl Harbour, Sinking of the Titanic, 7/7, Colorado shootings, Columbine Shootings, Dunblane Massacre, Princess Di’s Death and many, many more. Truth as a virtue no longer exists.  It is every man’s, woman’s and child’s take on an event whatever that take is, is truth.  It is a bubble to be played with.

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