Bad Teeth Or Cancer, Bone Disease And Brain Damage. That Is The Question?

I have just bade farewell to the majority of my grandchildren, five kids under seven years old born to one daughter and her terrier of a husband.  The kids have exhausted and delighted me, the husband or should I say son-in-law, has angered, annoyed and embarrassed me at every turn.  It is never over anything simple and it is never subtly done.  Whenever he gets an idea in his head, he goes full blast with it until he has eventually got under the skin of everybody.

He upset the landlady of our local pub on his first night on his insistence that she should wash her dirty glasses in bottled water and not the water from the tap which he said was highly poisonous.  He upset the owner of a very fancy restaurant we went to on Saturday night, who was rightfully boasting of his modern filtration plant which delivers the finest filtrated water in the West of Ireland.  Unfortunately he could not guarantee that this so-called poison in the water was definitely filtered out.  This poison being Hydrofluoro Silicic Acid (H2SiF6) which is listed as a poison under the Irish Poisons Act 1982, First Schedule, Part II (S1188) but which it seems the Irish Health Authority insist in feeding into our water supply at the rate of 2,000 gallons per day.

So after one embarrassing circumstance after another, I was glad to see them off so that I could build back my equilibrium into polite North Roscommon society.  While I was at this assuagement exercise, I decided to do a little research into the matter myself and by God, do you know, the little terrier was right.  I hate to give the snarling loudmouth credence but the Irish government is and has been for the last 50 years, trying to poison its people.  I can only think that it is for reasons of control, to dumb down the population and they nearly succeeded with the monotonous regularity with which they voted in successive Fianna Fail governments.

This daily injection of Hydrofluoro Silicic Acid into the drinking water of the country is highly suspicious.  The whole of Europe has banned this operation because of the fact that it contravenes all Human Rights legislation and is in direct contravention of all good medical practice in that there is no control over the individual doses meted out.  All Europe is of the opinion its small advantages are outweighed by its harmful effects.

H2SiF6 is a by-product of the agri-chemical fertilizer process and is bought by the Irish Health Service from a Finnish company based in Holland.  Both these countries have banned its use, Holland in 1976 and Finland in 1990, where only one city, Kuopio, had used it as an experiment for 20 years.  The results of this experiment along with experiments in other countries, like New Zealand, say that this kind of treatment of water has no good effects only bad and that its benefits have been greatly exaggerated.

This fluoridating agent is a toxic substance and is far worse than the Sodium Fluoride used in toothpaste manufacture although in the levels used in this process, it is bad enough.  Fluoride affects the endocrine system causing kidney problems, it affects the thyroid gland and causes bone disease as well as increasing the risk of cancer.  Recent research from The United States Environment Protection Agency says that “the body of evidence over the last 11 years indicates a causal link between fluoride/fluoridation and cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment and bone pathology.  Of particular concern are recent epidemiology studies linking fluoride exposure to lower IQ in children”.

The medical professionals form a growing band of people who are trying to have this practice stopped because it is a chemical cocktail containing trace elements of lead, arsenic, antimony, phosphorous, and chromium, all heavy metals which in my days as a contractor had to be treated with extreme care and their disposal monitored.

The Irish Medicines Board which vet all new medicines have never registered Hydrofluoro Silicic Acid as a medicine because it has never been proven to be a safe and effective medicinal product.  All the Irish government can say when faced with opposition on this subject, is that the Irish population are not good at brushing their teeth and that if they did not introduce this acid to the water, dental caries would run riot.  What it does do is let dental fluorosis inhabit the teeth of the nation and does not credit the Irish people with the ability to manage its own dental health.  Well after 50 years of this treatment Irish teeth rank only 6th in Europe in the table of good dental health, all the countries above them do not fluoridate.

Well the bloody son-in-law was right and I hate to let him know but I will tell him this, that after a week of carting plastic water bottles about and drinking from same, my household waste bill has increased tremendously and the money in my pocket has reduced considerably.   However there is one thing in his haste he has forgotten about.  He is a bugger for Guinness, the Irish sort that is, so that as soon as he arrives, he is in the pub lashing it down his neck.  Well the advertising blurb coming out of Guinness says that the water used in the brewing process of the black stuff is pure water from the Wicklow Hills.  That may be so but between cup and lip there is always a slip and in this case the slip is by Dublin council who manage to inject nearly 8ppm of H2SiF6 into the public water supply which Guinness uses.  In London at Park Royal where English Guinness is produced they do not fluoridate the water and there is only a naturally produced element of less than 1ppm of fluoride in the water.  It is seven times more dangerous to drink Irish Guinness in Ireland from St James Gate Brewery than English Guinness in England.  However for taste and superior satisfaction give me Irish Guinness any day.

Life is not worth living unless you live dangerously, but we will not tell son-in-law this as he might refuse the nectar the next time he is over and he will, in this uninebriated state be more of a bloody nuisance than ever.

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  1. John,
    How are you, long time no hear. You have put your finger on it, mankind faces the biggest conundrum. Does he go out early with damaged mental processes, brittle bones and cancerous growths all over or does he go out in a blaze of glory after being pushed in his wheelchair down to the pub to wallop down 20 pints of plain.

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