Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, The Dunblane Massacre & and the Scottish Cabal

For months we in Ireland have been scratching our heads, worrying and shouting out about the cover-up that has been going on within the Catholic Church regarding the abuse of children by ordained priests for the last 40 years or so.  Well there is a bigger cover-up one that goes to the heart of civilized society as we know it.  One that has massive political repercussions when it eventually does come out

All weekend long I have been struggling with this story that I know is there but needs the right slant.  With all the legal fears of publishing the truth, the papers in Britain have been hamstrung these last 15 years with dealing with this string of events.  The web is full of it, but every now and then, when an article crosses a particular line, the article or website is removed.  As you trawl through the web on this subject the more you see of the captions This page cannot be found or This page is lost.

So all I am going to do with this posting is to relate a few historical facts and give you a few web sites for you to wander through and ask you to make up your own minds.

Paedophilia is rife all over the world but never more so than in the higher echelons of English and Scottish society where it is possibly at the root of leading political thought and because most senior British politicians seem to be linked to Scotland, you could consider the fault lies completely in Scotland.  The land where freemasonry is said to have originated in the late 16th century.


Thomas Watt Hamilton, a known paedophile, walks into Dunblane Junior School and shoots dead 16 children and one teacher, subsequent reporting links George Robertson, the then Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, with Hamilton.  The subsequent Cullen Enquiry covers everything up and slaps a 100 year rule on its findings.  Robertson went on to be Defence Secretary in Blair’s government and then Secretary General of Nato before disappearing off the radar in 2oo4.  Subsequent to this enquiry and its 100 year rule reporting of paedophilia in high places was rife in the British press before Tony Blair slapped a D notice on the papers and their editors forbidding them reporting on this matter and citing the oncoming war in Iraq and the damage this would have on military personnel.  So the continued exposure suddenly stopped in 2003 and is now reawakening.


Hollie was a young Downes Syndrone child who was continually raped and abused by her father, groomed elder brother and a ring of paedophiles in the Aberdeen area for 14 years.  This ring included policemen, lawyers and social workers.  It stopped in 2000 when this abuse was found out and reported to the police by her mother. The case has been kept under close wraps by the now Lord Advocate of Scotland.

The case is amazing and terrible and needs a day studying it on the web to realise how truth is clamped down on when the authorities are implicated and how we the ordinary decent folk are organized.  Google Hollie Greig and read the shocking story of high level paedophilia, especially look at the five videos on YouTube of Journalist and Investigator Robert Green who explains the story well.

The names that keep cropping up and in no particular order or culpability are:-

Graeme Buchanan, Sherriff of Aberdeen.

Terry Major, a senior police officer with Grampian Police

Eilish Frances Angiolini, Lord Advocate of Scotland.

Dennis Charles Mackie, Hollie’s father and now resident in Portugal

Operation Ore, the police investigation into paedophiles on the web.

Robert Greig, Hollie’s uncle, found dead in a burning car in 1997.

Edinburgh University.

The Speculative Society, a mason’s lodge founded in Edinburgh University.

Peter Mandelson, Brown and Blair’s right hand man.

Lord Cullen, now Scotland’s senior judge.

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain.

George Robertson, one time Secretary General of NATO and now director of several large companies.

The FBI.


Some websites to look at are:- protection.html

www.propagandamatrix/alleged paedophiles.html

Read these and they lead on to more and give yourself plenty of time to imbibe it all and then tell me we are not being kidded.

20 thoughts on “Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, The Dunblane Massacre & and the Scottish Cabal

  1. Excellent well done on this !!!! Its been kept out the main stream media, yet this is as bad as the Pope, to how high it goes… Well done Paul

    1. Thank you Lorraine.
      It is a story that sickened me when I discovered it. What else are the establishment hiding up their sleeves. Pass the message on and soon there will have to be some action. Probably when the Scottish Cabinet are removed next month.

  2. ahh…Peter the Great Lord Mandelson who has annexed so much of Whitehall and is the most powerful unelected deputy since Henry VIII appointed Cardinal Wolsey.

  3. Although I am in no way defending Thomas Hamilton, I feel I must take issue with some of your comments. Thomas Hamilton, as far as I understand, was never convicted of paedophilia. Therefore, to what extent was he a “known paedophile”? He was suspected of being a paedophila.

  4. It was reported in The Guardian and Sunday Mirror as well as the Sunday Herald early in 2003 that two Labour MPs were on the Operation Ore list.The story has disappeared and some believe this is due to a D Notice. The D Notice system is not the reason that this story is not being reported, it is the UKs Libel Laws that suppress this story.Sadly, whoever these two are we will not hear about it now but everything comes out in the end.It seems that senior Labour politicians will know exactly who the suspects are and this will damage Labour so much in the future that they have no future.

  5. Dear Editors,Reporters,

    while you are running around after the politicians today with david cameron and Mr Alexsalmond doing the slagging match in edinburgh have a thought for a real issue tommorrow read on

    We want you to consider the sentence of ROBERT GREEN in the public interest at stonehaven court tommorrow 17th march 2012 i urge you all to think what this court sentence is really about its not a bad man doing a crime is a GOOD GOOD man trying to prevent child abuse and the lies told within goverment and the police.Robert needs media attention to highlight the true facts of why hes being sentenced.

    I feel as do many that when a crime is committed the authorities do a very good job but when child abuse is involved the press the authorities suddenly get a quiet Voice we need to talk out for the victims and the survivors of child abuse we need to shout from our balconys our patios our cars and give the children their voices back.

    We also want to bring interest to the media that a event in edinburgh on march 6th will raise awareness of this issue it is a world peaceful protest being held at the scottish parliament buildings with full support of everyone involved in arrangeing this event please visit this page for other uk areas involved in the peaceful protest
    Story This Email Reflects

    There is a great man being Sentenced tommorrow friday 17th of march 2012 at stonehaven court in aberdeenshire ROBERT GREEN

    Telephone: 01569-762758:

    I and many supporters of this story wish Him all the luck of the irish as clearly this man the most respected robert green doesnt deserve to get a criminal record for trying to expose cover ups in the scottish justice system and police not investigating a child abuse case properly it further is not fair when the sherriff mr bowen failed to disclose a relationship at roberts trial see above url.

    Supporters of ROBERT GREEN are requested to turn up at court in their many tommorrow 17th march and please email all the scottish newspapers radio stations tv stations showing your support for robert.

    We can all talk on facebook but taking action as above will be more beneficial to Robert and his sentence we need a public outcry now.

    Andy 01507 477 433


    1. Thanks Andy for that, Robert’s sentencing is tomorrow 17th February not March as you say, so all readers take note.



    Facebook users report Robert Green on Hunger Strike and he FEARS FOR HIS LIFE

    Robert Green given 1 year sentence by Sheriff Bowen

    Posted on February 17, 2012 by Admin

    Word had just reached me that Robert Green has been given a 1 year jail sentence by Sheriff Principle Bowen.

    This is broken down as 9 months for Breach of the Peace, and a further 3 months for Breach of Bail Conditions.

    Robert is said to have called out to his supporters as he was being led down
    “Don’t worry about me, I shall be fine”

    Belinda McKenzie told me by telephone that the Free Robert Campaign has now been launched.

    More details as they come in.

    The supporters and The Campain to free robert green through legal and peaceful methods begin today i urge you all not to forget this fantastic man and the cause he was doing this for Hollie Greg demands justice now Robert Green Demands Justice when will this stop the cover ups the lies of the authorities on the internet we see one side why dont all those involved post their side to the scandal then the public wont judge.

    We urge all Campainers who want to raise awareness of the prevention of child abuse come to Edinburgh March 6th scottish parliament 9am for a peaceful protest

    Edinburgh 9am holyrood house scottish parliament buildings march 6th with richard lyle msp supporting his client at the event

    One Voice For The Kids

    Official Press Release

    London Event 2 to 4pm

  7. Well it would have been enlightening to watch the Robert Green video`s about Hollie ,but as normal we mere SHEEP ,USELESS MEAT EATERS (BY THE WAY I AM ANGRY TO BE LABELED MEAT EATER AS I AM A VEGGIE EATER, BUT I DO ADMIT TO BEING A MUSHROOM KEPT IN THE DARK AND DAILY FED A DIET OF PURE BULL CRAP)The powers that be have decided we are not adult enough to watch Robert Green`s wonderful video`s telling the truth.
    Robert Green you are a very brave man,thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing tall,and telling the truth ,and trying to protect young children everywhere,may I wish/hope you are awakening many people to the truth of this land,and to stand up and be counted

  8. Who is this ‘Owen Mark Le Winton’. Another link on the web to disabled YouTubes states … An imposter and obstructionist by the name of ‘Owen Mark Le Winton’. I don’t believe there’s a link, more of a misleading non-connection. Could Le Winton be a high-ranking british politician? Anyway, regarding Paedophilia in Scotland. I have my own story which leads me to believe it confirms allegations that in The Scottish Establishment, it’s endemic and has tendrils leading all over the Place. But here’s one observation. The same people practicing covering up Paedophilia have a great passion for warfare, and the shedding of blood.

    I think you’ll find them behind efforts to greatly divide Scots society against England, and probably hence to become Britain’s ‘BackDoor Man’ to the Eurozone, european integration of Scotland and automatic introduction of the Euro into Scotland
    (A process exposed in The Times – Scots edition just about a week ago). Yes, of course, Alec Salmond’s name now crops up.

    When I first came to this little backwater in SW Scotland where I now live, someone, a neighbour immediately started a slanderous rumour, that lead to years of violent attacks against my property ( I rent) and my person. I spent 2yrs off with a seriously broken Leg (at age 50+ such an injury can take ages to heal). I have had my Bay windows broken Twice. Yes, I was labelled with the ‘P’ – word. Whereas in reality I don’t even have so much as a record for dropping litter. (Try dropping your used train-ticket outside Glasgow rail station, you’ll find out very quickly what I mean.)

    Within days of having moved here from Yorkshire, I was under physical attack due to a direct neighbour, who’s slander and lies go beyond anything I can even contemplate (It’s not possible for me to even think about such perverse acts), was at the time a registered alcoholic, but since 2011 has come into a large amount of money which has allowed him to pay for large, yeah, huge renovations to his former rundown house. Meanwhile my windows are boarded up – permanently, because if I take the boards down, I’m 99% certain after two previous breakings, they would be again.

    Than last August, less than a year ago from this posting, I complain to him, about it. ‘If I ever hear that you’ve been telling people those lies again, I won’t be responsible for my actions’, merely an angry but non serious warning. Next day my house if force entered by a time served House-Breaker and Smack user, (5 years inside for robbery according to the local Cops), I am violently assaulted over ‘my warning’ and he threatens to return with a knife and ‘do me’. It’s all caught on my CCTV. He pleads innocent at first and second hearings (what’s that strange word used up here for court pleads) but on 3rd Pleading at final court hearing in December last (2011) he pleads guilty BECAUSE SOCIAL SERVICES have been looking after him since the start of the trial process.

    He ends up getting ~1hr per week ‘Community Payback’.

    It seems very odd that a known time-served violent thug caught on video and sound committing forced-entry, aggravated assault (a lot of punching) and threatening my life, who is doing it, presumably, to gain respect from my malicious neighbour, gets to walk..

    Oh, and another significant thing, very so I find. The Assailant came with a witness of his own to my door during the assault.
    That accomplice the Police tell me, finally, after a bit of interrogation about it, is a KNOWN SEX OFFENDER. He was young and small, male, not a threatening person per-se. But he was a convicted, known Sex-Offender, possibly having served time. I don’t think I got the details.

    I am pouring my heart out here, but not my feelings, just the facts. And so to conclude.

    Three Questions.
    1) In Reality, is my neighbour a known Paedophile, due to DPA (Data Protection) not known to the community; and Protected?
    2) Are Social Services making a habit of looking after the short or long term needs of serious offenders allowing them to be ‘reformed in the community’? Ans: Well yes, we know that for sure. If you go onto Irish St. Dumfries, you will find a Government ‘Trillium owned’ Building, the former Social Security Offices, which lay dormant when the SS Moved down the street pre-2001 when I came here. That building and it’s a large 4 or more stories high and about 75 m long, – I call it ‘The Social-Services Factory’ has been very busybody, in the community since Social Services took up residence in about 2010/2011.
    3) Are known serious criminals being kept safe ‘in the community’ to be accidentally put in the way of news of events, when someone needs a reminder of ‘who’s in charge’, or rather ‘what’s in charge’. Is Social-Services grooming serious criminals, paedophiles even to pose a ‘moderating influence’ by means of the threat they represent to otherwise law-abiding communities.
    4) Why is the guy next door at 123 William St. Now, Living in Luxury when he can’t work because of a heart condition. Maybe it’s all just sickness benefit? That’s a lot of refurb in and out, outbuildings, Giant TV, painting and Security system, thousands and thousands worth. He was a serious alcoholic. Where did the money come from? My mind boggles. But I tell you, everybody involved in having my property and person attacked, has really enjoyed it; though they don’t brag about it in public. I think they just notch it up. But they do mock me. The police have been as involved as they can. But they complain about the ‘Scottish Judicial system’.

    Why Don’t I move out? One of the representatives who came to the ASPA meeting was from the ‘Homelessness Unit’ of the council. All she could offer from behind her big smiley, cheshire-cat smiley, almost mocking, (I’m not sure she wasn’t mocking me – not wanting to be different) was offer me a bedsit. Immediate take up. Leave your home now, leave everything behind, lose your pet, and go into a bedsit. The only option. That’s both reason enough to say they offered me no worthwhile option at all, and at the same time enjoyed mocking me.

    Qui-Bono? That’s ‘Who would benefit from such an arrangement’?

    I approached Social-Services for help regarding security for my broken window, to try and get funding for polycarbonate security frames fitted, – we had 2 meetings, where about 6 official SS, ASBO, and other ‘big-grin’ types turned up.
    At one of the meetings, the 2nd, I was dubbed ‘ an adult in serious danger’ under the ASPA 2007 Government regulations. ASPA is ADULT SERVICES PROTECTION ACT – 2007. And for my sufferings; what did I get? De Nada. Nothing. And they enjoyed giving me nothing. All they needed at the end of the day financially was about £500 to protect both my front windows with professionally fitted security frames. Conveniently then, and to this day, they didn’t then and they still don’t have it.

    There was a lot of laughing a broad Cheshire-cat grinning at me in the final meeting I dared go to, that’s last Nov/Dec 2011.

    I tail off here. I’m approaching Liberty in England about this. There’s a lot more to it. I wonder if corruption, Back-handers and the renowned Scottish Political activity of ‘back-scratching’ (it’s easier than actually caring to do a day’s work) are completely out of control?

    I believe Scotland is in very deep dood00. I’ve never had a broken window in my life. I’ve never been assaulted in my home, in this ‘United-Kingdom’ in my life. There is very deep corruption here; a Deep corruption of the human soul that is tolerated and wimsied away. ‘Whatever, whatever … whatever’.

    I’ll be damned if this sort of affair goes unpunished.

  9. There is a lot more here that is being exposed. We already know about Lord George Robertson’s (ex UK Defence Secretary 1997/98 and Sec Gen of Nato) links with Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), procurer of young boys and a massive British establishment [Masonic] cover up.

    Blair government insider Lord Robertson has threatened to sue Scotland’s leading independent newspaper over internet allegations that he not only used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for child killer Thomas Hamilton, but was also a member of a clandestine paedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for the British elite. On 13 March 1996, Hamilton, armed with four hand-guns, opened fire on a junior school class, killing 16 children and one teacher before turning the gun on himself, shattering forever the idyllic 13th century Scottish town of Dunblane. Lord Robertson was the referee on Thomas Hamilton’s shotgun licence. [FACT]

    Blair government, which has already issued a D-Notice to gag the press from revealing the names of known paedophiles within the British executive, including at least two senior ministers; and the case highlights the government’s NATO boss and Blair government insider Lord Robertson….

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