Papal Pap.

This is going to be a short one today.  I am mindful of all my old school friends around the globe who are now hanging on to every word I write and because I do not know how far they have been religiously persuaded over these last 50 years and as I do not want to upset our recent acquaitance, I will have to pick my way carefully over today’s disclosures and happenings.

I started to listen to Brady’s mass this morning which was sent out over the web, but after the first hymn sung by some strangulated soprano, I switched it off.  I knew from her tone and delivery that this service was going to be same old, same old.  I waited a couple of hours until the media had got the papal pap into print and without a doubt the whole world was waiting for it from Co Roscommon in Ireland, to Northfield, Minnesota, to Alexander Road in Manchester.  Without doubt the Vatican’s publicity machine is a powerful tool.  The problem is it is stuck in the same mire as the Church and can only churn out what we do not want.  They have not been arsed to try to get into the minds of the ordinary decent people of Ireland.  They are the ones most affected by the scandal and all the pope can offer them is trite nonsense.  He does not accept any of the blame when we all know he is up to his holy oxters in it.

The people of Ireland do not want to do penance, they do not want to hear that they have become too secularised, they do not want a visit from a man who has organised this cover up and the one in Germany that is threatening to be an even bigger burden on Rome. What they do want is a fundamental change in the mind-set of the epicopacy.  Peter R. Cullen writing a letter to the editor of the Irish Independent today sums it all up succinctly.  For an eighty year old to have such revolutionary thoughts is admirable.  Google it and read it.  I hope he lives long enough to see it happen.

We need to see the old order out and a new more democratic and accountable Church in its place.  Perhaps Archbishop Martin is the one that could draw us out of the mire providing he is let and even if he is not let, he should withdraw himself from this evil that is being orchestrated in Rome.

We are certainly being led a merry dance and it is now time to up the tempo.

So I am sorry to all my new found school friends for being such a rebel against the religion they have held dear since the late Tommy Duggan massaged their arses all those years ago but I also was fed this pap for most of my life and it was only when retirement beckoned did I revert to anarchy.

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