Slo Mo At The Ros Co Co.

I refer to my previous blogs of On The Shit Heap posted 27 January 2010, Deriliction Of Duty on17 January 2010 and Small Town Ireland on 7 January 2010 and I have to say nothing has happened.  The status is still quo.

I wrote to the Planning Enforcement Officer at Roscommon County Council on 17 January 2010 telling them of the recent construction faults which are now appearing in our small estates infrastructure.  Explaining how the developer after 9 years still seems to be in breach of six planning conditions even though Ros Co Co in 2004 tried to solve the matter and I asked what were the Council’s plans for the future.

That was 39 days ago and no answer, not even an aknowledgement to say that my query was being dealt with.  So on 11 February 2010 I wrote to the County Manager asking him to intervene and put some spark into his Planning Department.  That was two weeks ago.  No aknowledgement-nothing!  Surely County Councils should be no different than any other business which turn round aknowledgements within two days.  What do I have to do for them to answer my problems, or perhaps this is not their reason for being; but their website says different.

“Roscommon County Council provides a variety of services, which impact the daily lives of those living in and visiting the county.  These vary from  essential services such as the provision of water and sewerage facilities, to those of a recreational nature such as libraries and the arts.”  Well that is what I am questioning or is it a boundary problem.  I have thought for a long time that Ros Co Co do not consider North Roscommon to be part of their gubernance but consider that possibly Sligo or any one in fact should take up the responsibility.  So here I am asking questions of obviously no one in particular and wondering if any one wherever he be can stand up and do something.  A little vague perhaps.

The Ros Co Co website lets me know that there are 702 of these fine procrastinators (one member of staff to every 77 of population.)  Surely any one of these 702, in 39 days, should have been able to put pen to paper and ally these two with a little mental effort.  Are all the County Councils in Ireland the same or do some of them perform or are they all tarred with the same brush as the rest of the public sector workers sitting in anonymous offices country wide, having thrown their dummies out of the pram at the last budget and now refusing to answer telephones or in fact do anything other than lift their arses off the chair at 5.00 or 5.30 and think about going home.

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