The Dark Box And Our Unspoken Words

I have just finished reading The Dark Box:A Secret History Of Confession by John Cornwell, an excellent writer with a long history of books regarding the Catholic Church, who is only just hanging on by a thread to his Catholicism, mainly because of massive encouragement from his wife.

The book is a marvellously researched history of the sacrament of confession and should be read by all lapsed Catholics to prove they were right, all practising Catholics to show how daft they are and all non-Catholics to let them know how lucky they were.

Traditionally confession was bequeathed on all young people on reaching puberty and it was Pope Pius X in the very early 20th century ordained that it was necessary for children from the age of six or seven.  In this decision was planted the seeds of the calamity to hit the Church recently, that of clerical sexual abuse of children.  But the book is not just about that but about the battle between modernists and traditionalists throughout that century and beyond to make the sacrament fit for purpose.  Do you fit the people round the sacrament or do you fit the sacrament round the people.

It reached a high point for the modernists at Vatican 2 convened by Pope John XXIII in the early 1960s with the idea of communal reconciliation which became very popular and altered the thoughts of many lapsed Catholics who had ceased to practise their faith because of the discomfort of the one on one policy.  A discomfort rightly felt if the priest was in any way invasive with his words.  However the traditionalists have been fighting back and with Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI at the helm they have won back most of the lost ground and thus the Church is losing numbers.

The most interesting part of this very interesting book is how Cornwell considers the Church lost millions of supporters by not backing down on contraception, making it a grave mortal sin to indulge in this practice whether it be for birth control or even for use as a prophylactic to stop the spread of any number of sexually transmitted diseases.  Although Pope Pius XII did allow coitus interruptus and the rhythm method, the traditionalist popes do not even consider those to be fair game.

So as is our practice, without thankfully television or newspapers, myself and Helen, after a sirloin steak and a glass of wine, sat down last night to talk.  We were typical Catholics brought up in the very era  that Cornwell was talking about and we started asking each other questions we had never asked each other in 41 years of marriage.

It soon became clear that neither of us had ever gone to confession during our married lives, although attending weekly mass, never in fact missing mass until November 2009 when the Murphy Report on clerical sex abuse was published here in Ireland and realising what a catastrophic cover up had been perpetrated by the Catholic Church, we never darkened the doorstep of a church since except in memory of departed friends.

I stopped going to confession when I was about 16 thinking what a foolish thing to do by confessing to a man who had probably done a lot worse than I.  My experiences at school must have had something to do with my arrival at this decision.  Certainly my religious education encouraged my scruples which forbade me at the same time not to receive communion as well because of not being in the necessary state of grace.  Helen, although a little older before deciding not to take part in the ritual, just felt it was an unnatural situation to be in as a woman talking to a man.  She put an embargo on the middle man when she was about 20 but that did not stop her from considering she was in a state of grace and therefore went to communion every week.  Scruples must never have been on the curriculum at St Joseph’s Convent.  

With regard to our marriage all I will say is that it had its ups and downs like all long marriages but never once until last night had we ever considered contraception.  As we talked we realised we had never ever discussed the matter.  Helen asked me why I had never once brought the subject up, and I thought and thought but could not come up with a solution.  Probably the impromptu way we went about these things made me never consider.  When I asked Helen, she said half jokingly, that she only let one thing invade her body and that was not going to be a creation of Big Pharma.  Again she felt it unnatural and that is probably the reason why we have six kids.  As the Bible says, you reap what you sew.

So after a couple of hours stimulating conversation we retired to bed realising we were not typical of Cornwell’s Catholics but in the end we all arrived at the same location, divorced from the Catholic Church, whilst the modernists, the traditionalists, the theologians and the clerical psychotherapists and psychologists tie themselves in knots playing hopscotch with the sacrament, while the Good God, if there is one, looks on and laughs.

Timothy Rustige As Spunky As Ever

I am in close contact with Timothy Rustige, the other man from Cheshire locked up in a Scottish dungeon for allegedly telling Dame Angelo Dundee Cake or her pseudonym Dame Elish Angiolini that she was only a wanker.  Despite the privations of prison Timothy is in great form but he would dearly love a cuddle with his wife, Ren, a decent meal, a few hours on the internet and a jog.  When at home in Altrincham he goes jogging most mornings round Dunham Massey and he misses that relationship with nature.  I get two sometimes three letters a week from him and his spunky nature shines out in them all.  At the moment he is classed as a high risk prisoner, whatever that means.  Timothy tells me that it is high risk of escape, which is ridiculous for a 65 year old grandfather on his first alleged offence “and this category is reviewed (perhaps) after one month and (perhaps) lowered to medium risk – then after another month (perhaps) reviewed again and (perhaps) dropped to low risk, if the assessment is favourable – and only then will (perhaps) the early release/tag paperwork kick in – which takes several weeks to process.  Thus as my nine month sentence requires me to serve four and half months under Scottish Penal Regulations – and I will be due for release in mid-August – this fiasco of tag release processing is a joke and I will be up for release before this processing is completed.

That is of course dependent on the crooked Crown Office (vindictive as hell) and Aberdeen’s corrupt plod squad elements don’t conjure up some fresh novel charges to keep me remanded beyond my release date and behind bars – same as Robert – to keep us silenced and block our exposure/ anti-child sexual abuse campaign – and of course appease the ‘main complainant’ – Angelo Dundee Cake – to prevent us re-petitioning Sir George Young, Head of  the (Downing Street) cabinet Honours Selection Committee to revoke her Royal Dameship.  Now that would most definitely piss her off more than complaints to the BBC over her Desert Island Discs guest slot”

I received two from him today dated 15th and 16th April 2014 and I give it you verbatim just to show how his lot has not affected him one jot.

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Dear Paul and Helen,

Received your letter and blog print-outs here today (my letter of 11th April)plus the nettle tea bags (many thanks) which were loose in the envelope and I was ‘permitted’ to have.  Great taste and a nice break from regular Tetley tea crap.

So Cathy Fox is a bloke called Peter!  Nowt surprises me.  LOL’s.  Yes, there is no surprise on the nonce-pix download paedo getting off on appeal when a kiddie fiddling PIE member is on the bench.  You can pick up the stench of complicity and corruption from a thousand yards away.

OK, what the fuck is ‘cryptospiridium breakthrough’?  (I had been telling him of my fight with Irish Water) No Google at my fingertips to reference it.  Irish Water is a joke.

I finally have a ‘confirmed/earliest’ release date – 11th August – unless a ‘tagged’ release is processed and granted before this date – which is doubtful with this disorganised and understaffed mess posing as HMP Grampian – a right balls-up.

Yes, I’m aware of Robert’s health problems and old heart complaint coming back to haunt him.  Just wish he could be released on bail, but posing such a deadly threat to Scotland’s elitist nonce establishment – western civilisation overall, in fact – then this 68 year old domestic tourist will undoubtedly remain behind bars while he represents an exposure mechanism to the paedo culture that prevails in this foreign land – and noble causes be damned.

As for me, my health is okay both body and mind – I’m here for pursuing a noble cause and draw spiritual strength from that moral factor.

Your cryptic reference to Katy’s discussions with ‘interesting people’ viz my case/current predicament is intriguing and I await correspondence from her to enlighten me to this end.

Pity I’m out of my ‘blog-o-sphere’ whilst in HMP Grampian – so many lovely scandals to tear into.  The Ukraine fiasco and the Malaysian Airways scam for a couple of samples.  What a scam that is.  Where’s the plane/where are the passengers?  Four planes and passenger cargoes went missing on 9/11 that have never turned up – as they did not hit the twin towers, WTC 1&2 – or the pentagon – or got shot down by the National Guard.

So the KL to Beijing flight gets out over the Gulf of Thailand – then turns round and heads back – no radio comms/trisponder purportedly ‘turned off’.  Sorry – can’t turn them ‘off’.  Regardless the radar signature definitely can’t be turned ‘off’ – but no fucker or their dog monitored its passage across Sumatra and down into the Indian Ocean – if that is where it headed – and close to Diego Garcia and Gann Island – both bases for US Air Force/Navy and the RAF respectively.  A US military base did not monitor a ‘rogue’ aircraft flying well outside of commercial flight routes, challenge it via radio or send up a couple of interceptors/  Bullshit.

Radar monitoring alone – not to mention Pyramider sattelite coverage – someone knows precisely what happened to the plane/ MH370.

Then we have the ‘Pistorius’ trial – best stand-up comedy show in town/ on telly right now.  No jury – just Mrs Judge Winniebego Chuckabutty who looks like she fell out of a tree and copped the job as a ‘Chief Justice!  With a salary of three bananas a day.

Okay, enough of my cruel, racist humour.

 Best regards to you both.


Well there is nothing the matter with Timothy’s morale and we can surely give him a little licence with his “cruel, racist humour”.  He is in daily contact with Robert by letter and he is very worried about Robert’s health and wants everybody to do something however small to try and get him home.

In Scotland with the Post Office you can put whatever portrait on stamps you like via the internet.  So my daughter sent him 20 first class stamps with Elish Angiolini looking her prettiest on them.  The idea was for Timothy to enjoy licking her arse, his response was “So the Dodgy Dame now has her ugly mug on a Scottish postal stamp! WTF next?”  He did not know of the facility.  By the way she sent Robert some with Hollie Greig’s portrait on them.

So if you have a quiet minute send Timothy a letter, if you cannot write just get somebody to put “HOW DO” on a bit of paper and send it to:

Timothy Rustige, Prisoner No 134031, HMP Grampian, South Road, Peterhead, AB42 2YY, Scotland.  He will write back.  Will he?  Yes, because he has fuck all else to do until August thanks to Angelo Dundee Cake.


Robert Green, A Prisoner Without Trial.

This morning I have just had an urgent message from Aberdeen that Robert Green, the Warrington man in Perth prison since 12th February, is in a poor condition.  Robert, who has not been given a trial, has been deteriorating for nearly a month.  It took the prison authorities a week to bring in a doctor who suspected angina and gave him some medication which does not seem to be working at all.  This friend of mine said he went in to see him yesterday and he said he looked ghastly.  Robert himself said he did not feel at all well.  He has had no proper tests carried out that anybody with suspect heart conditions would normally have and I consider the prison authorities are not acting in his best interests.

Robert has committed no crime, he is locked up on trumped up charges at best.  All he has done is speak out against the abuse of children in Scotland and in particular a paedophile ring in Aberdeen that goes to the top of Scottish society.  He is an out and out good guy who has been refused bail, whilst murderers, rapists and gangsters of all description roam our streets on bail.  As he says in his letter to me written last weekend “there is still no imminent prospect of my release, even given the deterioration in my health… whilst Stuart MacFarlane, Liam Gibson, Douglas Haggarty and Denis Mackie etc, etc.

Stuart MacFarlane was an assistant in Elish Angiolini’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service when she was Lord Advocate of Scotland.  He was found shagging a prostitute down a back alley in broad daylight by two police officers, in attempting arrest the two policemen were injured and MacFarlane ran off.  Later the police raided his home and found thousands of photographs of child sexual abuse on his computer.  The case came before Angiolini who thought it not in the public interest to proceed with. MacFarlane was quickly removed from the scene and is now in some NATO office in the Middle East.

Ian Gibson, who owns Gibson Marine which transports oil rigs around the world, was found to have 49809 images of the worst child abuse on his computer when police raided his home in Midlothian.  On bail, he came to court, pleaded guilty and the Sheriff gave him three years probation.

Douglas Haggarty, who is Head of Legal Services for the Scottish Legal Aid Board was caught shagging an underage rent boy in a public toilet in St Enoch’s Shopping Centre in Glasgow, one Saturday afternoon in 2009.  The case came before Angiolini, who said there would be internal punishment, the case did not come to court.  What that discipline was we do not know.  Haggarty is still in his job at SLAB.

Denis Mackie is Hollie Greig’s father and a leader in the Aberdeen paedophile ring that Robert has been trying to expose.  Hollie is a Downes Syndrome girl who eventually told her mother that her father, brother and lots of her father’s friends had been raping her since she was six or seven until her mother fled to England with Hollie when the girl was about 20.  A doctor found she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme awarded her £13,500 for injuries received.  None of the named ring have ever been questioned by the police and Denis Mackie and his son fled to Portugal where it is presumed they still are.

Robert Green has not committed a crime in his life has already served three months in prison in 2012 for his outspokeness in this case and is now well into his third month of detention with no trial and still no crime, only the one the Scottish authorities are at this moment trying to think up.

If this is not the biggest flagrant breach of human rights ever, I don’t know what is.  Robert is possibly dying, with nobody in authority caring and I think Alec Salmond and his cronies are possibly willing on his demise.  Brian Souter of Stagecoach take note, these are the people you are bankrolling.

Please write to whoever you can and pass the word round about this grave injustice.  The Law has it is perpetrated by these evil people in Scotland is a complete and horrible mess.




The People v Borgoglio, Pachon, Welby and Others

Yesterday in my blog posting of 15th April 2014 entitled St Bede’s College in Manchester and the Salford Diocese – Part 2, I got into an unseemly spat with one of my commentators, who goes under the pseudonym of Old Bedian.  Normally he and I agree with everything that has and is going on in the Catholic Church and at St Bede’s College in Manchester in particular.

In his comment he considered that Pope Francis had his heart in the right place.  I countered with the fact that I did not consider he had a heart at all and to study the evidence being brought out at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels at its Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State.  Old Bedian immediately replied saying it is just a one man blog.  Stung by this dismissive reply, I gave him a few facts but he remained entrenched.

Well this morning, one of the most influential voices on the alternative media published a report on the findings of this court.  The Tap is that influential that they could not sully their reputation by publishing stuff that they thought not true or insubstantial.  This report started with the headline “Church leaders chop up baby on altar and eat it.  Pope Francis participates.  The truth is bursting free and cannot be stopped”

It goes on to say that in the present case before the Court viz, The People v Bergoglio (The Pope), Pachon (The head of the Jesuit Order), Welby (The Archbishop of Canterbury) and Others are charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder, it has adjourned for two weeks after hearing evidence from eight witnesses.

Two witnesses had described their rape in 2009 and 2010 by Jorge Borgoglio at horrific cult functions connected tothe Ninth Circle child sacrifice network.  The Ninth Circle is a Jesuit inspired organization that deals in satanic abuse of children which was founded in 1773 and each new pope since then is obliged to take part.  This evidence has been taken from Jesuit secret archives.

The same archive makes reference to a child sacrificial cult called The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazis in 1933 with Jesuit backing.  It mentions Joseph Ratzinger as a SS chaplain’s assistant taking part in these sacrificial rites using children taken from political prisoners at Ravensbruk concentration camp.

This week a senior Vatican official requesting strict anonymity and security has offered key evidence to the court concerning the chief defendents.

Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is named because the Church of England was involved in these rituals, especially in Canada where the killing of Mohawk children in Ontario at a reservation school took place.  A fact that the Canadian government admitted to last week and which also implicates the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families.

So read> and also go to and then Old Bedian and any other doubters come back to me and say it is all tosh.  As an afterthought also google, and iclcj court records, and iclcj court cases for an in depth appreciation of the work this court is doing.

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