The People v Borgoglio, Pachon, Welby and Others

Yesterday in my blog posting of 15th April 2014 entitled St Bede’s College in Manchester and the Salford Diocese – Part 2, I got into an unseemly spat with one of my commentators, who goes under the pseudonym of Old Bedian.  Normally he and I agree with everything that has and is going on in the Catholic Church and at St Bede’s College in Manchester in particular.

In his comment he considered that Pope Francis had his heart in the right place.  I countered with the fact that I did not consider he had a heart at all and to study the evidence being brought out at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels at its Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State.  Old Bedian immediately replied saying it is just a one man blog.  Stung by this dismissive reply, I gave him a few facts but he remained entrenched.

Well this morning, one of the most influential voices on the alternative media published a report on the findings of this court.  The Tap is that influential that they could not sully their reputation by publishing stuff that they thought not true or insubstantial.  This report started with the headline “Church leaders chop up baby on altar and eat it.  Pope Francis participates.  The truth is bursting free and cannot be stopped”

It goes on to say that in the present case before the Court viz, The People v Bergoglio (The Pope), Pachon (The head of the Jesuit Order), Welby (The Archbishop of Canterbury) and Others are charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder, it has adjourned for two weeks after hearing evidence from eight witnesses.

Two witnesses had described their rape in 2009 and 2010 by Jorge Borgoglio at horrific cult functions connected tothe Ninth Circle child sacrifice network.  The Ninth Circle is a Jesuit inspired organization that deals in satanic abuse of children which was founded in 1773 and each new pope since then is obliged to take part.  This evidence has been taken from Jesuit secret archives.

The same archive makes reference to a child sacrificial cult called The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazis in 1933 with Jesuit backing.  It mentions Joseph Ratzinger as a SS chaplain’s assistant taking part in these sacrificial rites using children taken from political prisoners at Ravensbruk concentration camp.

This week a senior Vatican official requesting strict anonymity and security has offered key evidence to the court concerning the chief defendents.

Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is named because the Church of England was involved in these rituals, especially in Canada where the killing of Mohawk children in Ontario at a reservation school took place.  A fact that the Canadian government admitted to last week and which also implicates the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families.

So read and also go to and then Old Bedian and any other doubters come back to me and say it is all tosh.  As an afterthought also google, and iclcj court records, and iclcj court cases for an in depth appreciation of the work this court is doing.

St. Bede’s College in Manchester and the Salford Diocese – Part 2

One of the real sad things about Pannone’s settlement in the case last week against the Salford Diocese is that because of the settlement there was no publicity and so St Bede’s College and the Salford Diocese did not get the hammering they deserved.  But before I go any further let me correct a wrong that I should have corrected in last week’s blog posting.  Pannone now of course do not exist, they went the way of most some weeks ago and are now part of the Slater & Gordon empire, however Pannone is still Pannone to Manchester watchers but let us hope their policy might change with the new name, but I doubt it.

Richard Scorer is now the National Senior Injury Manager (sounds ominously threatening) for Slater & Gordon.

Now for all I know the two lads who settled last week with the Salford Diocese must have needed the few bob they were offered but they were not helped by, according to lots of people, by the Pannone policy of getting to court quickly and getting out quickly, lengthening the action means a slower return on money and a crafty lawyer can soon persuade a nervous litigant when to cash in his chips.

Settlement it seems is what Pannone seek, look at their House Blog of 4th November 2009 where their Kim Harrison is positively crowing about the fact that they had just received a settlement of between £15,000 and 20,000 for a client who was abused by Fr William Green whilst a pupil at St Bede’s College.  What is £15,000 – £20,000 for 30 years of trauma, Kim Harrison needs to understand a few things about trauma and how it fuck’s up one’s life and the trauma does not end on pay-day either, you carry it with you for the rest of your life, you under-achieve in your career, you find it impossible to commit to relationships, you often find no way out but suicide.  £15,000 - £20,000 is peanuts for the damage caused.  In America the judicial system have far more empathy for the abused and often pay out 50 times more to the victim.  Why is an American far better treated than an Englishman?

On the day after the Bishop’s wankered apology of the 15th March 2011, Richard Scorer was interviewed by the Manchester Evening News, why I do not know because he had nothing to do with the process, they did not think of interviewing me, who had started and led the debate from its conception in February 2010.  Keegan the arsehole ace cub reporter who took five months to write the 500 word article about the Bishop’s apology and his bigger arsehole editor ONeal, both Old Bedians, did not want to disparage Bede’s any more than it was, so they kept well away from Co Roscommon.

Scorer said in that interview “the danger is that once you have sat through hundreds of accounts, you can become case hardened.  You have to remind yourself that empathy is all-important.  I hope it is something I have always had”.  I wonder whether three years later if there is any vestige of empathy left.  He seemed even then in November 2010 to have no empathy for my case, when it took him 10 minutes to decide that I had no chance, but I think he regretted his hastiness afterwards.

He robotically said when asked if he had a personal grudge against the Catholic Church “No , not at all.  I’m not a Catholic but I married one”.  It’s one of his stocks, he said the same to me.

In the MEN interview he went on to say when accused of being an ambulance chasing lawyer “for most of our clients it’s not about money.  For instance, if the Catholic Church had held its hands up and said ‘we’re sorry’ the victims would have been satisfied.  Fundamentally they wanted acknowledgement from the Church that they were wrong.  The amounts paid out in these cases aren’t enough, unlike the US where you get very big awards because they are made by juries.  Here awards are made by judges under the rules of normal personal injury cases.  They do not seek to punish the wrongdoer, but to put the victim in the financial position they would be without the abuse.  Because so many victims have spent their early lives in the care system, the Church has argued that as adults, they would not have amounted to much anyway.  I try to get the best settlement possible and ensure part of that goes towards paying for therapy.  Some never get over the abuse but others go on to live a happy and fulfilled life”.  I would like to know how he knows that?  Is he sitting in the heads of all his clients?  Why does he sit back and allow the system to set the pace?  Why is he not out there fighting for change?

Any way I do not think that he thought those words of his through at all, because only five months earlier he had dismissed my case saying it was not worth running with because the victims were all well educated and suffered no loss and therefore receive no compensation off a judge.  Whereas a competant lawyer would argue with no difficulty that no matter what station in life you attain, your trauma would have lowered your eventual level of success.  To me Scorer tries to say all the right things which have been said often by others before him.  It is like his new book, it contains all the right ideas that have been used by others before him but nothing new, nothing to cause a spark, no new thinking. So why write the book?

Let us start to ask why is an abused American worth 50 times more than an abused Englishman and why is the Catholic Church not punished severely for the damage they have caused?  These are the two questions I would like answering over the next short while.

Smart Meters, A Step Too Far – Part 7

 Well having thought long and hard I decided to appeal to the more lovable side of Ross.  Here is my letter to my friend in Cork.

 Irish Water

PO Box860

South City

Delivery Office

Cork City


 10th March 2014

 Irish Water Reference No: 8315207755

 Dear Ross,

 Before we get into the nitty-gritty could you tell me why my Irish Water Reference No. keeps changing with every letter, it’s confusing me.

 Your second letter to an extent addresses my concerns but does not alter my thoughts on the matter.  A smart meter is one that emits electro-magnetic radiation, 24/7.  Your meters do this therefore they are smart meters.  Your inspector agreed with me that they were in fact smart meters.  Safety standards means nothing to me, history is littered with safety standards that were wrong and had to be altered.

 I am now glad that you agree with me that Irish Water is responsible for Irish water and is not just a metering programme as you suggested in your letter of 27th March 2014.  I am now also glad that you understand the difficulties we people have had and will continue to have with our drinking water.  This problem seems eternal but I do accept your company is giving some thought to the situation and while I understand that you are required to provide “wholesome and clean” water to your customers that service needs paying for but I am afraid that your use of smart meters and fluoridation of water is never going to provide “wholesome and clean” water.

 In your position as Complaints and Escalations Manager you have obviously proved to somebody that you are not stupid, so please understand neither am I.  To quote me European Directives that are 16 years old when water science has come on in leaps and bounds over that period is treating me with some disrespect, especially when we both know Ireland is the only country in Europe with a mandatory fluoridation policy.  All the rest of the countries have eschewed the idea long ago, leaving Ireland playing catch-up as it always seems to do.

 You also know just like I know that to set limits on the amount of fluoride a person can be subjected to is an impossibility.  95% of the toothpastes on the market are now dosed with fluoride and lots of other dental health products also.  So please do not quote meaningless rubbish to me.  We also both know fluoride is a poison, it is on the HSE list of poisons and we both know that the amounts ingested individually cannot be controlled.  Therefore Irish Water’s aim in continuing to infuse drinking water with a known poison can only be described as a form of eugenics but if you do not accept that, it is definitely not ethical.

 What I always look for in my dealings with companies is their ethical approach to business, so please ally your company with Cork County Council and pressurise this present government into getting up to the mark with this problem.  Your work will be made easy because I understand Simon  Coveney TD, one of your local politicians is doing some good work in this regard.

 So Ross start looking at the bigger picture, make a name for yourself in this burgeoning and new company of yours, become the man they will talk about in history classes of generations to come, escalate my complaint.  Rid Ireland of this pestilent fluoride dosage.  If nothing else, think of your family and the harm this poison and electro-magnetic radiation can and is doing to them and please do not deliver clap-trap to me in future.  We are both mature, intelligent human beings.

 Yours sincerely,


 Paul Malpas

5 Wooden Bridge


Co Roscommon  


Smart Meters, A Step Too Far – Part 6

Well Day 19 arrived and I went to King House at 10.30am and noticed that either the wind, an irate neighbour or a passer-by had made a hames of the barriers.  They had been pushed and shoved all over the place, constituting for me a traffic hazard.  Now  Sierra had not been round to inspect the barriers since they put them up nearly two weeks ago so it was doubtful that they would be round anytime soon.  Now I know I gave Sierra man a solemn undertaking that I would not interfere with their works but the place was in such a mess, I took the matter into my own hands, being a dutiful citizen, and picked up the delapidated barriers, road signs and sandbags and laid them in the verge on the far side of the road.  

A thought crossed my mind to re-erect same as before but for Health and Safety reasons I did not.  I am not qualified to erect said barriers and the consequences, if I erected them wrongly and something happened, could be worse.  Also they had been erected to protect nothing only a shovel which the gang had inadvertently left behind so I was not putting anybody in any kind of danger  Incidentally as I was engrossed in my labours I noticed said shovel was missing, presumably stolen.  People would steal anything these days.  Perhaps the shovel stealer might have created the disarray of the barriers in the pursuit of his crime.  He could have been disturbed whilst carrying out the act and in his haste to remove himself from the scene could have collided with the barriers if indeed he had a vehicle with him.

After my act of good citizenship life returned to the humdrum way it has been since Day 7.  The road shorn of worksmen, foremen and inspectors and now barriers.  There were two roadsigns outside No1 warning of men working ahead but I left them insitu as I did not class them a road hazard.

  I read in the papers at the weekend that a conference of scientists in America had listed the three biggest dangers to mankind and said it is everybody’s duty if they wanted to live a healthy long life to steer clear of A.) Fluoridated Water, B.) Genetically Modified  Food commonly known as GM Food, and C.) Injected Mercury in vaccinations, the body can rid itself of ingested mercury but not the mercury injected into the blood and in England and all over the world parents are being told to make sure their babies have 32 of these vaccinations before they reach two years of age.  Agenda 21 is well on its way to eugenically controlling the worlds population.  I think those in the know want the population to reduce from nine billion to 3 billion in the next generation.  Well Ireland you are surely doing your bit for the controlling elite.

Day 21 arrives and so does the postman with another letter from Irish Water sent from their offices in Cork but posted in Dublin.  Mr Mulvaney is the same author but he must need his post examining by Dublin first.  Yes Mr Mulvaney of Complaints and Escalations ( see my blog posting Smart Meter, A Step Too Far – Part 4 posted on 2nd April 2014 for his first letter) is a little more conciliatory this time but still thinks I am an eejit and again tries to blind me with science and directives that go back to the last century.  Here is Ross’s letter and my comments follow

Irish Water Reference Number: 8315207755 (Well blow me it has changed again they are really cranking up their attack)

Dear Mr and Mrs Malpas,

Thank you for your letter dated 31st march 2014.  This letter outlines your copncerns regarding the health and safety around “Smart Meters”.  As stated previously, Irish Water is not using smart meters.  Irish Water are using analogue meters fitted with an automatic Meter Reading (AMR) device.  These meters meet all the required safety standards.

Irish Water took responsibility of the water services on 1st January 2014.  As agents of Irish Water, the Local Authorities will continue to operate the water scheme in Boyle on our behalf as well as working with Irish Water to resolve the problems giving rise to these “Boil Water Notices”.

We has appointed aProgramme Manager (Sic) with responsibility to oversee the measures, both operational and capital, which will remove the risk to water quality.  We recognise that capital investment is required in Boyle to provide an effective barrier to cryptospridium breakthrough, and the capital programme has committed funding to these schemes as its top priority.

Irish Water will determine a programme for completion of the required work for each scheme and we will monitor the progress from that point, against the programme.  We expect to be able to outline the timeframes within which we expect to have resolved the water scheme in Boyle within the next two months.  We look forward to working with and supporting the Local Authority staff to ensure that the measures taken are effective and that monitoring of the water will enable the HSE to lift boil notices as soon as it is satisfied to do so.

Irish Water is committed to the delivery of a water supply to our customers that is wholesome and clean and meets the requirements of Drinking Water Regulations.

The requirements for the quality of drinking water in public water supplies in Ireland are set out in the Drinking Water Regulations.  The purpose of the Regulations is to give full effect to the European Council Directive 98/83/EC of 3rd November 1998.

Under these Regulations, the current limit for fluoride in public water supplies is as follows:

a) fluoridated supplies – 0.8 mg/l

b) supplies with naturally occurring fluoride, not needing further fluoridation – 1.5 mg/l

The upper limits for fluoride in the EC Directive 98/83/EC is 1,5 mg/l and accordingly the limit for fluoridated water supplies in Ireland of o.8 mg/l is below the limit set in the EC Directive.

The requirements for fluoridating public water are set out in the Health (Fluoridation of Water Supplies) Act 1960 and the Fluoridation of Water Supplies Regulations 2007 [S.I. No 42 of 2007].  As the Water Service Authority, Irish Water is working with the HSE to implement State policy on fluoridation.

I hope the information above will address your concerns regarding the watewr meters and water quality concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Ross Mulvaney

Complaints and Escalations Manager

Irish Water

Whereas he uses the name Irish Water 12 times in his first letter he only uses it 10 times in his second but he is still trying to preach to me and pushing the organisation’s line. No matter what he likes to call his meters, they are still smart meters ie, they push out electro-magnetic radiation, his inspector agreed with me that they were smart meters and I agree with the inspector.

Paragraph 2 is more interesting.  In his first letter to me he told me that Irish Water were only a metering programme and that any complaints about quality of water should be addressed to the local authority.  He now says that the local authority act as agents for Irish Water and since 1st January 2014 Irish Water have responsibility for water service and quality.  So in his first letter there was an element of porkiness.  When I have a complaint , I do not want to speak to the middle man, I want the top man that is why I am addressing Irish Water.

Paras 3 and 4 are just gobbledegook spouting out the line.  All I am saying is like all business practice, get your product right before you start marketing it.

Para 5 makes me think this man is getting serious about his obligations but it is that obvious it should not need stating.  Just get on and do it.

The rest of the letter is where again he trys to blind me with science.  He quotes European Directives that are 16 years old.  Water knowledge has moved on a great deal since 1998 and Ireland is the only country in Europe that has a mandatory fluoridation of water policy.  Every other country has copped itself on leaving little old Ireland far behind the field.  He even quotes the Health (Fluoridation of Water) Act of 1960, that is 54 years old, the man is bonkers.  He must think I am some country yokel.

The bare facts of the argument about fluoridation of water is that it is a poison for which the consumption cannot be controlled.  With 95% of toothpastes on the market containing fluoride it is impossible to state what individual limits are.  It always amazes me when governments can actually place limits on the ingestion of poisons.  How do they work out the limits?  Do they stand 10 men in a line and give the first man 10 spoons of the shite and the next man nine and so on until the last man receives one spoon and then watch to see how many fall down and then go to the eigth man who is still standing but groaning and say there is your upper limit? 

Do you want to control your own destiny and take care of your own personal dental hygeine, retain an enquiring and questioning mind and live to a ripe old age or do you want to be dosed with poison, have a splendid set of knashers covered in brown spots, an addled brain and die prematurely of one or other of the various cancers.  Because a poison is what it is, it is on the list of poisons dangerous to health published by the Irish Government.

I will leave it there and think of my reply and try and explain to Ross that I have still most of my faculties, I do not like being preached to, especially by a robot and that electro-magnetic radiation and fluoridated water are not for me.

1 2 3 4 5 90 91