What Can You Believe In These Distorted Times.

Well what a quandary we are all in with a plane supposedly falling out of the sky having been hit by a sophisticated missile system fired by a punch drunk, vodka infused Ukrainian Russian and the plane dropping bodies all over the agricultural landscape of Eastern Ukraine. These bodies, so the locals tell us, had been dead for some days and in an advanced state of putrefaction, which seems odd when in fact they were supposed to be part of living and breathing humanity only hours before in the confines of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam after flight MH 17 took off with 298 people on board. Some bright spark suggests that these bodies are the recently thawed out deep frozen passengers from Malayan Airlines flight MH 370 with 239 people on board that mysteriously disappeared somewhere between the North and South Poles on 8th March this year. There has been some jiggery pokery going on with bodies on the ground suggesting there are a few Burke and Hares still knocking about, stealing bodies from the scene of the crash just so that the discrepancy in numbers of 59 souls between the two flights cannot be properly tallied.
This asks the question, that if the dropped bodies are these 239 from MH 370, where are the 298 who were supposed to be on MH 17? Obviously this asks another question which is when will the next plane crash be in order to lose this fresh 298? There is obviously an agenda here which is making people too scared to travel. Keep everybody penned-in in their own domesticity, stop that they can be better controlled. I myself have an interest here as both myself and my family are taking on quite a few plane journeys in the next few months and I would like to know whereabouts I am going to meet my Reaper.
It is only right that the governments of the world are up in arms demanding to know who was the culprit who pulled the trigger, who was the bastard who deep fried these thawed cadavers and why was the plane flying over a war zone when every other airline was on a detour round Eastern Ukraine, and was the supposed missile that did the damage meant for one of the two Ukrainian jets that had been accompanying the MH 17 flight, and was it hit by a missile at all, or was it made to crash land by remote control in a disputed area where evidence would be difficult to piece together. The scenario certainly asks more questions than there were passengers on the plane,
Well it looks as though the western finger is pointing at Putin and they are lining up, these Yankee, British, Frogs, and puffing out their chests and telling Putin that he had better come clean or else he is for it in the next game of marbles these politicos play. Meanwhile the French have delivered two warships to Russia this week to bolster Ivan’s armament capability. Two warships that France had contracted to build for its hateful enemy. A little like the two battleships that Britain built for Turkey in 1914. Churchill claimed them for the Royal Navy although the Turks had paid for them, the Germans in compensation gave the Turks two of theirs from their burgeoning fleet and Turkey joined war on the side of the Kaiser. If Churchill had been half as clever as some of the history books tell us, the hundreds of thousands of Allied and Turkish deaths at Gallipoli. Mesopotamia and Palestine in the First World War could have been avoided.
And with the sky raining bodies, what a good day to hide some really bad news, which makes one think that somewhere in this mass of dirty tricks, the Mossad has it long scrawny arm in it up to its oxter. Israel have decided to eliminate Gaza, this stone in the shoe of Zionist thinking. Whilst bodies drop from the sky in the Ukraine, Israel drops rockets on Gaza’s overcrowded streets. You do not have to be accurate in this tightly packed Palestinian enclave. Wherever you throw a bomb there you will hit somebody. As easy as throwing a grenade into a tightly packed fish tank. When the aerial bombardment stopped the Israelis, like good minded citizens sent in their waste disposal teams armed with tanks and bulldozers, to clean up the blood, move the hardcore off the streets and shoot anybody who blinks an eye. And none of this mayhem is being reported, recorded or being checked by our supposed good governance.
No other country in the world could get away with this massacre of innocents. The powers that deal in this type of global policing would normally be on to this national bullying immediately and their caper stopped but unfortunately the powers are busy having a game of tag with their mates over in the Ukraine, and anyway it is the Mossad and their Zionist leaders that control global everything including global policing. So while the kids are playing in the next street the grown-ups can get rid of a few hundred neighbours from hell in Gaza.
So what is it with all these people who rule our lives when they give us overkill on disinformation, what is their purpose. Well it can only be to control us, to scare us. To make the good guys look bad and vice versa. They know the majority of people are daft as bats and will believe in anything they are told. They know we few who question situations are small in number and a lid can be put on our activity. We really are powerless until the majority awake from their slumber. All we can do is empower our individuality and make it as difficult as possible for them to control us and please while your reading this feel for the poor Palestinians, an endangered species.


The Oxford English Dictionary describes the word synchronicity as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernable causal connection.
Well I think a whole load of synchronicity has entered the life of the Connaught Rangers Association with the centenary year of the start of the mass destruction of humanity that people called the Great War and which was downgraded to World War 1 when it was realised mankind has the ability to create Great Wars on a whim and chose to have another 20 years after the First but this time including the civilian population of the world and the way it is looking the politicians seem to be sparring for a third. These clever men never could learn a lesson.
Our story starts in the early years of the last century when two Athlone men enlisted in the Connaught Rangers and another man from Liverpool strutted the London stage. They might not have known each other but they certainly would in the years to come.
Michael Curley enlisted in 1901 at Ballinasloe aged 16, 7261 Connaught Rangers and served a relatively easy seven years in the colours rising to the rank of sergeant, serving in England, Malta, and Ireland and went into the Reserve for five years in 1909 to fulfil the terms of his engagement. He found employment in Athlone at a textile mill and was married in 1907 and had a daughter and helped found the Midlands Volunteer Force in late 1913 which became the forerunner of the Irish Volunteers which was founded a year later in response to Carson’s loyalist activities in Ulster. He had re-enlisted with the Army Reserve in 1913.
John Doyle, although born in Athlone was living in Tullamore, King’s County, now Offaly and in 1908 enlisted in 4th Battalion Connaught Rangers Special Reserve No 2864, more as a hobby and two weeks camp every year and the few shillings a week it gave him on top of his wages than as a serious thought of being a soldier. He never left Ireland in this period and was content with life in Tullamore where he married and had two children.
The third man in this trinity was Frank Harrison Saker, born in 1880, the son of a Liverpool comedian, Edward Sloman Saker and an actress from the Dublin stage, Emily Mary Kate O’Beirne. The father with entrepreneurial spirit managed the Alexandria Theatre in Liverpool at some stage but died reasonably young in 1883. The mother moved down to London bringing her son, Frank and his two brothers and sister with her and in the 1890s became a successful actress on Drury Lane. When young Frank grew to maturity he followed his mother into the thespian profession and proved equally successful and in 1904 he was commissioned into the Special Reserve of Officers and attached to 4th Battalion Connaught Rangers aged 23. In 1906 he was promoted Lieutenant and in 1908 married Ethel Frances Wright in Newcastle.
On mobilisation on 5th August 1914 these three men were called up. Michael Curley went to Aldershot and was incorporated into 2nd Battalion and the two Special Reservists Doyle and Saker went to Boyle in Roscommon and then down to Fort Camden in Crosshaven, Cork on 8th August where Saker was promoted to Captain on 9th September 1914 and left Cork for France on 24th September.
Michael Curley was in the thick of it from the start having landed in France at Boulogne on August 13th with the 2nd Battalion, in reserve at the Battle of Mons and part of the rearguard during the retreat from Mons and there on that grave day on August 26th at Le Grand Fayt where the 2nd Battalion lost 300 men, mainly as prisoners of war and at Soupir on the Aisne where they lost another 250 men when the Germans in great strength took on the remnants of the 2nd Battalion in early September and learnt to their cost that when an Irishman is on his knees, he is even stronger than when stood up. They lost a further 80 men at Vermeuil on 19th and then were pulled out of the fighting having lost over 66% of their strength and were posted up to Poperinghe for rest and recuperation and to take on drafts that were being sent from the 3rd and 4th Battalions in Cork. Frank Saker arrived early October and was put in charge of C Company and John Doyle arrived on 19th October in a draft of 191 men.
As you can imagine C Company of about 200 men were mainly inexperienced lads from Ireland stiffened with a few experienced men like Curly and led by a Captain who had never been in action. Two days later on 21st October they were thrown into the battle known as 1st Ypres at St Julien, a village a few miles north east of Ypres near Langemark and over the next three days lost a further 71 men. They were recalled to Ypres on 24th October and sent out along the Menin Road, south west of Ypres, near to Polygon Wood at a place called Molensaarelshoek and over the next week lost another 135 men in one of the most intense set pieces of 1st Ypres with the German artillery proving their superiority. It was here on 30th October things become a little blurred with a flurry of uncorroborated witness evidence but over the years a clearer story has emerged.
Frank Saker’s inexperience had already come to the fore and that with a not very agreeable personality gave the men in his company no confidence, it appears that he was very much disliked, especially by his NCOs whom every good officer depends on. It seems that Saker disobeyed his orders and whether it was inexperience or gung ho/madcap heroics is hard to work out but he led his company through the German lines against the advice of his NCOs and found himself in an untenable position, virtually surrounded by the enemy. Sgt Curley was pleading with him to withdraw whilst they still had a chance but Saker refused. It is now alleged that Curley sorted things out the best he could under the circumstances and shot and killed Saker and led the men back to where they should have been. C Company lost 10 men in this action but over 100 men were saved by Curley’s presence of mind. However this deed troubled him throughout his war, slightly unhinging his thoughts. He was eventually killed at 3rd Ypres or the Battle of Paschendaele in September 1917 when attached to the 6th Battalion.
Fast forward the story now to 2011 and from here the synchronicities start to pile up. Four of us from the Association went to see a play written by an Athlone man, Neil Richardson, entitled From The Shannon To The Somme in which Neil marvellously wrote of the deeds of Michael Curley, set to the background of a rapidly changing Ireland during the war years. A fantastic production in the Little Theatre in Athlone, the acting and direction were superb and the story so emotional and so well written. I wrote a short critique on it in our 2012 New Ranger Magazine.
In early 2013 Roscommon County Council asked us to produce something for the 2013 Irish government tourist initiative “The Gathering”. Bravely we offered to do a reprise of the play. The writer and director fully enthused and with a new cast from the Dublin stage, we produced the play over two nights in May 2013. It went down very well and on our forthcoming trip to Ypres in 2014 we vowed to visit Michael Curley’s grave at Brandhoek Cemetery near Poperinghe and pay our repects.
By now we the Trip Committee were working hard, organising this trip, a party of 50 people takes some organising, when in mid July with just three weeks to go before our departure, I received a call from King House that a man wanted to see me and see if we can trace his great grandfather. Nothing unusual in that, we help 10 or 20 people a week in this exercise and we are glad to help. This man, Marc Dellanzo, had been searching for years in tracing the whereabouts of his relative and in a last ditch effort had brought his family, I think there was eight of them, over from Scone in Perthshire in Scotland to visit King House, the home of the Connaught Rangers Association, not even knowing that this was the jumping off point for his ancestor when the war started.
I immediately found his man and told him the basics of the 2nd battalion’s activities in the first few months of the war and told him that on consulting our archivist, Oliver Fallon, I would be able to tell him more. I liked this man’s intensity and his willingness to go this extra mile and his obvious joy in ending his search and contacted Oliver later that day. He did not have much but what he had opened up the last of our synchronicities. Corporal John Doyle 2864 Connaught Rangers who we had last heard of in a draft coming over from Crosshaven in Cork to join the 2nd Battalion in time for 1st Ypres was Marc’s great grandfather and he was one of the men killed in that ill fated advance by Saker on 30th October 1914 and furthermore in that same group of casualties was another John Doyle 4736 of 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from 25 Clarence Place, Great Brunswick Street in Dublin. The bodies of the two Doyles and Saker were never recovered and they are commemorated on the Menin Gate, where we will be leading the Last Post ceremony on August 8th this year. To look at the great stone walls of the Menin Gate, at the inscribed names of the 197 Connaught Rangers who died defending the town of Ypres and whose bodies were never found, the drama, idiocy and killing of 30th October 1914 would never be known without the inquisitiveness of a man from Scone.
As a footnote to this story I will just repeat the line Marc Dellanzo put into our comments book at King House, “Finally found out about my great grandfather RIP 30.10.14” almost 100 years later.
Let us also remember those 10 men who died needlessly that day:-
Pte B Coyle 4101 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from Manor Hamilton, Leitrim
Corp John Doyle 2864 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from Athlone/Tullamore
Pte J Doyle 4736 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from Dublin
L/Sgt Michael Keane 7261 2nd Battalion from Boyle, Co Roscommon
Pte J McDermott 4366 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers
Pte T Mills 4392 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers
Corp P Murray 8408 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from Clara in Kings County/Offaly
Pte M Owens 3028 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers
Pte C C Purcell 10560 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from Kildare
Captain Frank Harrison Saker 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers from Liverpool/London
Requiescat in Pace

The Shit, The Fan And The Fallout.

Well the shit is definitely hitting the fan and the fallout from it all will be massive and dangerous as the ordinary people fired by the alternative media are about to take on the government and their tools, the police, the armed forces and the gooks in the security services.  Heads will roll on both sides both physically and metaphorically.

The trigger of course was the article in last Sunday’s Mirror newspaper.  The mainstream media have recently been tickling at the edges of this paedophile problem in high places but the Sunday Mirror, on the urging of a one time Conservative party activist whistle-blower, named names, dates and locations of paedophile activity at Conservative party gatherings round the country where young boys were procured, fed alcohol and shagged by the so called guardians of this country.

Watching the events unroll over these last few days it is obvious that the tide has definitely turned.  The Sunday Mirror named not only historic grandees like Sir Keith Joseph who died 20 years ago but living , breathing and actually in office types like William Hague and Kenneth Clarke as being participants at these parties and lo and behold 24 hours later they both resigned.  Hague in the Foreign Office said he wanted to retire to his home at the disgustingly young age of 53 to play the piano and write a book and Clarke has decided to go gardening.  Both fielding interviews from the main stream media better than the finest actors of the London stage.  Straight faces and little jokes abounding.  Both men have been under suspicion for sometime in the alternative media along of course with other Tory Grandees. Clarke for rattling young chaps bollocks and Hague for his strange choices of bedfellows and living in a certain block of flats where young boys were sent to tickle fancies of the great and good.  But now both men have now been wiped off the face of the earth both being told to fall on their penises after whistle-blower Gilberthorpe decided to come clean.

With Butler Slosh resigning yesterday in the face of overwhelming criticism and the fact that the government and the fact that the government had no Plan B only cover up of this paedophile atrocity, a group of people met in London last night and discussed the problem for hours.  The upshot was that this group of decent folk, a mix gathered from the legal, political and business spheres, some trustworthy senior policemen and a sprinkling of main stream media types and propped up by all the biggest names in the alternative media decided to hold their own Inquiry, which is what all concerned want.

There is going to be no delay in this alternative Inquiry and all the people on it will be free from any establishment ties.  Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash Films came on the radio this morning and invited onto the panel, Robert Green, the folk hero of child abuse after his martyrdom by the Scottish legal system, having been imprisoned once on trumped up charges and a second time with no charges.  There will be no cover ups with these guys and girls and their findings will be out before even Butler Slosh’s descendents sit down for their first meeting.

This is all very serious stuff and the men and women forming this Inquiry will be in a very dangerous place.  A barrister rang Bill Maloney this morning and told him that a contact had informed him that they were both on a hit list and told Bill to watch out for himself.  The security force gooks have no concern for life and anybody who gets in their way is usually suicided.  Bill has pleaded for victims of institutional sexual abuse to come forward.  Everybody can sense the beginning of the end for these people who have tainted British life for the last 50 years and more.  So I advise the gooks to back off, they are only on wages and gooks sit both sides of the fence.

Let us wait and see what pillars of establishment fall.  What a good time it is to be alive.

Rusty, Legless and Slosh – A Positive And Two Negatives

Well things have been happening so quickly these past few days it is hard to keep up with the progress, the news, the appointments, the disappointments.  One following the other in quick succession as sure as  day followed night.

But first the good news “Rusty” aka Timothy Rustige, my old mate from Altrincham, was released from Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow last Friday, after serving just over three months of a nine month sentence unjustly imposed by a Scottish judge for telling the world that Elish Angiolini was nothing but a cunt. Elish Angiolini, a one time Lord Advocate of Scotland but now languishing in academia, a protective cover awarded to her by the establishment for evil deeds well done.  The Governor of Barlinnie, Mr Derek McGill, having been subjected to a tsunami of mail from beligerent campaigners, threw his dummy out of his pram and told the Scottish Prison Service “its either him or me, Barlinnie is not big enough for the two of us”

“Him” of course was Rusty and he was expressed through the release system quicker than you could eat a Barlinnie dinner and out he came on Friday morning, like a new born chick, ready once more to put the world and its darkest corners to rights, albeit 7kgs lighter than when he acquainted himself with the grimness of Scottish prisons on March 27th this year.

All this happened as the population of the United Kingdom was gearing itself for action after several more drips from the tap of child sexual abuse.  It appears that a few files regarding this historic child abuse had gone missing, not one file  but as the Home Office civil servants owned up to, 114 had been vanished and lurking at the back of it all is the dark Lithuanian Jewish shadow of Leon Brittan, who has been blamed for raping a student in the 1960s, helping lose the Dicken’s dossier of child abuse by high rankers in the 1980s and is a cousin of another Tory bigwig, Malcolm Rifkind, who is in some way linked to the abuse of children at a school in Dunblane in Scotland where a chap called Hamilton, a noted child sexual abuser, went on a supposed rampage at an infant school in the said town some years ago and killed a dozen or so kids and a teacher and where in the thick of it, the same Elish Angiolini, her barber and their children live, she up to the rims of her spectacles in more darkness.

Hovering over all of this is a now retired customs officer who, twenty years ago, stopped a suspicious looking gent driving off a car ferry in Dover.  He searched the vehicle and found evidence of child pornography and abuse, especially a “snuff” movie featuring the driver and showing the systematic murder of an eight year old boy, who through the course of the movie had his nipples sliced off, his genitalia chopped off and his body slashed with knives and finally he was decapitated and his head thrown into a bucket.  Experts at the time considered the young lad had suffered about eight hours of this torture before dying.  The customs officer had reported this man to his superiors who soon realised that the arrested man was a Member of Parliament.  They released him but reported the matter to Scotland Yard.

As I say this was 20 years ago and the customs officer has been struggling all this time to have his story told and now he is retired he is determined it will not be covered up.  Oh by the way, the MP who was arrested was none other than Leon Brittan.  The Metropolitan Police identified this boy, have a copy of this film and know about this MP and have known for 20 years and have chosen to do nothing.  This is not conjecture this is all true and is in the public domain.  It is not hearsay or gossip it is TRUE.

In the background and definitely deserving attention is the labour peer, Greville Janner who was once again interviewed recently by the police into the sexual abuse of young boys.  He has been interviewed many times but nothing is ever done.  We have known about this chap, a leading world wide Jewish and holocaust supporter since 1976, when Janner already a QC and MP was reported to us by my wife’s cousin who worked at a child care hostel in Leicester.  She actually mentioned Frank Beck, who was Chief of Childrens Services at Leicester council and Janner being hand in hand in the sexual abuse of children.  Beck was convicted later but Janner with his connections escaped but allegations are still arising about this man

Our super hero, Cameron, on hearing this outpouring of public disquiet and realising his sphincter was twitching like hell ordered Terry May, his transvestite Home Secretary, to stand up and do something, say something, to stop the noose tightening round all their necks.  Terry came up with the answer straight away.  She jumped to her feet in Westminster and announced a series of cover ups, sorry inquiries.  The first a review of how poorly the public structures dealt with the problem of child abuse.  The police, the local authorities etc will aqll be brought to task and this Inquiry will be led by the chair of the NSPCC, one Peter Legless.  The NSPCC has become a much discredited organisation over the years and Legless helped the much discredited Tory minister, Michael Portillo, through many years of discredited ministerial office, as his senior civil servant.  Not a good man to put in charge of anything to do with child sexual abuse.  However Mark Sidwell, the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office stood up in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee led by Keith Vaz, an equally discredited politician and told the world that the inquiry was to be led by Richard Whittam QC and the inquiry was to be called the Legless-Whittam Review.  Whittam himself is an equally discredited barrister having led the prosecution against the two men for the supposed false flag murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.  ChrisSpivey.org will fill you in on those details and he will agree that Mr Whittam is a shade too dodgy to be heading this type of inquiry.  He is First Senior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court whose area of expertise is serious crime, fraud and terrorism.  I would suggest he knows as much about child sexual abuse as the Man in the Moon.

Then yesterday Terry May said a further Inquiry into sexual practices of MPs and Establishment figures in relation to many young boys and a few young girls would be headed by Madame Butler Slosh, a 81 year old retired judge who if cut in half would have the word establishment running through her like a stick of Blackpool rock.  Her father was a discredited High Court judge and her brother, Robert Michael Oldfield Havers QC, an MI6 plant was Attorney General 1979-1987 and was responsible with others of burying the Dickens dossier.  He was a bitter opponent of Geoffrey Dickens and was responsible for not prosecuting Sir Peter Hayman of MI6 fame and paedophile traitor Geoffrey Prime of Elm Guest House notoriety.  He was also responsible for two of the most notable miscarriages of justice in British judicial history by representing the Crown and witholding evidence from the defence teams of the Guilford Four and the Maguire Seven, all of whom were wrongfully convicted.

Madame Baroness Butler Slosh’s husband is a known paedophile, His Honour Joseph Butler Slosh uses under age prostitutes in Kenya and England.  At least Dame Butler Slosh has experience of child abuse but at 81 is probably too old to feed herself and ridiculously too old to chair this kind of Inquiry, which will be a complicated multi-faceted upheaval of the great and the good.  Let us wait until we see her team before we criticise her too much however I am not holding out for any groundbreaking evidence that this is nothing but an establishment cover up.

I was uplifted last week with the news that was coming out but I can now sense the process has gone into reverse.  I fear a cover up of a cover up and as I write John Mann MP has told television reporters this morning that there are multiple copies of the Dickens dossier knocking about but they are all covered by a gagging order.  At the end of the day there will be such a mountain of conflicting evidence the truth will be overcome.  All we can do is keep showing the truth to as many people as can think and understand.  Which ain’t a lot.


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